Monday, February 28, 2011

~What-a-Fail Weekend Re-cap~

Goal FAIL! I couldn't resist the Reese's Pieces cups that were calling my name on Friday. My friend, Kat, later suggested that I have a peanut butter smoothie which would have been much healthier! Next time I will resist! No workout on Friday either. :(

Saturday I did an hour on the spin trainer. This trainer kills my legs! The last trainer I was always in the big ring, even for my easiest gear. Now in the big ring, in the easiest gear my legs are having a tantrum- I can barely hold 80 rpm.

I also FAILED on Saturday by going out for dinner. The problem is I had plans from 3:00pm until the late evening so unless I packed a sandwich or something I was inevitably going to have to eat dinner somewhere! At least I was healthy and had sushi!! One of my favourites!

Then I FAILED again by eating some junk food at my friend's house while we had a free makeup party! She has accumulated tons of makeup from bonuses and gifts that she wanted to share the makeup wealth! Don't worry, none of it was used so she won't be sharing any nasty germies! Now I am having so much fun playing around with all my new makeup! I love new colours!

Sunday was another FAIL, but of a different kind. I bailed on my group run :/ So lame considering it was only -5C outside and sunny! I just didn't want to get out of bed. Wah wah! Hubby said I told him I ran the day before. Wow- I lie in my sleep apparently!
So instead I suffered on the treadmill and only made it 45 minutes before I quit. Not quite the 12K I was supposed to do!

In the afternoon we headed over to the in-laws to bottle some wine! We put this kit on in April so after 10 months it was more than ready!! It is a Valpolicella. It is very good!

Here is part of the process in photos:

Hubby filling the bottles (blogger won't rotate!)

Corking the bottles

Putting the sleeves on (with boiling water)

Waiting to put the labels on! Favourite part!

Finished product!!

The wine certainly isn't a FAIL!! Haha!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

~Friday! How nice to see you !~

Wow this short week has been the longest week of my LIFE!!! Glad it is almost over.

Last night I did a Ripped DVD workout. I think the last time I did Ripped was around Christmas time so it was high time I started lifting those weights again! I did the 4th DVD, Ripped to the Core.

I haven't done this particular DVD at home before, but I used to do it often at the gym a few years back. After the first few minutes I remembered that this is one of my favourite Ripped classes! You do lots of compound exercises where you apparently burn 2-3 times more calories. I used dumbbells, but didn't go heavier than 5 pounds each (I also don't have dumbbells heavier than 5 pounds...) You use your core in all the exercises which is always a plus! I really like how they show you modifications for each exercise.

The DVD is an hour long but I only ended up doing 45 minutes as I had a break in the middle for a phone call and it started to get pretty late. I still had to eat dinner! Plus Milo was desperate for attention.

So I kinda broke my "Not eating out for a week rule." I stopped at Timmies after work yesterday for a mocha and timbits. It's so cold here, I needed something to keep me warm!! Plus I used a gift card so it was free! Except I forgot to Roll up the Rim so I probably just threw away a brand new car. Frick!

Some exciting news! Hubby got his new SUV yesterday! After much searching, he bought a Ford Escape Hybrid. Good thing since gas just hit $1.12 per litre. Boo!!!

Hope you have a good weekend!

Family Day in Banff

Okay it took me a while to finish this post...

Sunday afternoon hubby and I went up to Banff with our friends W & A. What an ordeal that ended up being!!

Firstly, this was probably the busiest weekend of the season for Banff because of the long weekend. EVERYONE wants to go skiing! W was supposed to book the hotel room, which he did... for MARCH 20th!! Hubby and I show up to the hotel to check in and low and behold, no reservation and they are fully booked. GREAAAT.
We find a hotel with an available room- for $260!! I have stayed in this same hotel, almost the exact same room for half that price. Barf! From now on, W is not in charge of booking the hotel room!

We wanted to go to Grizzly House for dinner, a tasty fondue spot. Of course being the busiest weekend of the year, there weren't any available reservations until 10pm. I at least expected this so didn't get my hopes up.

While we waited for W & A to arrive (they were late- no surprise there!), hubby and I went down to Bow Falls for a stroll. It was so sunny and relatively warm (-3C). I wish we had brought our skates as there was a free skating rink by the Falls. Next time...
Hubby and I

In front of the frozen Bow Falls

Banff is so pretty!
Once W & A arrived we checked into our hotel (Superior room my a$$!) and went in search of a pub to get some drinks and watch the Heritage Classic. It was a great hockey game and I was definitely glad to be watching it in a pub rather than outside at McMahon Stadium! Even the beer was freezing!

