Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I'm Alive!! This cold has been kicking me in the butt hard core! I finally took a sick day yesterday after almost passing out in the shower. I slept for half the day and spent the other half laying on the couch watching TV. My head is much clearer now but  my nose is still running like crazy! Rudolph, come get your nose!

2. New furniture has arrived! Looks great! Hand-me-down furniture has been banished to the basement!

3. No workouts this week since Sunday's evil long run. It has been so nice outside the last few days and I haven't had the energy to even walk never mind run. So disappointed! The forecast for the weekend is snow- just in time for my 18K run. Why???? Just leave us alone!! We have endured enough crap weather this year.

Man this cold has made me whiney!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ahhh I was so close to be cold-free this winter!!! I guess technically I was since it is spring now, except this city didn't get the memo. I attribute my good health to regular exercise, good eating habits (minus the occasional cupcake, chocolate bar and/or ice cream treat) and limited access to plague bearing children (I love my nieces and nephew but they can keep their colds/flus to themselves!). I guess just life stress lowered my immune system and BAM my turn. We had a couple friends come over for hubby's big birthday bash that were sick so that must be where we caught it from as no one in my office is currently sick.

Obviously there wasn't a workout last night as physical exertion doesn't seem like such a great idea when you can't stand up without feeling dizzy and breathing is laboured. So let's talk about something else...

I am so excited that our new furniture arrives today!! I really hope it looks good in our living room. Last night we went and looked at some stone that we are thinking of putting around our fireplace. I am not very good at making big design decisions so of course I am second guessing everything. We are getting closer though... finally putting our mark on our house. I did have a slight heart attack when hubby said he wanted to paint a feature wall in our living room. I told him he could paint the powder room first! I like builders beige personally!

We still haven't found a light fixture for our stairwell- or at least one that I am willing to cough up the money for. We went to the usual home reno type stores and only found junk. We went to some other high end stores and saw a few fixtures for $1000+. Seriously can't wrap my head around spending that much money on a light fixture. Yes, it is pretty but is it necessary? I am leaning towards just renting the scaffolding to change the current light bulb to one that lasts for 10 years and not worry about it! So many decisions!!

Next we are going to look for new couches... Hubby wants recliners. I want something durable, timeless, cat hair/kid proof, comfortable and not too big. Someone has to compromise and it's not gonna be me!

What hubby wants...

What I want...

I really hope I feel better by this evening so I can make it to the running clinic or else tomorrow's post is going to be about furniture again!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

~What I did this weekend~

How is it possibly Monday already? I think the weekends are going by faster and faster every week! It was a good weekend though- I did all my workouts!

On Friday I managed to fit in a 1 hour Ripped Slim and Lean workout between work and my massage. I haven't been using too heavy of weights because my lower back seems to get a little sore if I go to heavy so I guess I have to ease back into it.

My massage afterwards was great. My back was really bothering me last week. I had a new massage therapist this time and she hurt me- in a good way! I even fell asleep for a few minutes it was so good (this was after she hurt me!).

The rest of the night was spent hanging out with the hubby. We watched The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. It was pretty good!

The Tourist

On Saturday morning I met up with Leigh for a run. The weather wasn't so great outside- it snowed all night so we decided it would be more enjoyable to run around the track at the gym where Leigh has a membership. She graciously offered me a free pass so I didn't have to pay. Thanks so much!! I had a great time getting to know her and the hour long run went by really quickly. Hope I didn't go to slow for you Leigh!

Saturday is also when my cold started to really rear its ugly head. After the run I went home and napped for a couple hours! I lazed around for the rest of the day watching TV and doing laundry. I probably would have stayed in my PJs all day and night if we didn't have plans to go to one of our running clinic member's house. We watched the hockey game and had some yummy wings and vegetarian chili. It was a close game and the Flames managed to win in overtime!! Woohoo!!

Sunday morning came way too quickly and the thought of running the 12K Hansen Ranch (evil hills!) just made me want to snuggle deeper into bed. Hubby convinced me that running would make me feel better and I somehow believed him. It had snowed all Saturday day and night so the sidewalks had a few inches of snow on them at least. It wasn't cold out, but the snow was slushy and wet.

Krysten and I ran together which is good as I needed someone to push me through this run. We ended up walking a lot as the snow was awful. Every step felt like we were sliding backwards. This route is killer for hills and seemed to go on forever. Most of us skipped the 2nd loop at the turn around as we just wanted to be done.  Howard, our pacer gave us good advice to power through the hills with our butts!! That actually worked quite well. My shoes were soaked from all the snow and they felt twice as heavy. We ran on the road a lot because most of the sidewalks hadn't been shoveled yet.
Somehow we managed to finish that run. It wasn't pretty but we got it done!

