Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Happy birthday to my Dad!! He is 65 years young! He has been a huge supporter of my running and triathlon training. He tries to watch my races and always cheers the loudest!! He also brags that I do "marathons" even though I have tried to correct him a million times!

2. We have sun!! I didn't even bother packing my sunglasses for my run last night since it has been so long since I needed them!! I might be able to reduce my Vitamin D pills now!!

It's good to see you back!

3. Yesterday's run- not really a speed workout.

Lap 1- 6:51
Lap 2- 7:17
Lap 3- 6:57
Lap 4- 7:04
Lap 5- 6:35
Lap 6- 5:23
Total Distance- 5.57km
Total Time- 37:50
Average Pace- 6:47 min/km

The middle hurt. I started using some of the techniques that Jackie talked about at our clinic the evening before. It seemed to help as long as I didn't let my mind wander and start thinking about how much my body hurt. I focused on my breathing which makes a difference for me. (I also didn't wear my fuel belt so I wasn't fiddling with it every 5 seconds).

The last 1.5km I was catching up on the 2 runners in front of me. That motivated me to keep going strong. Once I passed them I just continued going as I could see the rest of the group waiting for me at the end of the run. I wish I could get some fast legs earlier in my runs!!

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