After the game, we went to Saltlik for dinner. We managed to get a table right away in the lounge which has a great ambiance. I really like this restaurant- good food, good service and good music/entertainment. They have very delicious Long Island ice teas!
The boys
The girls

We are no longer the party animals that we used to be so after dinner we went back to our expensive hotel room and played a game before heading to bed. The boys were going snowboarding in the morning so we didn't want to get too crazzzy!
At some point in the night we woke up to a bunch of noisy drunks running down the hallways, banging on doors. Thankfully another guest started yelling at them so they went away. We didn't end up getting a very good sleep.
Monday morning the guys got up early and went to Lake Louise to snowboard. A and I stayed in the hotel until 12pm and after checking out we went to Melissa's Restaurant for breakfast. It was delicious! We were both craving pancakes even though it was 12:30pm! We had to go window shopping to burn off some of the calories. I restrained myself and didn't buy any candy/fudge/chocolate.

Around 3:00pm the guys came back and we headed back home. It was a fun weekend, but I don't think I will be staying in Banff on that weekend again!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Seriously- no more junk food for me. My pants are too tight, I feel tired and bloated all the time. I need to put a stop to this NOW! Reading/talking about chips, candy and cookies only makes me want them!! One of my goals this year is to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies. I am doing ok with the water, but I know I can increase my F&V intake. My challenge for this week will be to not eat out. No lunches, or dinners. Please hold me accountable!

2. Hot chocolate and baileys- Apres run. Have to warm up somehow after a -22C run.

3. Hills already? Guess that's what happens when your clinics overlap. We actually started hill training last week but I had to miss it because my brother was in town. Our cold snap continues so only 5 brave souls from my clinic ventured out last night to run the 4 hills. The sidewalks were somewhat clear but there were a few dodgy places. Oh the joys of winter running!

CoCo Stats-

Warm-up- 1.53K 7:26 AP easy
Hill 1- 0.79K 6:54 AP
Hill 2- 0.80K 7:07 AP
Hill 3- 0.80K 7:11 AP
Hill 4- 0.79K 6:47 AP
Cool down- 1.62K 6:45 AP
Total Distance- 6.34K
Total Time- 44:40 min
Average Pace- 7:02 min/km

Ready to Run!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Wednesday Already?~

Love a short week! Except this is one of the busiest times of the year for me so I am busy, busy, busy!

Last night's 4K run with the clinic was cold/snowy/windy. layers. As I was getting dressed, I realized the zipper on the front of my Lulu sweater was broken!! Noooooooo!!!! Thankfully hubby was able to fix it because I don't think they sell them anymore and it is my favourite running sweater. Plus I couldn't find the receipt...

Since it snowed for most of yesterday the sidewalks weren't great. Probably 1K in I started to feel dizzy/nauseous so I backed off the pace. I was feeling car sick earlier but normally it goes away as soon as I get out of the car. Anyway I felt like I was dragging my feet for most of the run. It was an out and back to a nearby 7Eleven (Slurpee run as we call it) and on the way back the snow was burning my eyes! I could barely keep them open!

Thankfully I didn't throw up or pass out during the run as we had a yoga instructor come to do some stretches with us post-run. It was nice to spend 30 minutes stretching- I definitely don't do it enough after runs!

CoCo stats-

Lap 1- 7:02 uphill
Lap 2- 6:24
Lap 3- 6:35
Lap 4-6:08
Total Distance- 4.13K
Total Time- 26:53 min
Average Pace- 6:30 min/km

Honestly,  I am surprised that my pace was as fast (relative term) as it was. I really felt like a snail.

What's your temperature limit for running outside?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Weekend Workout Recap~

Still need to download a couple pictures from the weekend so for now here are the workout details from this weekend.

Friday- nadda. Went and saw Legally Blonde! It was amazing! There was a live dog playing Bruiser and he totally stole the crowd!!

Saturday- as promised I got on the spin trainer for an hour and watched an episode and a half of One Tree Hill while sweating up a storm. Good gawd this trainer is so much harder! That's good I guess...

Sunday- I was a good girl and didn't drink much on Saturday night so I was ready to run on Sunday morning. The weather turned on us again, and it was -18C.
I bundled up, putting 1 water bottle into my pocket so it hopefully wouldn't freeze during my 10K. I also wore my sunglasses as it was soooo bright out (love you sun!) except that my warm breath kept fogging them up so I had to take them off!
I don't know what it was, but it took me a long time to warm up on this run. My legs felt like lead for the first 5K. I ran with Karen, who was also in the last clinic, and Carrie, who I just met. It was nice to have company!

