Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun in Fernie

Another great Fernie weekend is over.
As usual a great time was had by all and we were sad to go back home.

Friday Evening-
Hubby wowed us with his baking skills and spent a good chunk of Friday night putting together the Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. I saw this recipe in a magazine and begged him to make them for me at Christmas. He was all for it until he saw that it will take 3 hours! He did most of the prep on Friday night and then baked them on Saturday morning. So delicious!

Yummy filling- pecans & sugar!

Rolling it up!
Ready for the oven!!

Saturday morning we woke up and it was raining! Most of us weren't too keen on slipping and sliding around the hill in slush so we didn't go up. This also meant that cross country skiing and snowshoeing was out. It ended up being a pretty lazy day sitting around the condo, watching movies, eating and listening to our one friend play the guitar and ukulele.

Dan checking out the weather situation (barefoot!)

Slushy ice- no good for skiing!
After a relaxing day of nothing-too-crazy we had a delicious pasta dinner and headed to the hot tub for further relaxing. The temperature had dropped quite a bit during the day and the hot tub was a nice contrast.

Girls relaxing in the hot tub
After we were sufficiently pruned, we headed back inside for a game of Cranium! It was boys against girls and the girls WON!! We are so smart!
On Sunday most people headed back home quite early as it had snowed all night and there were concerns that the roads would be a mess. A few people wanted to take advantage of the fluffy powder and headed to the hill. I was feeling a little hungover under-the-weather so I decided to stay back at the condo.

After cleaning and getting organized for the drive back home, I layered up to enjoy a nice run/walk. We were supposed to do 20K today but I knew that wasn't happening!
My legs weren't really feeling the run and I did take a few walk breaks to take some pictures. I didn't even bring CoCo so I have no idea how far I went. I did end up being out there for almost an hour. The sun was shining and I sorta wished I had gone snowboarding.

Snowy but sunny!!

It rained a lot on Saturday so some people flipped up their wipers.
This truck only had the wiper arms up- where are the blades?

Beautiful view of the Hill

How was your weekend? Did you get a snowy run in?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hurry Up!

I want this work day to end so I can get outta town!

Snow is in the forecast for Fernie so while this is good for skiing/snowboarding, not so great for running. Is it bad that I am going to a ski town and all I want to do is run? I have never really enjoyed snowboarding (fear gets me every time) but it is a favourite past time in hubby's family so I have taken up the sport.

Now that I have a race in 2 weeks, and a couple more races lined up down the road I am worried I will get hurt and then I will be pi$$ed. I have always been fearful of hurting myself snowboarding but if I hurt myself now and I can't run it will not be happy times.

Friends are trying to convince me to cross country ski, which I have a few times in the past (like 10 years ago) but after reading Marlene's cross country skiing experience a couple years ago I am not sure I want to go!! I also have another friend (who is coming this weekend!) who broke her tail bone snowboarding- she was just standing on her board and lost her balance. She wasn't doing any crazy tricks or flying down the hill 50 mph!

Is there anything that you used to do and never gave a thought to but now that you are running/or biking/or swimming /or training-for-something  you don't want to risk injury?

**We are picking up our Calgary Police Half training shirts today!! Woot woot!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Whole Wheat White Cheddar Kraft Dinner= icky. The only KD I like is White Cheddar. I thought I would try the whole wheat version to be a bit healthier (ha!) and it is kinda sorta gross. Won't be buying it again!

2. I think I need to go shoe shopping. Not running shoes (although my shoes are on sale for $100 right now- and with a 10% discount maybe I should...)- I mean pretty shoes! All these stylish bloggers are tempting me with pictures of their recent shoe purchases and it is making me envious.

I want:


3. Steady Run- last night we did the same route as Tuesday, except in reverse. I much prefer to go this way because has a lot of downhill so normally it is easier! That being said, Tuesday was a tempo run and last night was a steady run. My usual running buddies weren't there so instead I ran by myself for a bit and with Mark.
The weather was maybe a degree or two warmer than Tuesday (so 9C?) and I ended up overdressing!! I just can't seem to win!! I really didn't need the running jacket- the gloves and a head warmer would have been sufficient.

CoCo Stats-
Lap 1- 6:47
Lap 2- 6:34
Lap 3- 6:19
Lap 4- 6:31
Lap 5- 6:37
Lap 6- 6:10 (0.54K)
Total Distance- 5.54K
Total Time- 36:09
Average Pace- 6:31 min/km

Slightly slower than Tuesday but not bad for a steady run. My legs didn't feel as peppy as they did on Tuesday so that must mean that I worked them hard.

