Sunday, November 21, 2010

And the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge begins...

The Challenge started yesterday (November 20th) and my measly points are recorded...6 total for the weekend.

For workouts I did 45 minutes on the spin trainer (~9 miles = 3 points) yesterday.
As hubby mentioned, I skipped the LSD today (it's -18 here people!) so no workout points today for me.

For  fruit & veggies I ate 7 servings yesterday. I only had 1 veggie serving today so no points...

Yesterday morning I went for a massage. I went to a new clinic by my house since my usual clinic was booked up all weekend. After some issues with the receptionist (biatch!), I had a great massage and my neck and back definitely feel better. I can't believe how sensitive the area still is.

After my massage and workout, hubby and I headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. We managed to knock a number of items off the list and I feel confident that I will be done by December 1st. I have also done a bit of online shopping this year. Hopefully everything arrives in time.

Today has been mostly a hibernation day. No workouts, and little progress on my to-do list. The cold weather sure freezes any motivation to do anything! It is going to be another busy week and hopefully the weather warms up so that I can get some group runs in.

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