Total Distance- 10.02K
Total Time- 1:07:59

Average Pace- 6:47 min/km

Monday- nadda. I thought about spinning after I got back from Banff but I just didn't feel like it. Rest day instead! Which means no slacking for the rest of the week.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hypothermic Half Marathon 2011 Race Report

Just a warning- it's long!

The Night Before
I laid out everything that I would need for the race on Friday night so I wouldn't be rushing around trying to remember things on Saturday.
I had a hard time deciding on what to wear for this race because the weather was going to be fantastic and I am so not used to that!! The forecasted temperature was low of -2C and high of 5C. Since the race started at 10am I figured I should dress closer to the high.
After much contemplation I decided to wear my lulu running tights, my new lulu Hustle jacket, my grey long sleeve lulu shirt (same as my 1st half marathon!), and compression socks. I also brought my thin gloves, and head band to wear if needed. Oh and sunglasses!! Haven't worn those babies in awhile!!

I made sure to eat properly all day so that I wouldn't experience any stomach issues during the run. My work had a potluck that day, with the theme being French. Pretty much everyone brought a dish that consisted of cheese! It was hard to not overindulge but I knew too much cheese would be a disaster. I also declined on the wine and instead drank lots of water throughout the day.

For dinner that night hubby and I went out to Earls, one of my favourite restaurants. We were both good and had delicious salads. I highly recommend the Parmesan Chicken Rocket Salad. Soooo good!! I should have taken a picture...

I headed to bed at a reasonable hour and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out! So tired after a long week.

Firstly I would like to HUG the person who decided to have the 1st wave start at 10am. Absolutely genius! I was able to sleep in a bit (7:30am) and it had warmed up outside so it was closer to 5C when we started the race.
After a good night's sleep (~8-9 hours) I woke up excited for the race. The sun was shining and I didn't have the insane butterflies that I had before most races. Hubby made his special eggs (like an omelette but scrambled) and because I had laid everything out the night before I was ready pretty quickly.
We left the house around 8:30am and arrived at Eau Claire market just before 9am. We quickly found the rest of our running buddies and waited for the race to start.

Waiting for the race to start

Country Hills Half Marathon Group
We like blue and purple.
I am so happy that the race start/finish was changed at the last minute. It was so nice to have a warm place to wait before the race, underground parking and bathrooms at the start! Even though it wasn't that cold out this year, it would not be fun waiting outside for 30 minutes in -28C!!
A girl that we trained with at UCTC was also racing so we chatted with her.

My running buddies- Betty and Krysten
Before we knew it, it was just before 10am and it was time to line up at the start! There were about 250 people racing in the 1st wave so it wasn't very chaotic! No corrals needed!
The race director announced that there was one slippery section of the pathways by Shouldice park but the rest was dry and clear.
The horn sounded and we were off!!

Our group was extremely lucky to have our own personal photographer! Howard, one of the longtime half marathon pacers decided not to race but support us along the way with his super fancy camera. It was great to see a familiar face along the route.
Krysten and I waving to Howard at the start
After a bit of research, I realized  that I can't actually set my Garmin Virtual Partner for a distance and time, only a pace. The problem is that during the one minute rest, my VP also rests!! So when I look at my lap pace it is only for the 10 minutes of running. I decided to set my VP to 6:50 min/km and try to always be a little bit ahead. This way I would be sure to meet my "B" goal of under 2:30.

Krysten and I had decided that we would try to run together the entire way. She was convinced that she wouldn't be able to keep up to me the entire way but I didn't think she would have an issue. Betty planned to run with us as long as she could keep up. Our awesome instructor Penny started out with us but pulled ahead around 2K. She ended up running with almost everyone in our group at some point during the race!

I wore my headband and gloves to start but quickly shed them. I didn't want to get too sweaty. The first half of the race I felt over dressed but the wind picked up on the last half so I was glad I went with the jacket instead of another sweater.

As usual the first couple kilometers felt a little tough for me. I think it just takes me awhile to warm up. You could tell this was a "Running Room" race as most people were doing 10 and 1s. I had turned on my music low from the very beginning so that I wouldn't have to fiddle with it much during the race but I didn't actually "listen" to my music until about 7K in.