Now I have a couple rest days...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Countdown is on!!!

Three more days until our annual Fernie weekend!!

So far the forecast doesn't look so great for downhill skiing/snowboarding (oh darn!) but there is always cross country skiing, snowshoeing and running (supposed to do 20K this weekend...)!!!
I am just looking forward to spending time with great friends, maybe poaching some hot tubs, and having a few shotskis!!


Another great run last night with the clinic. We had a shoe/clothing talk (same old stuff) and apparently I needed the talk before I left the house because I failed the layering test. I got a little excited that it was 8C outside so I wore long tights, tank top and a long sleeve tech sweater. No gloves, hat or jacket... I got a few crazy looks and a couple people (hubby and Kristin) felt bad for me (and my stoopidity!) so they lent me gloves, a hat and neck warmer. It ended up being just perfect. I warmed up quickly and am glad I didn't wear an extra layer. I should have known that I would need a hat and gloves!! Silly me!

Schedule called for 6K tempo.

Lap 1- 6:31
Lap 2- 6:48
Lap 3- 6:35
Lap 4- 6:35
Lap 5- 6:08
Lap 6- 5:47 (0.56k)
Total Distance- 5.56K
Total Time- 35:52 min
Average Pace- 6:27

AHHH I am so excited that I had a run with all sub 7:00min/km!! This run felt amazing!! My legs felt strong and I could have pushed even more if the sidewalk wasn't pure ice for the last 0.50k!! I should have just run on the road...

I signed up for another half marathon!! It is the Big Run on April 30th. It is the goal race for the HM clinic that started last week. I wasn't going to sign up for it but then I decided what the heck....

Finally heard back about our sick spin trainer. The manufacturer no longer makes this model (wonder why?!?!) therefore they don't have any parts to fix it! Which means we get a store credit for a new spin trainer! Hubby did some research and will hopefully be picking up a new spin trainer in the next few days so I can get back in the saddle!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yoga, you make me happy!

Mondays have turned into yoga days. It works well with our hectic schedule and it is a great way to start off the week. After a tiring long run on Sundays it is a treat to just relax and enjoy a yoga class. It certainly isn't easy though- my legs burn!

Unfortunately there weren't any hot Olympians to drawl over this time...

My legs have recovered nicely from the 18K on Sunday. I wore compression socks all day/night so I am sure that helped. I considered an ice bath but I didn't really felt like I needed one. I will definitely be doing one after the race though since I will be running much harder and a bit farther. I know that my 3-hour afternoon nap on Sunday definitely aided in recovery.

On another note I was trying to think of ways to incorporate swim workouts in the morning. It's not going to happen! There was this article in November's Runners World (yes I am behind!) about the best time to workout. There was this little schedule on the day in the life of a Runner.
It went like this (condensed):

5:30am- wake-up
6:00am- run
7:35am- shower
8:30am- leave for work
9:00am- 5pm- work
5:30-6:30pm- yoga
7:00pm- eat dinner
9:30pm- go to bed

Are you kidding me?? I get up at 5:30am just to get to work for 7:30am as it is! Who doesn't have to be a work until 9am? Maybe its an Eastern thing but theren't any many people around here who can roll into work at 9am (except you contract/consulting people- you don't count because you make up your own hours...). For this to work I would have to get up at 3:30am- there is no way that is happening.
Even if I did decide to get up stoopid early, the pool doesn't even open until 6am so I would get about a 30 minute workout in before having to rush to shower and get to work on time. (Ok I checked the YMCA close to my work and it opens at 5:30am but I am not paying $12.86 to swim for an hour, plus $23/day to park downtown!)
I know that when you are training for a marathon or Ironman it is necessary to double up workouts in a day, and I have done some double workouts days in the past but none of them ever included a morning workout during the week. They were always back to back workouts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome back Sun!!

After much complaining, the sun and nice(r) weather has appeared. After freezing my butt off doing hill repeats and last week's treadmill LSD there was no way I could/would miss this weekend's long run with the group outside.
This time I didn't have to layer up too much and was actually quite warm during the run. One thing I did forget was my sunglasses! It has been so long since I have run during daylight!

Our route was a familiar one- Nose Creek Pathways. The farthest I had run on this pathway was 16K, so we had to go a kilometer farther before turning around to get in 18K. Since the half marathon clinics are overlapping right now, there was quite a big group to start off with. The newbies only had to run 7K (3.5K and then turn around) so it was congested at the start but nice to see the group a bit bigger.

