Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I would!

Yesterday I was asking who would run in -41C with windchill.
Apparently me!

Yes, it was cold but like Keith said, with the right amount of clothing
you are fine.

I layered:
- tank top
- 3 long sleeve shirts
- rain/wind breaker type jacket
- 1 balaclava
- 1 neck warmer, plus one shirt had a high collar
- 1 wool hat
- 2 pairs of gloves, 1 pair technical, 1 pair fleece
- knee high Smart Wool socks
- 2 pairs of running tights

I was definitely warm enough up top- next time I could probably ditch a layer and be fine.
My bottom half however went a little numb. I think I could benefit from some fleece pants- since both my running tights are tight maybe it doesn't allow the heat to circulate? I don't know...

The run itself wasn't too bad. I didn't get as cold as I expected I would get and most of the sidewalks were pretty clear so I wasn't slipping all over the place. I still think I will invest in some shoes studs because crossing the streets was a little sketchy and I would rather be safe than not able to run/workout because I slipped. I did slip crossing the street going into the Running Room so it can happen.

I didn't break any records but I was faster than my last 5k run in the snow.

Lap 1- 6:56
Lap 2- 7:04
Lap 3- 7:05
Lap 4- 7:34- sidewalk was not clear here!
Lap 5- 6:58
Lap 6- 5:54
Total Distance- 5.6km
Total Time- 39.11 minutes
Average Pace- 7:00min/km

Proof of my winter running adventure!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do my Christmas shopping since the Running Room has a not-so-great gift return policy- only 30 days (their usual return policy). So I will wait till next week to make my purchases in case exchanges or returns need to be done.

Thankfully a Chinook is rolling in so tonight's run won't be quite as cold. It's only -10C!!!

HBBC Update
11/23- Fruit/Veggies 7 servings= 1 point
            3.5 mile run = 3.5 points
11/24- Fruit/Veggies 7 servings  = 1 point
Total this week= 16.17 points          


  1. That's awesome! I was wondering if you did it. You are more hardcore then me now, that's for sure.

    I didn't realize running room had such a poor return policy for Christmas shopping. You'd think they'd give more then 30 days for Christmas gifts.

  2. Good thing you didn't actually hit the deck... funny how the paths aren't that slippery, but intersections are. Too many people spinning their tires!!!

  3. YAY!! Good for you!! I would too, now that I've learned just how much I hate the treadmill!! Of course it's easy to say that when the cold spell is over....

  4. I love the pictures of your winter running! Too funny!

  5. Wow, my hat is off to you for running in the cold! I barely want to be outside at all period when it is that chilly, let alone run!


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