It was decided that I was the designated pacer in our little threesome since my Garmin has the Virtual Partner. A couple times I had to remind us to slow down or pick up the pace. There were a number of times that I checked CoCo and we were running 6:15!! Whoops- gotta slow down a bit ladies so we don't blow up! It felt great to have to "rein it in" as I never have to do this!

Lap 1- 6:32
Lap 2- 9:59
Lap 3- 6:22
Lap 4- 9:31
Lap 5- 6:39
Lap 6- 10:41
Lap 7- 6:39
Lap 8- 10:33

There was one water station at 7K and Howard was waiting to take our picture. I felt like the papparrazi was following us around!
There were a lot of other people on the pathways...
 I have run/biked the 1st part of the course a lot over the last few years so I knew what to expect. Once we passed the water station I was in unfamiliar territory. Around 8.5K is where the icy patch was. It was more than a patch though! I know a few people fell there and it doesn't surprise me as it was like a skating rink. I slipped a few times myself. I do give the race organizers credit though for mentioning it at the start, plus they had a volunteer there specifically to warn racers about the ice.

At around 9K? I saw hubby coming the other direction! We cheered pretty hard for him! He looked strong. I was happy to see him because I didn't see him at all during my last Half Marathon and I also knew that meant the turn around was close! From this point on we started to see a lot of running coming back (out and back course) and so keeping our eyes peeled for our fellow running buddies kept us occupied.

The turn around point was on a small foot bridge so that was kinda neat. I was feeling pretty good, especially when I checked my watch and it said 1:10!!! Definitely on pace to meet my goals!

Lap 9- 6:45
Lap 10- 9:53
Lap 11- 6:29
Lap 12- 10:30
Lap 13- 6:46
Lap 14- 11:34
Lap 15- 6:42
Lap 16- 10:40

After the turn around we saw a few more of our running buddies who were slightly behind us- Paul, and Ashley. I also saw Jen which was nice since we had missed meeting up before the race.

Betty managed to stay with us until around 12K and then she dropped back. Krysten and I stayed pretty strong, managing to only walk at our set walk breaks. We entertained one another by singing whatever was playing on our ipods. It started to get silly and we were having a great time.

We ran into Howard just before the water station. I remember feeling great but according the close up pictures say otherwise! I am going to have to practice my running face! I had this terrible grimace on my face- I think I was trying to hold a smile, but that is soooo not what it looks like. I won't be sharing those pictures! Ha!

Lap 17- 6:28
Lap 18- 10:37
Lap 19- 6:28
Lap 20- 10:02
Lap 21- 6:33
Lap 22- 10:05
Lap 23- 6:34
Lap 24- 10:37
Lap 25- 6:32

The legs were starting to feel tired around 18K but knowing that the finish line was so close made us continue to push. When we finally reached Prince's Island Park I knew the end was near. I found this part of the race wasn't that well marked and a couple times I hesitated on whether to go left or right. Thankfully we didn't go off course!
There weren't that many kilometer markers and I was honestly happy about it after the mental ordeal of my first half marathon. The 20K marker was almost spot on so I didn't have a mental break down like last time!

Just before we rounded the corner to the finish line I wanted to walk. We had skipped our last walk break as we just wanted to finish but I was definitely feeling lead legs.
As soon as we came around the corner I saw the finish line and our running group cheering for us. Krysten started picking it up and I didn't want to be left in her dust!
Krysten trying to leave me behind!

Sprinting to the finish!

Almost there!

Go go go!!

Get outta the way!!

So apparently Krysten and I got a little competitive at the end!! We almost ran over a couple women running in front of us! We both reached the finish line together and were so out of breath! I looked at my watch and it said 2:22!! Holy crap- I beat my "A" Goal!!!! We were both incredibly pleased with our time and so happy to be finished!

Total Distance- 21.12K
Total Time- 2:22:33 (I ended up beating Krysten by 1 second!)
Average Pace- 6:47 min/km

Once we grabbed our medals (yay bling!), we walked over to meet the rest of our group.  Our instructor was pretty tickled at our competitiveness at the end!
There were still 6 of our runners to finish so we hung out just before the finish line waiting for them to come in. Betty and Mark ended up finishing in 2:31 which is awesome! Betty had doubts that she would finish so we were happy to see her finish so strongly!

After the final runner in our group came in we headed over to Fort Calgary for the infamous brunch. Nothing like eggs, bacon, sausage, scones, and hash browns to feed a hungry bunch of half marathoners!

It was a great race and I think this one might be my favourite race experience so far! I don't think I could asked for better weather, flat race course or running buddies!!