The bad thing about Chinooks is they bring lots of wind. Which means lots of drifting snow on the pathways. Hard packed, like moguls means walking to prevent ankle rolling and slipping on the ice= slow pace.
Photo Source
Luckily it wasn't like this the entire route- there were just 2 places that were bad where you had to walk/climb over the snow drifts. Since we were doing an out and back, it is actually 4 places! I wish I had brought my camera...

I ran with Kristin and Angela. The first 9K wasn't too bad- we struggled at first trying to get our legs warmed up and we welcomed each walk break with a huge sign of relief! I think it was around 7K my legs started to feel good and the walk breaks weren't needed quite as much (I still took them though!).
The turn around is where Kristin kind of fell apart. She admitted she wasn't having a great run and didn't want to hold us back so we continued on without her (there were people behind us so she wasn't alone on the route).
Angela has been having some Achilles issues so around 13K so told me to go ahead as she didn't want to push her legs. I felt really good (we hadn't been pushing the pace) so I continued on my own for the last 5K. Unfortunately the moguls snowdrifts slowed me down again at 16K but I was able to skip my last walk break and definitely felt like I could run another 3.1K no problem.

I am so ready for this race!

CoCo Stats-
Total Distance- 18.03K
Total Time- 2:11:29
Average Pace- 7:07 min/km

I looked at a similar distance run (different route) from last summer and I am about the same speed. That being said, I wasn't dealing with moguls snowdrifts last time and I felt way better at the end of this run than I did after the previous summer run. If the weather cooperates in 3 weeks I am confident that I can surpass my time from my first half marathon. Not setting any goals until the week of- I don't want to be disappointed if the weather isn't on my side.

On a side note my hairdresser said I look like I have lost lots of weight. She got a big tip...

Friday, January 21, 2011


That's pretty much all I have time to say!

Looking forward to a weekend where I can relax, catch up with friends, workout and clean my house that I have neglected all week!

Happy freakin' Friday!!! I have been waiting for you all week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Miss my spin trainer-  I feel like I am just a runner rather than a triathlete. Poor BlueBelle is sitting in the corner waiting patiently to be ridden again. The bike shop had to send the trainer to Montreal to be fixed so I hope we get it back soon. Although I should be taken advantage of this spin break and go swim or do Ripped. Also I miss One Tree Hill- not gonna lie!

2. Half Marathon Clinic- This clinic isn't even done and I am already signed up for the next. There is a bit of overlap- the new one started on Tuesday and the current one isn't over until the middle of February. So right now our clinic seems huge!

3.Gloves- I thought I lost them again!! After frantically searching my purse, mud room and car I realized I left them at work. Seriously I am losing my mind...

Mid-Week Recap

I feel like my workouts aren't real until I post about them so it annoys me that I have been too busy to post after each session. Sometimes sleep is more important though! I figure if I keep on top of my sleep during the week I am less likely to want/need to sleep in on Sunday and miss my long run.
Oddly enough I am more tired the day after I go to bed earlier and have a much harder time dragging myself out of bed. I know I am not oversleeping because going to bed 'early' still only gets me 7 hours of sleep.

So to re-cap the workouts I did this week so far:

The weatherman lied and told us a Chinook would be blowing in at the beginning of the week. He lied. It was still bitterly cold. I love Hot Yoga in the winter (not that I have done it in the summer yet!) because I feel for an hour like I am somewhere warm (well I am but you know what I mean...). It was a Warm Foundation class aka beginner so it was a bit slower and more time was spent in each pose. I really liked it.

Evil speed work. We had Darren, an instructor from another clinic come talk to us about speed work and take us through a session. He also did the speed work session during my last clinic but at that point I was done my race so it was a little late!
We did the exact same workout as last time- Pyramids. The only difference is that we did it at a different hill than last time- we went to the same hill that we use for our hill workouts. WTF?? I thought I was done with that hill for awhile!! Actually this hill isn't as steep as the other hill and it has a semi flat spot in the middle. I wasn't too sad!

I think speed training is exactly what I need. I need to push myself in order to get faster. I know I can do the long runs- it is the fast runs I struggle with. The proof is in my numbers. It is a hard workout but since we weren't doing it for a long time it didn't seem quite as bad.
It was still cold out and I didn't dress warmly enough. I thought I would be good with 1 pair of tights... NO!!! My legs were so cold! There is actually a lot of rest in this warm up so standing around in the cold wasn't great. I know for next time...

CoCo Stats: (didn't record intervals)
Total Distance- 6.19K -to & from the hill was just over 3K
Total Time- 39:51 min
Average Pace- 6:26 min/km

Keep in mind that we jogged (oh no not the dreaded J word!) down the hill so those numbers (other than distance) don't really mean that much.