And CoCo apparently didn't want to download my run info. It was ~11.5K in about 1.5 hours. I guess even she wants to forget the run!

After the run I went home and crawled back into bed (I see a trend here...). Hubby made me a delicious sandwich which I ate in bed. I read some magazines and napped off and on until about 4pm. I finally dragged myself out of bed and plopped myself onto the couch to watch some TV. I had some catching up to do on the PVR so watched some Grey's Anatomy, Sister Wives, The Rainmaker and a show about the upcoming Royal Wedding!!

Even though hubby is also feeling under the weather he made some homemade chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. Made me feel a little better!

Hope everyone else had a good illness-free weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh no you don't.....

... get sick that is! My throat has been sore all week and now my ears are feeling a bit plugged! This is not the time to be getting sick! I am drinking lemon water and tea to try to ward off this illness. I foresee a relaxing evening on the couch tonight!

Our date last night was A-mazing!! We went for dinner at Farm which has great local cuisine. All suppliers are from Alberta or BC and the food is so good!! The menu isn't extensive but each dish is put together with so much thought and detail. We love their Cutting Board of cheeses and meat. It brought us both back to our trip to France last year! It's amazing what fresh, good ingredients do to a dish.

Cutting Board list of cheese and meat

Cheese and spread

The Ballet was awesome also!! I hadn't been in a long time and I was just blown away by the strength of the dancers. Now that I run/do triathlons I appreciate even more what it takes for these dancers to get to this level of performance. The muscles on their bodies are un-real. Of course they make it look effortless! In the second piece there were some moves that reminded me a lot of yoga so I could relate to how hard it is when it looks so easy!


Anyways... looking forward to my massage tonight, a workout and some quality TV time! And of course some snuggling with the kitty! I am so happy it is Friday!

Milo waiting for me to come home!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Signed up!!- after reading Deb's post about a local bike maintenance course I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for it also. Now she won't be the female and person over 22 in the course!! My biggest fear is getting a flat during a race (since my personal bike crew aka my hubby can't fix it for me!). I seriously pray the entire bike course that I don't have a flat and am so excited to get back into transition because I didn't get a flat!! Hopefully this course will ease my worries!

2. Followers! I love seeing new followers. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and let me know who you are so I can add you to my reading list! I love comments!! :)

3. Hills- 8 of 'em! It was my last hill night as next week I can't go make the hill session and I really don't feel the need to put myself through 9 hills! I am also missing out on the celebratory beer and wings. The hills hurt last night. That's what you get for missing last weeks session and only having run about 5K max in the past 10 days. The weather was bearable although quite windy at the start. It was also nice to run in daylight the entire time!

Warm-up- 1.55K 6:49 AP
Hill 1- 0.80K 6:52 AP
Hill 2- 0.81K 7:13AP
Hill 3- 0.81K 7:05 AP
Hill 4- 0.80K 7:19 AP
Hill 5- 0.79K 7:24 AP
Hill 6- 0.79K 7:21 AP
Hill 7- 0.80K 6:59 AP
Hill 8- 0.79K 7:07 AP
Cool-down- 1.53K 6:34 AP

Total Distance- 9.47K
Total Time- 1:06:47
Average Pace- 7:01 min/km

Half the hill was snow covered and it was the icky-slushy snow that is difficult to run in. I felt like I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I really felt like I was dragging my feet and one of our pacers, Howard suggested that I lift my legs higher to help propel them. I think it helps but I was still slogging it. So glad to be done with that hill for awhile!

*** I finally finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I LOVE it!!! What a great book!! Kept me guessing right to the end. I am starting on the 2nd book this weekend. So glad I stuck with it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workout Tally...

It is Wednesday and I have worked out exactly 0 times since my short run on Friday.
I can give myself a break about the weekend as I knew I wouldn't be in any condition to do anything never mind attempt a workout, but Monday and Tuesday are just lame excuses.

Hubby's actual birthday was on Monday so we went out for dinner. By the time we got home it was around 8pm and I still wasn't feeling 100% from Saturday's festivities and felt an early bed time was better than a workout.

Tuesday however was an epic fail. I was so looking forward to my group clinic run. I was feeling better and itching to get out there. After getting home and eating dinner (pizza) I decided I needed to rest my eyes. My eyes have been a little sore for the last week and the only way to rest them is to close them. Of course that leads to falling asleep. I have tried listening to books on tape but they just put me back to sleep. By the time I woke up it was too late to make it to the group run. Not impressed!! I should have just gotten up and run on the treadmill at that point but instead I continued to sleep until 8:30pm. And guess who couldn't fall asleep last night? So tired today!