My snowflake bling!
- Yes, bad dress rehearsal means perfect performance!! This race was way better than the 6K only a few days before.
- While I had an amazing experience doing this race, it had a lot to do with the great weather. If it was -20C out I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much!
- It is so much more fun to race when you know a bunch of people also racing. Cheering on other racers really kept my mind off my sore legs.
- I am finally learning to push through the pain. Previously I would just slow down once it started to hurt but seeing that I can go faster motivates me to push through the pain! Not a single running lap was over 7 minutes which is huge for me!!
- I want to bottle up this race experience because it was so great! I think the runner's high lastest 3 days for me!
- I am so thankfully to have an amazing instructor, hubby and running buddies to motivate me to run. I don't think I would have fallen in love with running if it hadn't been for them.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Family Day* Long Weekend!!!

Wow this month is just flying by!

As usual, this is going to be another jam-packed weekend. Good thing we get an extra day!

Tonight, my best friend L and I are going to see the play Legally Blonde! I loved the movie and can't wait to see it on stage!

Tomorrow I am getting on my bike and going for a spin! I don't care how much my butt complains (and it will), I am staying on their for at least an hour! This new trainer is killer!

We have a birthday party in the evening! Hot tub drunk!! Haha!!

Can't get too crazy as we still have 10K to run on Sunday! Not allowed to ditch out as I have missed 2 group runs in the last week (good reasons though!).

After our run we are going to Banff until Monday with some friends!!! Can't wait!! It is so beautiful there this time of the year! I just hope it warms up a smidge so I don't freeze like an icicle.

* Yes, this is a real holiday in Alberta!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Cold again- our nice little heat wave has ended and we are back to the frigid temperatures. While it sucks, I am just so glad that it wasn't -20C 5 days ago! That being said, I really need to start a running attire journal of some sort. With the temperatures fluctuating so much week to week I can't remember what to wear!

2. Still working on my race report... here's a picture to tide you over.

3. Missed the clinic on Tuesday as my brother was in town briefly and I hadn't seen him for almost 5 years! So I ended up having a 3 day workout/run break. My legs have fully recovered, other than tight hip flexors. My first run post-race was last night and it was an easy 4(ish)K.

Lap 1- 6:37
Lap 2- 6:31
Lap 3- 6:35
Lap 4- 6:02
Total Distance- 3.84K
Total Time- 24:48 min
Average Pace- 6:27 min/km

I like this quicker pace!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to my Love!!!

Roses from my Valentine!
I am so lucky to have a sweet Valentine!
Ever since we started dating hubby has always made Valentine's Day special. He didn't need to surprise me with elaborate trips, or jewellery or expensive gifts. It is the thoughtful homemade cards and delicious homemade dinners that make me feel spoiled every year!

Thanks honey for:

- making me sleep in on the weekends
- buying me flowers even when I say you don't have to
- making me yummy cinnamon buns (eating one right now!)
- slaving in the kitchen all day to make amazing dinners
- gently pushing me to learn to run/tri even though I thought you were insane
- cheering me on at races
- encouraging me when I have a bad day or workout
- being there when the times are tough
- celebrating the good times with me
- loving me even when I am grumpy

...and much much more!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


My "A" Goal for the Hypothermic Half was to break 2:25...

I SMASHED that!!

Chip time was 2:22:33!!!! Yippee!!

PR by 10 minutes!!

Race report to follow...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Half Marathon #2 Goals

Only 2 days away until the big race so it is GOAL TIME!

I was hesitant to talk much about goals at the beginning (ok even last week) of my training session this time because 1) I have NEVER run in the winter before and 2) the weather here is so unpredictable that I could be running in a blizzard or a heat wave on race day.

For once the weather is on my side!! The high for Saturday is 5C and the low is -3C. As long as the pathways don't ice up it should be good running weather.

I am pretty happy with how my training went this cycle. I only missed one long run (20K two weeks ago), and the runs that I couldn't do with the run club I did on my own either outside or on the treadmill.
I know I could have done better in the nutrition department. I blame the end of HBBC!! I did so well during the holiday season and then once HBBC ended at the beginning of January I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds! Oh well- nothing I can do about it now!!

Goal A
Break 2:25
All the stars would have to be perfectly aligned for this to happen. Can't be overdressed, can't get too comfy at an easy pace, eat at the right times, pathways need to be clear and not congested.

Goal B
Break 2:30
I think this is a very realistic goal for me. I wouldn't have to push myself to puking point to achieve this.