Man were my legs ever sore after the speed training! When the group met up on Wednesday for the run most of us were complaining about our aching quads! I almost never have sore quads so this must have been a good workout. Usually it is tight hamstrings that I whine about!

Since we switched our speed workout to Tuesday this week (for the speaker) we did a steady 6K run. We did the usual 3K loop twice which I found mentally tough. This route is actually 3.45K so obviously doing it twice made it almost 7K.
I ran with Angela, Kristin and Penny. They kept me going when I wanted to slow down.

CoCo Stats:
1K- 6:53
2K- 6:39
3K- 6:45
4K- 7:02
5K- 6:46
6K- 6:56
0.88K- 6:51
Total Distance- 6.88K
Total Time- 6:50
Average Pace- 6:50

I blame tired and sore legs from Tuesday's speed training on my slow pace. I felt like I was pushing the pace but the numbers say otherwise.

So there it is! No slacking over here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So busy!

I am working out!
I just choose to sleep rather than blog about it all right now.

When I get a few extra minutes I will give more of an update.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Survived!

...another great girls weekend!!! It was pretty cold out so we didn't venture from our hotel  much. I don't have any photos to share either since sitting around isn't worth documenting!

It wasn't a healthy weekend with junk food and beverages being greatly consumed. I am sure I gained a pound or two at least! I tried to convince the girls to join me on my scheduled 18K LSD but surprisingly no one was interested!! They did however offer to drop me 18K from the hotel so I could run there. Gee thanks!

I almost had an iPod fatality. I plugged it into one of the girl's speakers and it worked for about 6 songs. Then another girl moved the speakers off the table so we could eat and it caused my iPod to short or something. It was frozen- wouldn't turn off, change songs, nothing! I was slightly devastated since I NEED my music to get through my long runs. Now is not the time for it to be dying!
Miraculously when I got home and plugged it into my computer it reset itself. Crisis averted!!

Also when I got home on Sunday I found my missing glove!! It had fallen between the wall and the washer. I checked between the dryer and the wall but not the other side! Oy another crisis averted!!
No need to buy this now- thanks Keith!

After getting myself organized (aka laundry and house work done) from the trip I forced myself to get on the treadmill for my run. There was no way around it- I simply wasn't doing 18K by myself outside in the soon-to-be dark and cold night. I watched a few episodes of One Tree Hill (first season done!) and set my watch for 10 and 1s.
The first 20 minutes were tough but once I got myself into a groove the first hour passed by quickly! I took a short break in the middle to change the laundry, and fill my water bottle. Before I knew it 2 hours were up and the run was over!
The rest of the evening consisted of eating dinner (yummy salad!), showering and watching Despicable Me. Such a cute movie!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011


One Black Diamond Glove!!

Somehow I have misplaced one of my running/casual gloves. I wore them on Wednesday during the dreaded hills. I took them off at the Running Room before we went for Wings and Beer (did I forget to mention that? The group always goes for wings and beer after 9 hills to celebrate our survival accomplishment which was the only motivation I had to do the hills that night).

I came home and threw all wet and smelly running gear into the washer. The next day I put some of the items into the dryer (most things I hang to dry) and when I went to take them out last night only ONE glove was there. I searched all over for the other glove and I can not find it!!!

I probably wouldn't be so mad except that I have had them for less than a month (thanks Santa!) AND they are my second pair because the exact same pair I got for Christmas last year I also lost one. WTF?? These gloves are cursed! I don't think I should buy the same pair again for fear of losing ANOTHER one. But I love them! And I obviously need them in the -25C.

Maybe my next pair should look like this...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I need a warm vacation NOW!!! Or at least one to look forward to NOW!!! Hearing about everyone escaping the frigid temps here has me itching to go south. Hubby and I can't agree on a place to go so I might just go myself (or with a girlfriend). See yah!

2. Girls Weekend starts tomorrow!! We are heading up to Canmore (scene of my first Half Marathon) for a weekend of games, hottubbing, dining and imbibing. It is destined to be a great time sans working out. I have decided that while I could run while I am there, I have an 18K LSD on Sunday that really needs to get done so I will save all my energy for that rather than attempt a short run on Saturday as well.

3. 9 Hills= Insanity! That is what was going through my mind last night as I ran up and down this stupid hill in the freezing cold. Even my headlamp refused to stay on because it was so cold out! I didn't layer enough- I could have used another layer up top and on the bottom! I wanted to quit after 3 repeats as my legs/butt were so cold as were my arms. My time I am stoopid enough to run in this weather I will wear a third layer on the bottom (maybe a little looser to keep the heat in?) and 4th layer on top. Amazingly enough my shirts were sweaty after the run.

