Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Remembrance Day- Lest We Forget. Thank you to all the soldiers who fought for our freedom. Your ultimate sacrifice made our lives the way they are today. I am very thankful to be living in a country like Canada.

2. Car Update- We can't get in for an estimate until November 18th so until then I am driving the ghetto busted car. I am glad it is still driveable though. I do have some slight back/neck pain but so far nothing debilitating.


3. Last night's run- I really feel like I am on a workout streak!! I don't feel overwhelmed by working out 6 days a week (so far!) and I am really enjoying myself. Hubby is still fighting a cold so he decided to not run last night. I went to the group run where everyone was asked to bring canned goods for The Poppy Fund, which is a food bank for the veterans.
As I was driving over to the Running Room, I checked the car thermometer and realized it was -5C outside!! I didn't dress for that temperature!! I knew I was going to have to keep moving quickly to stay warm!!

Lap 1- 6:51- I started my watch too soon & then we had to wait at a light
Lap 2- 6:25
Lap 3- 6:29 - Charles yelled at Paul & I to quit chatting & run faster!
Lap 4- 5:50- we listened
Lap 5- 4:58- sprint home for the last quarter km. Just call me a Quarter horse!
Total Distance- 4.28k
Total Time- 27:01 min
Average Pace- 6:18min/km

I am excited to see how my 9k LSD run on Sunday will be. I don't have any late parties the night before so no reason to miss running group on Sunday.


  1. If you can, you might want to see your doctor just to make a paper trail of what happened. If you start to hurt more next week, you'll want that initial report done!! Ugh-what a literal pain in the neck.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! In answer to your ?, all the characters have an "escort" who will take the pics for you. They're trained to get you in and out fast :) Otherwise, they have tons of volunteers on the course that will gladly help you out as well :D

    You should definitely do it one year! Highly recommend :)

  3. great job on your run ,,, here comes the winter again

  4. I imagine things are probably still really backed up from the hail damage in July. Hope your back is feeling better soon!


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