Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day of Rest

All these treatments for our whiplash is time consuming! I appreciate all the care I am getting and I know it is for the better but it really cuts into my training time and other life stuff ! I can't complain too much though because I am lucky to have treatment accessible to me and without cost (for now). I am thankful that I can still workout...

My neck was quite sore on Sunday night- I am not sure if it was from the tough massage on Saturday or the slip while-walking-on-my-run on Sunday. Either way I have been instructed to ICE! Problem is I keep forgetting... so I have set a reminder in my calendar to ice tonight.

After our chiro appointment we went to MEC to do some Christmas shopping. Of course they didn't have everything that we went there for so looks like my chances of getting my shopping done before December 1st are gone. I tried so hard!!! It looks like Sunday will be spent running around trying to finish it up.

So no workout last night but I did get my 7 servings of fruit and veggies in!

Question- how many rest days do you take in a week on average? I don't find I need a rest day for my body but more because I can't fit another workout into my schedule!

HBBC Update
11/29- Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1point
Total Points this week so far= 12 points

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  1. I usually take 1, sometimes 2 if my schedule is extra crazy. Sometimes I do an active rest day instead, so I'm still doing something, but not at a high intensity.


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