CoCo Stats-
Warm-up- 1.56K 7:12 AP
Hill 1- 0.81K 7:27 AP
Hill 2- 0.80K 7:43 AP
Hill 3- 0.79K 7:27 AP
Hill 4- 0.79K 7:36 AP

Hill 5- 0.79K 8:02 AP
Hill 6- 0.80K 7:44 AP
Hill 7- 0.80K 7:18 AP
Hill 8- 0.80K 7:27 AP
Hill 9- 0.79K 7:10 AP- obviously I just wanted to be done!
Cool-down- 1.58K 6:36 AP- get me home!!
Total Distance- 10.31K
Total Time- 1:15:54

Average Pace- 7:21 min/km

It was a smallish group that braved the hills and a couple of our pacers even bailed at the beginning of the workout. They are smart... While I am proud that I toughed it out, I also think it was pretty dumb to be outside in those conditions while under dressed. I was/am worried that I will get sick.

The good news is that we are pretty much done hill training for this cycle!! Yippee!!! Next week speed training starts (which may or may not involve a hill).

Sorry no pics- the cameras froze and the batteries drained!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yoga, Run, and Frost Bite

Ok the first two happened and the third "could" have happened if I wasn't bundled up like a mummy the last few days!!

On Monday we went to another hot yoga class. Nice change after freezing all weekend! Class was packed as usual and we even had an Olympian in our class and he was shirtless! Too bad I am married... (j/k honey!!) We did more warrior poses and tons of downward dog! My arms, shoulders and calves were a little sore after! Great workout.

Exactly 2 months after our car accident, we finally got our car back from being repaired (it was in the shop for 1 month). We had 2 rental cars in this time, Dodge Journey and Nissan Sentra. While it is always fun to test-drive new cars, it is nice to get our own car back. I was really starting to miss the heated seats!!

Last night I sucked it up and headed out for our clinic night. Our guest speaker talked about Race Preparation. I am the Queen of Preparation and have been known to be made fun of for all my pre-race prep so I didn't really learn anything new but it would have been a good talk for someone doing their first or second race.
It was bitterly cold so I layered, layered, layered. Turns out run club was actually cancelled on Sunday due to the severe weather so I didn't feel quite as lame for doing my run on the treadmill. Only a small group of us braved the weather and we did 5K. Turns out some of us did the short loop which is less than 5K instead of the long loop which is over 5K. I really wasn't too upset about it- I wanted to get out of the cold!
I ran with Kristin again and we always have good conversation, even though Charles got mad at us for chatting on a tempo run!

CoCo Stats- (cr@p- forgot to set auto lap!!)
Total Distance- 4.63K
Total Time- 31:25 min

Average Pace- 6:47 min/km

In other news, I signed up for another race!!! The Calgary Police Half Marathon is on April 17th. I have been warned that the weather is ALWAYS nasty for this race but I heard they give good bling so I couldn't resist...

Anyone else signed up for this race?? For those that have done it before, what did you think? I know there are a few nasty hills (I used to train on part of this course) so I know what I am getting myself into for the Reservoir portion but not the beginning/end of the course.

~ Today marks 1 month until the Hypothermic Half!!! Brrrrrr!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

Ok my first goal was to set goals for this year!! Now that I have accomplished that let's see what they are!

Eat Properly-I will admit that I like my junk food. Chocolate, chips, candy, etc. What I need to work on is moderation because it isn't out of control but I know that in order to lose a few pounds and be able to show off all the muscles I am developing from working out, I need to keep my junk food in-take to a minimum. I also found that eating 7+ servings of fruit and veggies in a day makes me feel a lot better so I would like to have this as a daily goal. I need good food to fuel my workouts!.

Volunteering- I really enjoyed volunteering at Ironman Calgary 70.3 this year so I hope to volunteer at a couple races this year. I haven't decided which ones yet- maybe I can squeeze Ironman Canada into my volunteer schedule?

# of KM this year- I think I need a mileage goal- let's say 1000KM. I did about 500K in the last half of 2010 so if I just continue training for half marathons I think this is achievable.

Triathlons- I plan to do at least 1 Sprint and maybe an Olympic if I can find a decent race since Wasa is out this year due to my cousin getting married the same weekend.

Races-  in a perfect (free!) world I would like to do a race every month, various distances and disciplines but I think every 2 months/6+ races this year (1 more than 2010) is more achievable/affordable. So far I am registered for the Hypo Half in February and I am researching a bunch of other races. I would love to do at least one destination race this year.