So now I am going to write down for the whole world to see what my upcoming workouts will be so you can harrass me if I don't complete them! Please do...

- Wednesday- hill workout (going for 8 repeats)
- Thursday- nada. Going to the Ballet with my love
- Friday- either spin or Ripped + massage for my aching back
- Saturday- if the weather cooperates I will have a running date with Leigh!! If the weather sucks, I will do an indoor workout, either spin or Ripped
- Sunday- long(ish) run with the group

In other news, hubby and I went back to the furniture sale that I ran to on Friday and we ended up buying a few pieces!! Yay!! It only took 18 months of searching to find a side board/cabinet, coffee table and end table for our living room that fits and we like. The prices were awesome and I would definitely check out this company again for future furniture purchases (assuming all goes well once we actually receive the pieces). Delivery is on March 29th!!

*** What is with Blogger? It won't let me do save, add link or pictures or spell check!! Grrrr!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~A Birthday Bash~

Hubby celebrated his big 3-0 birthday this past weekend! Hard to believe he has reached this milestone already! Seems like yesterday we were celebrating his 22nd in University!

We invited a big group of friends over to mark the occasion so Friday and Saturday was spent preparing for the big party. I probably could have squeezed in a workout on Saturday morning but opted for my mental well-being to just focus on the party preparations.

It is a well known fact amongst our family and friends that hubby is the chef/baker between the two of us. I did want to try my hand at making a birthday treat but I wanted a back-up plan in case it failed miserably so hubby made his own birthday cake. There is no way I am ready to tackle something like that so cupcakes it was for me.

I made two batches- one chocolate and one vanilla. I made the chocolate ones while I was under "house arrest" on Friday due to the maintenance trucks in front of my house. Unfortunately I didn't really listen to the recipe that said fill cups 2/3 full, so they turned out more like muffins than cupcakes. They were still decent but the vanilla ones turned out way better, in taste and appearance!

I planned to buy the icing from the store but hubby convinced me I could make my own quite easily. He found me an easy recipe and my first attempt at buttercream icing was a success!! I had some cake decorating supplies that I had never used before so I pulled them out and tried to make them fancy. I think they turned out pretty good.

Birthday Cupcake!
 Hubby's birthday cake was a big hit!

4-layer Black Forest cake
I was pretty busy entertaining so I didn't get to take very many pictures unfortunately. I was very happy that many of our closest friends came out to celebrate with us. I certainly had fun planning, and decorating for the party!!

However, I celebrated a little too much and spent the whole next day wanting to die recovering! Guess we don't bounce back as easily as we used to!! And I am not even that old!!!

Happy Birthday honey!!! Hope this is your best year yet!

Friday, March 18, 2011

~Fantastic Free-of-Work Friday!~

I love a three-day weekend!! I think every Friday should be part of the weekend. Now to convince the rest of Canada...

Since I only decided to take today off yesterday I didn't really have any plans for the day. I knew a run would be in order especially since I bailed on Wednesday's hills. I slept in until 10:30am and did a few things around the house before heading out for a run around noon.

We received a flyer in the mail for a show home sale going on this weekend by our house. I decided to make a stop during my run to check out the sale. There is lots of great furniture there and for a great discount but I couldn't quite see anything that would work for us. It was quite dark in the hall so I had a hard time seeing the true colour of the furniture. Hubby and I are going to check it out later on and maybe he will see something that catches his eye. I hate furniture shopping...

After the sale I continued on my run. Most of the sidewalks/pathways are cleared now but there are a few icy snow covered spots. It is such a nice day that I overdressed. I took off my running jacket about half ways through the run as I was boiling. Loving this +3C temperature and sun!!

I just did a short 3.40K as my legs were pretty tired from my spin session last night. It wasn't even a hard one!! It is so nice to have the workout done for the day. My evening is free now!!

It turns out I am on a slight house arrest as some line is frozen (that's what they told me when I asked) and there are two big trucks right in front of my house working in a man hole. I don't know what sort of line it is as I have running water still. I asked how long they would be and they couldn't really give me an answer. They have now been out there for about 4 hours so far. I sure hope they leave soon so I can do the rest of my errands as they aren't close enough to do on my run!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Um... where did the day go? It's almost Friday?? And since I took tomorrow off it's the weekend for me now!!! Yippee!!!!

2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I am the worst Irish girl out there- don't like green (except my green Lululemon running shirt but that isn't quite work acceptable), or beer. Oh well- maybe next year I will celebrate St. Patty's Day by doing a race!! Then I can wear my green shirt!