Goal C
Beat my 1st HM time of 2:32:44. I will be severely disappointed if I don't PR this race because I feel like I am a better, faster runner than I was 5 months ago. Plus there are very few hills on this course and there were lots of hills in the middle of the Canmore course.

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Scared!! Normally i am excited for the week to be coming to an end but with a race on Saturday I am not looking forward to the weekend! I keep telling myself -"You can do it! You can do it! You did it before!"

2. New Bed!!! I had the best sleep ever last night-  until the alarm went off at 5:00am and I had to get out of bed! I didn't wake up once in the middle of the night! It is so much higher than our old bed- I have to get up into bed!

3. Last Tempo Run. So if the dress rehearsal sucks, does that mean the performance is going to be perfect?? Last night's 6ishK run almost killed me.
Firstly, I was told we were doing 10 and 1s which I didn't really want to do but if everyone else was going to than so would I. So that's how I set my watch. When it came time for our 1st walk break, no one walked. Honestly I was fine with it- I have done 6K a million times and didn't feel like I needed the break but around 3.4K in (so just before the beginning of the 2nd loop of our route) I thought I might die. It didn't help that my watch was beeping every 10 minutes to remind me of the walk breaks I wasn't taking!
 Hubby asked me if I wanted to quit but I knew that I had to just push through it. If I was hurting at 4K how the heck am I going to feel at 18K on Sunday??
I think I carb loaded with some of the wrong foods (cupcakes??) because I felt like my energy level was zero. I had some cereal about an hour before the run but maybe I needed more food. Thankfully I brought a couple GU Chomps with me or else I probably would have passed out!

Once I let my mind wander and stopped thinking about how much I hurt RIGHT NOW I felt a lot better. I even sprinted a bit at the end to catch up to hubby. Once I looked at my watch it made a bit more sense...

CoCo Stats
Total Distance- 6.85K
Total Time- 44:31 min
Average Pace- 6:29 min/km

So I was running quite a bit faster than I normally do which explains the death feeling! My slowest average pace was 6:42. I really felt like I was crawling along so I was super surprised to see these numbers.

I need to figure out how to adjust my Virtual Partner for a time and distance instead of a pace per lap. I find even when I look at it I have no idea how I am doing. Pulling out the manual tonight!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Carb Up!!!

Anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? It's a good time waster!

Carb Up is like Suit Up!!

You can watch the YouTube video here to really know what I am talking about!

Anywayyyyy..... now that we are 3 days away from the Hypothermic Half I am well on my way to carb loading. Lasagna, bread, yogurt, fruit, Crave cupcakes etc. are all my carb loading friends. I am enjoying this part of the preparation for race day!

We had our nutrition talk last night with Jason from FitMetabolism. He spoke to us during the last training cycle and I found there was still lots for me to learn even the 2nd time! He is entertaining to listen to, very interactive and extremely knowledgeable. Again I am kicking myself for not contributing to my work Health Spending Account this year or else I would be making an appointment with him for a personalized plan.

We talked a lot about what we should be eating and drinking the few days leading up to the race- CARBS!! I am chugging water as I type to hydrate myself.

After the talk, we did a 10K at race pace. This also meant that we did 10 and 1s. The route was 2 of our regular loops. The first loop was pretty good- I felt strong. The 2nd loop my back and shoulders really started to hurt so it wasn't quite as enjoyable. I think I need to go back to the Chiro and massage therapist for more treatments as I am still sore after sitting all day.

CoCo Stats-
Total Distance- 10.31
Total Time- 1:09:47
Average Pace- 6:46 min/km

So not quite as quick as Sunday's run (for 6K) but it was definitely in the range of what I expected/am happy with.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How about a workout update...

Been slacking on the posting lately (other than my rant!).

Only 4 more days until my half marathon! Wow that went by quickly! I feel like I just did my first one in September! I think I am ready...

Friday- went to another great hot yoga class. I don't get how people can wear t-shirts and pants/capris to this class. I am drenched in a tank top and short shorts! Gross!!

Saturday- I tried out our new spin trainer for the first time. Our old one (only a year old...) hit the dust so we got a credit towards a new one. We picked the Cycleops Fluid 2. Hubby did the research so I don't really know why this is the best one but from the 45 minute spin I did, it is definitely wayyy better than the Blackburn POS we had before! I was in the 2 easiest gears on the big ring and I couldn't go any higher! My avg RPM was around 75-80 and my legs were burning! So far so good!