Train more consistently- meaning don't skip my Sunday LSDs (rescheduling them is okay if I am out of town or something), continue with the Running Room clinics- I love my running buddies!, and I also need to swim and bike more starting now!

Read more- okay not a running goal, but it is if I read running/tri related books! I would like to read 15 books this year.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

And a treadmill LSD it was...

Mother Nature isn't cooperating around here. A nasty blizzard blew in yesterday- bring lots of snow and crazy wind. After nearly getting frostbite just walking to the car from Costco yesterday I knew that if She kept this up there would be no group LSD run today.

Sure enough the wind and snow continued all night. We were snowed in and cars were getting stuck on our road. As tempting as running in this weather is I decided to hit the treadmill instead.

Thankfully the schedule only called for 12K so I ran for 1.5 hours (I wasn't going to make the same mistake as last time and try to do distance on the treadmill!). I watched a couple episodes of One Tree Hill which made the time go by faster. I did the usual 10 and 1s, and ate my nutrition as usual.

I also found out that these shorts aren't so great for long runs. I am a little chafed!!! Which is weird since I think I wore them the day I did 14K on the treadmill (for 2 hours) and didn't have any problems.

And it doesn't look the rest of the week is going to improve much weather wise... great.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's getting hot in here...

The yoga studio that is... not outside where I live!

After work yesterday I headed to another hot yoga session. Seems everyone is geared up for their New Year's Resolutions (good for you!) as the class was packed!! The room was scorching hot this time, probably because of all the extra bodies.

It was another great class (different instructor this time as the usual one was stuck in traffic). We did lots of warrior and runners lunge poses and the dreaded plank!

Runners Lunge

So my company has decided to start an Office Health and Wellness Program (OHW). It should be interesting to see how it works because we all have very different goals- some weight-loss, some better eating habits and others exercise. I really enjoyed HBBC and found that having something to keep me accountable motivated me to get my workouts in and eat better.
We haven't decided on all the details yet but the 'beta' test for the program will last until June 30th and then we will evaluate if the program is worthwhile. We had to submit our goals and they will post them on the OHW website to keep us accountable.

My goals are:
1. Drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies daily (~7 servings)
2. Train more consistently- 4-5x per week
3. Achieve a few PRs in races this year

Does anyone else have an Office Health and Wellness Program? How does it work? Do you have weekly meetings or ways to keep yourself accountable?

HBBC is now over :( and this past week was my worst week with 24 points because I missed my long run on Sunday. My total points were 210.72. I think that is pretty good for my first Challenge!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Poor hubby! He has been struck again with sickness- a terrible cold. I sure hope he gets better soon because I miss hanging out with him :(

2. We need groceries! I can't eat healthy when there isn't any food in the house. I should pick some up after my massage tonight! My back is still adjusting to sitting all day- I need this massage!

3. Hills- I OWN that hill now!! 8 repeats done! Last night a Chinook blew in so while it was windy it was around 0C in the evening. I dressed the same as the previous night- t shirt, long sleeve technical shirt, tights, hand/ear band and gloves. I also made sure I ate before the run!! Since I barely had time to make it home to change after my chiro appointment I knew there was no way I could fit in any sort of meal. Santa left me some Honey Stinger waffles in my stocking which you are supposed to eat before working out. I am definitely a fan! They taste good and kept me fueled for over an hour of hills. LOVE THEM!!! If only the Running Room stocked them... Hubby Santa found them at our local Tri shop- Tri-It. Hmmm and it looks like they are having a sale on all nutrition this month. Must go buy more!

Anyway on to the hill workout. After last week's brutal hill session I wondered if I would be able to do 8 repeats. Thankfully everything came together for me and 8 hills were better than last week's 5! I am getting stronger!

CoCo Stats-
Warm Up- 1.57K 6:53 AP
Hill 1- 0.80K 7:12 AP
Hill 2- 0.81K 7:09 AP
Hill 3- 0.80K 7:11 AP
Hill 4- 0.80K 7:20 AP
Hill 5- 0.80K 7:12 AP
Hill 6- 0.80K 7:26 AP
Hill 7- 0.81K 7:10 AP
Hill 8- 0.81K 7:05 AP
Cool-down- 1.6K 6:40 AP
Total Distance- 9.59K
Total Time- 1:07:55
Average Pace- 7:04 min/km

I am very happy with my workout! I normally don't run the hills with music but the last 2 weeks I have and I think it made a difference this week (nothing could have saved last week's workout!). You can tell I just wanted to finish the workout at the end! My fastest hill was my last!

