Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quick Workout and HBBC Update

Did a Ripped workout last night- Get Ripped DVD. Hubby changed the configuration of the workout room so I had more room to use the barbell but I didn't end up using it that much anyway. My lower back is bothering me so I figured 10lbs was enough weight. My inner thighs definitely hurt this morning! I always love the day-after soreness!! Except for my back... I iced it while driving to my hair appointment! Hopefully the pain is gone by tomorrow.

Today I spinned to another episode of One Tree Hill. It's getting good!! My legs were a little sore- mostly likely from the weights yesterday. I worked up a nice sweat!

Well I better get ready for the Christmas party tonight! Last year at this time I was snowed in (see pics below) and had to miss the Christmas party. Thankfully that is not the case this year and we can enjoy the festivities!!

Cars stuck in the middle of the street

Another car stuck- only 4x4s were getting through

Snowdrift on my driveway- it took forever to dig myself out!!
So who thinks I am going to get up for tomorrow's early morning group 10k run?

 HBBC Update
12/03 Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
1 hour Ripped- 3 points
12/04 45 min Spin= 4.5 points
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point


  1. Ok - that snow does not look fun at all...that is why I moved to Florida ;)

    Every winter I get sucked into some 'watch now' netflix series. This year? Skins. It's some crazy British snow. But helps the trainer ride go by so much faster!!


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