Isn't she pretty?

Sunday- I was excited for Sunday's 6K LSD as we are now tapering!!! Kristin and I pushed the pace a bit more than we would have on a Sunday but 6K isn't much after doing 18K!

CoCo Stats-
Total Distance-6.73K
Total Time- 44:55 min
Average Pace- 6:40 min/km
Not bad considering we were doing 10 and 1s. I just hope I can maintain this pace for 21.1K!!!

I was also pumped for the run because I bought a new running jacket!
Thank you Lululemon for emptying my bank account.

I bought the Hustle jacket. I was a little unsure at first because at first glance it doesn't look like it has much for reflective material and I really wanted to see how it felt with my water belt around my waist.

Turns out it is very reflective!!
Front- ignore my hands!

Back- I have wings!!

After my run
- has a hood which you can store in the collar when not using
- has long sleeves with thumb holes
- lots of reflective material
- fashionable & doesn't scream "running jacket!"
- has a hole in the inner layer to string your headphones through

- $$ like all Lululemon gear
- the wrists are quite bulky so I have to wear my Garmin on the loosest hole
- the wrists get sweaty after awhile

I LOVE it!!

Enough Already!!

Be warned- I am going to rant about the train again!

So remember how I was late last Tuesday getting to work because someone hit the train? It happened again this morning to the train I was on!!

Attention drivers!!
Big snowfall= icy roads= longer stopping distances= you will always lose against the train!!!

Mother Nature surprised us (well the City of Calgary snow removal crew) yesterday morning with a big dump of snow overnight. On the drive to work yesterday (hubby drove me) it was slow & slippery but not impossible. Plus it isn't the first snowfall of the year so people should be used to this by now.

Normally taking the train in this weather is a good thing but in the last week it has been rough riding the train.

Tuesday, February 1st- car hits train downtown halting service for about an hour (not bad as long as you weren't like me and had to walk a couple km into work!)

Friday, February 4th- pedestrian was hit by a train downtown. From the news I read he was drunk. Luckily he got away with just some stitches. This halted train service downtown for a couple hours during the afternoon rush hour.

Monday, February 7th- bus/truck gets stuck over the train tracks and interrupts service for a couple hours until the bus/truck could be moved. Where is the cow-catcher??

Tuesday, February 8th- car hits the train in the exact same intersection as last Tuesday. Service interrupted for an hour or more.

Sounds to me like the train should be underground but that's a whole other rant. Yes, it is more expensive but safer? Probably!

At least I was more prepared this week and wore thicker socks! It was only
-20C after all! Bah!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a Shark!!

The time has come to hit the pool again. After a 3-month break (thanks whiplash!) and an almost full recovery I went to the pool yesterday.

I am not sure if it was because I was there early enough in the afternoon or if it is because the weather has been so nice, but the pool was pretty dead!! I had an entire lane to myself for about 30 minutes which is always nice.

I had a couple guys join me halfway through my workout- one guy was alternating between kick with flutter board and backstroke and the other guy was doing a slow front crawl. I ended up attacking touching the flutter board guy with my paddles when I caught up to him. I was totally in a zone and didn't even see him! Opps! He was cool though and just let me pass him at the wall after I apologized.

I have noticed that my left side is definitely tighter than my right side. I think it has always been tighter but even more so which I attribute to the whiplash. I really had to work at stretching long in my glide.

I have been looking around for a swim class but I haven't found any that work with my schedule. I guess I am just destined to flail...

It was good to be back in the pool. If I can keep up 1 swim per week I will be happy. I am not looking to shave off much time here in a race as I am just not able to get to the pool unless I cut out yoga or Ripped. Closer to race day I will increase to 2 times a week.

I think I have decided to do the Chinook Olympic triathlon in June. I think it will be a tough course but with lots of hill training I should be fine. Not looking forward to the open water swim...

Nothing too exciting going on this weekend. A couple workouts, some chores (no, I don't have time to clean YOUR house too, I have a hard enough time getting my own done), catch up on sleep, read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and visit with some girlfriends I haven't seen in awhile.

** I checked the long term forecast for my race next Saturday and it looks promising! High of 0C and low of -8C. I will take it!!! Now just stay that well please!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. My pants are too tight!! I think I have been overindulging too much!! I must get off the sugar/salt treats and eat more veggies, and protein. I am eating a good number of veggies but not enough protein during the day so come 4pm I am STARVING and find some sugar/salt to keep me satisfied until dinner. So now I am craving sugar/chips all.the.time. It needs to stop now because I feel like my clothes are getting a little bit tighter. I need to drink more water. My skin is so dehydrated right now! Icky!