HBBC Update
01/05- Run 6M, Fruits & Veggies= 7 points
Total Points this week= 19

What am I going to do next week when I don't have to record my workouts/fruits and veggies??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So tired...

Wow my brain isn't working right now! Back to work and I am busy as ever! Unfortunately so is the back/neck pain from sitting all day. Good thing I have a chiro appointment after work and a massage tomorrow night.

Last night was another clinic run. We were scheduled to run 5K but the loop we normally do is around 4.8k. Usually I don't mind the shorter distance but I really want to see what my 5K time is!!

It was a warmer night, only -3C so I didn't layer too much. I started out comfortably with Angela, Paul, Cathy and Ashley. This route starts out flat for the 1st KM and then is uphill for the next 2K. Once we reached the top of the hill I broke away from the group. I was finding it hard running behind people. I just wanted to finish the run. I made the mistake of not eating beforehand (chocolate doesn't count as a meal!) so I started to burn out around 4K. I passed a couple more people that were further ahead of me but I definitely slowed down at the end.

CoCo Stats-
1K- 6:54
2K- 6:50
3K- 6:50
4K- 6:26
5K- 5:40 (0.74K)
Total Distance- 4.74K
Total Time- 31:13 min
Average Pace- 6:35 min/km

I really need to make sure I eat something before these runs! It was the worst feeling.

We had another yoga guest speaker. Do I ever love yoga after a run! It was so relaxing and helped to stretch some of my muscles. I could have done it for another hour but we only did 30 minutes. I really need to make sure I go to hot yoga at least once a week as my pass expires in about 2 months.

On other  news, our spin trainer is at the "doctor" so hopefully it will get fixed and we can spin smoothly again. It will probably be a couple weeks before we get it back so until then I will add more Ripped, yoga and swimming into my schedule.

I am still working on my 2011 goals... maybe that should be a goal!

***not looking forward to tonight's 8 hills. At least it isn't snowing sideways like last week.

HBBC Update
01/04- 3M run, 30 minutes Yoga, Fruits & Veggies= 5 points
Total Points this week= 12 (this is what happens when you skip a long run!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

So far NOT so good...

So far 2011 has been very lazy!! Not a good thing!

On New Years Day we went up to Lake Louise with our friends- the boys went snowboarding and the girls wandered around Lake Louise. It was very cold there, -25C and windy!

Lake Louise Ski Resort
We dropped the boys off at the hill and went into "town" in search of breakfast. Seeing as it was New Years Day nothing was open until 11am!! The cafe at the Hostel was recommended to us by the folks at the Visitors Centre so that's where we went to. Unfortunately we weren't the only starving people waiting for breakfast so it was quite busy when the cafe finally opened. It was delicious though!

Lake Louise, while beautiful, doesn't have as many things to do in the winter (well at least for a pregnant lady, NOT me- my friend!). Andrea had never been to Lake Louise even though she has lived in Calgary for 10ish years and I hadn't been there since I was probably 10 years old. We headed over to Chateau Lake Louise.

I will admit I think it is more beautiful in the summer with all the green trees and the blue-green lake. In the middle of winter everything is frozen and white!

Since we were cold, we immediately went inside the Chateau to look around. In the front lobby we found this cute gingerbread display of the Chateau.

Sugar and Gingerbread replica of Chateau Lake Louise
In the winter, they clear a part of the Lake to make a skating rink. We watched from inside the hotel while people froze while skating! Maybe next time...

Ice sculpture on the Lake
We wandered through the hotel looking at all the stores. After we warmed up we went for a walk outside by the Lake. There were Sleigh Rides and we decided to check them out but they were booked up until the evening so we passed. It would have been too cold anyway!
We went back inside and decided to go for Afternoon Tea. In the dining room they served tea with scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts. We were still full from our brunch so we decided to just have tea.

Silver tea set
We had a fabulous view of the Lake and Glacier from our table.

Watching the skaters from the warmth of the hotel
Andrea and I having Tea

It was a fabulous 1st day of the New Year!!

Sunday- skipped the 16k LSD, 'nuff said.

Today, I knew there was no way I could skip a workout. I DO NOT want to get sucked into the laziness vortex! I hadn't used my Garmin on my bike yet so I decided to see if the spin trainer would cooperate. It took me a few minutes to get CoCo set up for the bike. The only thing that I will need to change for next time is to make sure the data fields auto scroll as I had to change it manually every time I wanted to see a different screen. Not a big deal on the trainer but on the road it will be a pain!
The trainer somewhat behaved but I think hubby is taking it to the store this week to see if it can be fixed/returned. It still locks up which is a huge annoyance! I was able to pull off a 50 minute workout.

