Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Ripped

I decided to take yesterday off as a rest day and instead did the Ripped workout at home this afternoon since I had the day off. It was so nice to sleep in!

I slipped the first Ripped disk- Get Ripped into the DVD player and got started.

Equipment Used:
- dumbbells (I used 3 and 5 LB weights- I definitely could have used heavier weights for my legs)

- foam mat

Ours is boring black- not alphabetical
In the classes (and on the DVD) they use barbells, which we have but we have to change the set up of our workout space since there isn't enough room between the treadmill and wall to use a barbell!!

They also use an aerobics step for some of the exercises but I don't have one so I modified some of the exercises and for this particular DVD it wasn't a big deal.
 The exercises came back to me really quickly, but I can tell I am not as strong as I used to be in some areas! My poor chicken arms!

We did lots of dead lifts-

and rows-

Most muscle groups are targeted in this workout which is great. The focus in these workouts is lots of reps and my muscles were shaking! It is 55 minutes long and surprisingly it went by really quickly! I will definitely be doing this at least once a week- I can't wait for more definition in my arms and core!!

HBBC Update
11/26- 1 Hour Weights= 3points
              2 miles walking= 2points
              Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1 point
Total Points so far= 25.57

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