2. Last night's run was much better. I ran with Rose and Penny. Rose has a stress fracture in her foot so she ran with me to rein in her pace. Glad I could help!!!

CoCo Stats-
Lap 1- 7:17- slow start
Lap 2- 6:29
Lap 3- 6:25
Lap 4- 6:33
Lap 5- 6:51
Lap 6- 6:37 (0.51K)
Total Distance- 5.51K
Total Time- 37:02 min
Average Pace- 6:43 min/km

If only we had passed some slower people sooner my average pace would have been a lot better. I really need to set an alarm on my watch so I pay more attention to my pace.

3.  Legs still feeling a little off. My knees don't hurt but they feel achy. I really don't want to develop any sort of issues so I stretched and rolled them after my run yesterday. My left ITB is especially tight. I think I need to do some more core & hip strengthening exercises. Ripped here I come!

Rolling in my pjs!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday morning's commute proved to be a test of people's patience! The snow fall on the weekend left the roads icy and caused a few accidents along major routes.

Due to the ridiculously high parking prices downtown I usually don't drive myself to work. Sometimes I can hitch a ride with hubby but usually I just park at a C-train station close to my house and ride the train downtown. You would think this would help me avoid the chaos of the bad roads, BUT... someone hit the train downtown so train service was halted!!

Seriously I take the train to avoid this craziness (and the high parking prices...)!!!

I ended up being almost an hour late for work as all passengers on the train had to get off at a station just before downtown and wait for shuttles. It was -23C outside! I opted to walk the 30 minutes rather than wait the 30 minutes for a shuttle to become available.
I was certainly missing my smart wool socks and long johns! My legs, toes and hands froze and at one point I started running to get to my office faster!

So I guess I was able to get a bit of a workout in before going to work!! I was quite the sight when I arrived- running mascara, flyaway hair and tears from the cold running down my cheeks!

Thankfully the Chinook blew in and we went from -23C to -7C during the day. It made for a much more enjoyable run in the evening!

Our clinic had a field trip. We went to the FitMetabolim exercise physiology clinic. Shane gave us a quick overview of what they do at the clinic, showed us some of the equipment they use to assess/analyze people and answered our questions. I would LOVE to have an assessment done but it comes with a hefty price tag (~$250 for 2 hours). I knew I should have put money into my Health Spending Account at work!! Maybe next year I will be able to justify it. I know if I DID have problems running I would be there in a second to get fixed.

On the schedule was a 6K tempo run. Since we weren't at the Running Room we had to improvise the route. A lot of the sidewalks weren't plowed so it was a dodgy run. My legs were not feeling this one at all. I am having a twinge in my right knee so I didn't push it.

CoCo Stats:
Total Distance: 4.35K
Total Time: 32:42 min
Average Pace: 7:31 min/km

Ewww that was slow and not quite 6K! The first km was done in 8:22 due to the terrible snow covered paths we were on. Oh well- I am tapering right??

I went home and rolled out my ITB and quads. I sure hope that helps. I should probably wear flat shoes at work too...

We received news that our race in 10 days, Hypothermic Half has had a route change. A lot of the pathways by the original start/finish are covered in ice and I guess not passable. This would be all fine except that the post-race brunch is at a different location than the start/finish. Not ideal but I guess you just have to roll with the punches when it comes to winter racing.

**Hope all of you runners in the East stay warm and dry with the storm blowing in.

** Does anyone else have a hard time adding pictures in Blogger?? Seriously annoying to have to close down every time I want to add more than 1 picture!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monthly Stats: January

So since one of my goals for 2011 is to run 1000K I figured I should keep track of my mileage weekly and report back on a monthly basis.

Here is a recap of my mileage (kilometerage?) for January 2011:

Week 1- (January 1-7)- 14.33K (yah it as a short distance week...)
Week 2- (January 8-14)- 26.94K
Week 3- (January 15- 21)- 31.07K
Week 4- (January 22- 31)- 34.13K

Total KM= 106.47K

One cold, winter run!
I am smiling!
*I know that's nothing for some of you but it is a huge accomplishment for me as I usually become a couch potato in the winter.

January Thoughts
- Darn it can be cold out there
- It can be down right balmy when a Chinook blows in
- You still have to dress warmly for 8C- you still don't live in Florida!
- It feels so much better to workout than sit on the couch every night
- The treadmill isn't so bad...