No more rest days for me this week! I also need to start/finish working on my 2011 goals.

HBBC Update- last week!
01/01- 0
01/02- Fruits & Veggies= 1 point
01/03- Fruits & Veggies, 50 min spin= 6 points
Points so far this week= 7

Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Year Blogiversary!!

Yup, it has been 1 year folks!!
You can read my very 1st post a year ago today here.
A lot sure has happened since then! I am very happy that I kept my 2010 resolution to blog!

Thanks for following along the way!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Race Report- Resolution Run December 31, 2010

Before the race

I had to work on New Year's Eve so after work I went home, had a quick nap and got ready to go back downtown for the Race. I ate my lunch around 1pm and had a small snack around 4:30pm so I wasn't hungry before the start.
It was still a little chilly outside, ~ -15C but I didn't want to overdress. Since I had never worn/run in the bright orange Resolution Run jacket I decided to not wear it for the race- better to stick with something I know! I wore my blue running jacket, 2 long sleeve technical shirts, long johns, running tights, smart wool socks, neck warmer, hat, gloves and my headlamp. I was chilled just standing outside (as you can see in this photo!) but perfect for the race.
Before the race
I didn't feel nervous at all beforehand since I knew I wouldn't have a problem finishing the race and while I had a goal in mind I didn't really think this was the race it would happen (sub 30 minutes).

We ended up meeting with a couple other runners from our Running group and chatted with them before the start. Unfortunately I didn't meet up with Jen as we were running a bit late (haha no pun intended!) and we didn't get a chance to wander around before lining up. Maybe next time!!

Everyone was huddled inside the mall before start so it wasn't super clear when the race was starting. Someone started talking on a megaphone and people started moving towards the doors so I just followed! I ended up crossing the start line about a minute after the race started.


The beginning of the race was pretty chaotic. People were walking, the roadway was slushy and there were cars on the race course as the 1/2KM was on the road (this was funny actually!). It took awhile to get into a rhythm because half the time I was dodging people. Unfortunately I lost way too much time in the 1st KM that I wasn't able to make up.

1K- 7:31 min

Finally around 1.5K people started to spread out and it was easier to pass people. I passed sooo many people- it felt really good! Unfortunately there were a couple places where passing wasn't possible so again the 2nd KM wasn't very close to my goal pace.

2K- 6:45 min

I was starting to feel really warmed up on the 3rd KM. I unzipped my jacket a bit and when the pathway allowed, I passed more people. I couldn't believe how fast the race was going by!

3K- 6:38 min

Finally on the 4th KM I was able to reach my goal pace! I was able to run without dodging people. I did start to feel pretty tired though.

4K- 6:15 min

When we crossed back over the river I knew the end was close. I was really starting to feel bagged and when I looked at my watch it said 30:00. I knew my sub 30 minute goal was over (well I knew that after the 1st km!) but I thought I might be able to get under 32 minutes for a 5K race PR which was a more realistic goal.

I gunned it to the finish line and was so happy when I stopped my watch at 31:44!!! 5K PR, or so I thought! Turns out the course was short- only 4.77km according to my watch.

5K- 5:55 min (0.77K)

What a rip-off!! I was pretty disappointed as I thought I had a 5K PR but if it isn't a 5K it isn't a real PR!! My time "would" have been 33:15 min had it been a true 5K and that isn't a PR (however it would have been a race PR). Either way I am pretty happy as I ran a decent race even though it was short. I ran as hard as I could (when I could) and I definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Still have to work on that speed to get under 30 minutes though. Maybe that will be a 2011 goal?

Hubby and I at the finish line
Post- Race
Hubby was at the finish line when I finished. He did quite well but wasn't able to meet his goal either due to all the congestion at the beginning. We caught up with a couple running buddies and got in line for hot chocolate and cinnamon buns. While we were waiting we saw Deb!! It was pretty neat to meet her as I feel I already know her in a way from blogging! We chatted about the race, the too-short course and all things running/triathlon. We even got to meet her cheering section! We had a great time and I can't wait to meet up at the next race! We didn't think to take a picture though...

After we said goodbye to everyone we headed back home to change for our friends' NYE party. We had a great time ringing in the New Year with some old friends. Still can't believe it is 2011!!!

My NYE drink of choice!
Happy New Year!!

HBBC Update
12/31- Fruits & Veggies, 3M run= 4 points
Total Points this week= 26.5