Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wanna be a SAHW!!!

I have so much time on my hands when I am not working! If only I could somehow swing the stay-at-home-wife thing... Must buy a lottery ticket today!

I had a couple glasses of wine on Sunday night which I NEVER do when I have to work in the morning. I was able to sleep in a bit on Monday. I woke up around 10am and did an hour long session of Ripped. I did a different DVD this time- Slim and Lean which has lots of pulses and holds in each set. My arms and legs are so sore!! My back was bothering me a bit so I didn't overload the weights like they normally suggest. I like this DVD a bit better compared to the first one because I think the cameras and director did a better job of showing the exercises and Jari seemed a little more polished in her dialogue. The set was also "prettier!"

After my workout I made muffins. I normally make these muffins on a Sunday night as I bring them to work for breakfast every morning. Hubby found the recipe by googling and it is definitely the best banana muffin recipe I have had! It is from Cat Can Cook, so of course I like the name too!
I normally add walnuts and chocolate chips to my version, but this time we didn't have walnuts and I wanted to make them Christmas-y so I used festive muffin cups and I also put red and green sprinkles in them! The are so yummy!!

Mixing all the ingredients
Ready for the oven
All done!
Once the muffins were done I had to dash out for my massage. I have been having some lower and mid-back pain so the RMT worked my glutes. Oh my did that EVER hurt!! Owwww!!! I am sure they are tight from the running and biking that I have been doing lately. I think she bruised me too!

After my massage I had to head to the other end of town, picking hubby up along the way to our Chiro appointment. My range of motion in my neck is almost better, but I asked him about the sore point in my mid back and he said it is muscular-postural (or something like that?)- basically from poor posture. I am pretty sure I am not swinging my arms properly when running, especially when I get tired. I know that my arms sometimes start to cross over, which would explain the torquing and soreness in my mid-back. Dr. Dan said to concentrate on pulling my elbows back instead of swinging my arms forward and that should help my form. I have also found that when I run at night and wear my headlamp I can see the light moving side to side which means I am swinging my upper body too much. Something to think about for tonight's tempo run.

Funny story! The other night I had a dream that I decided to sign up for the Calgary 70.3 at the last minute! The only part that I was really worried about was the swim (considering that I haven't been in the pool for about 6ish weeks now!) but I got through that part fine. My 1st transition was super slow (15 minutes?) and the bike was on this narrow, hilly road that reminded me of Wasa (not that Wasa is hilly but part of the bike course is along the main street which seemed really narrow). The first aid station was more like a rest stop where you get off your bike, go inside this cabin and have ice cream! Great racing fuel!!
Anyway, maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something...

HBBC Update
12/20- Weights 1 hour= 3 points, Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points so far this week= 21.5


  1. haha! I always "joke" that I want to be a kept bitch! SOO much easier to get things done when you're not rushing around all the time! Plus I think I'd be pretty good at lunching, spa-ing, and shopping!

  2. Nice looking muffins! I've never done those DVD workouts. Near as I can tell, they make no allowance for the time I need to lie on the mat in a sweaty heap between the different exercises.

    I love dream interpretation! My take on this is that you aspire to do big things, and make a good start. Then as you get into it you start feeling crowded by the circumstances around you (the narrow hilly road), and you worry about your ability to cope. The transition is saying that you're afraid your pursuit of your dreams is going to be sabotaged by your inner desires.

  3. I'm a SAHM, but I think maybe I should get a nanny, so I can be like one of those rich wives that does whatever they want even though they don't work.

    Those muffins look good!

    I think you are probably destined to do the 70.3 eventually. Maybe that's what your subconscious is telling you. Doesn't necessarily have to be now.

  4. I would love a rest station that serves ice cream. yum!
    I too have wanted to be a SAHM/SAHW. I know it's a really tough job, but I just wish I could be at home with my little guy. I feel like I miss so much throughout the day.


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