3. Hills- were no hills last night. It started to snow and my hubby came home after being away for a couple days so I opted to stay home at home to wait for him than to trudge out 7 hills. I am feeling pretty guilty about it but I will run tomorrow to make up for the missed run. I will find some hills!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Double Workout

We road tripped for our clinic session last night to Fitness Fix. We went there a couple months ago in a previous clinic for a cross training class. Denise, the instructor is awesome! She is so energetic, fit and motivating. Plus she has a exercise physiology degree so you know that she knows what she is talking about!

We did a Corrective Class which according to her website description- 
"Who says rehab can’t be FUN!? FIX your aching body, FIX injuries, FIX weaknesses in this incredible class! You will be challenged at your level with great exercises, fun equipment & a stretch release portion that will FIX you for days!"

We did lots of work on the fit ball and with exercise bands. We worked one muscle group at a time, and did some holds and pulses which reminded me of the Ripped workouts. My abs are aching this morning. I keep saying it but I really need to add more core workouts into my program.

After sweating, grunting and swearing complaining I was surprisingly all ready to go for a run after the workout. It was such a beautiful night- it was still light out and I was wearing capris! I wanted to take full advantage as who knows when our next snowstorm will blow in. I was only able to convince Krysten to go with me, and after promising that we wouldn't do the full 5K that we were scheduled to run.
With the heat wave we are having, the pathways were a mess. All the ice had melted and there were little rivers every so often. Because the sun was going down and it was started to get a little colder out, the rivers were wet and slippery. We really had to watch our footing so we didn't wipe out.

We made it about 1.5K before deciding to turn around. Our legs were pretty jello-like! We ended up doing 3K in about 20 minutes. Nothing speedy but it felt good!

It's nights like this that get me so excited for spring and summer, but I keep having to remind myself that I shouldn't pack up my warm running clothes just yet. I just have to make sure I get out there and enjoy it while I can.

Now if I could just figure out how to enjoy 7 hill repeats tonight!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Goodness yesterday was a busy day!! I was kind of sad that it wasn't a running day as it was so nice outside. Unfortunately I couldn't even just go for a quick loop around the neighborhood as I was racing around town running errands.

I have been on a mission to find a nice bulletin board to use as a jewellery holder. Right now all my necklaces get tangled up and I am cursing in the AM trying to unravel them so I can wear one!!

I ended up going to four stores (Michaels, 2 Wal-Marts and Superstore) and I still couldn't find one that I liked. I think I might have to buy a basic bulletin board and pretty it up myself. I am not too crafty so this should be interested.

Like this but pretty!

This one is fancy but it would require power tools!
I have pretty much given up that I am going to be able to find one I like to buy so I will have to get creative and do-it-myself! I know it won't be hard, but I am just afraid it will look ug-ly!! Now to find the time to look for supplies and put this thing together...

Also on the hunt for some birthday decorations for hubby's birthday party this weekend! It is hard to find non-kid, masculine birthday decor! I might have to get crafty and whip up some of my own stuff... I foresee very little sleep this week. At least I have his birthday gift bought already!!

So to get back to the title of the post, once I got home last night I had a slew of things to do but didn't want to skip my workout. Instead I hopped on the bike, watched some OTH, read a book as I am trying to research vehicles as my lease is almost up and made a couple phone calls. It probably wasn't the best workout in terms of intensity but it's better than nothing, right? If I could figure out how to safely prop my laptop up on my handle bars I would have done that to get some other things done!

Pretend the baby is a cat...
After my workout, I made dinner (woah, again?), ate dinner, changed the laundry, folded the laundry and paid some bills while watching The Bachelor. I didn't end up going to bed until midnight (super late since I have a 5:15am wake up call) but it was worth it!

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be so crazy- but it probably will be.

Tonight is going to be a double workout! We have a strength training session with a guest trainer and a 5K run afterwards. I might even try to wear capris tonight!

Monday, March 14, 2011

~Weekend Recap~

My laziness continued into the weekend. Saturday I was all prepared to spin in the AM but turns out hubby had a spinning date with his friend and the trainer was occupied in the morning. By the time they were done I was out the door for my hair appointment. I was honestly relieved so I can't really blame hubby!!

Saturday we continued our search for a light fixture for our stairwell. Unfortunately it was as successful as my recent workout plans and we came up with zilch. Seriously I am going to break my leg one of these days walking down that pitch black staircase!

We did have a great visit with our neighbors on Saturday. We played cards and soaked in the hot tub. It is nice to have good friends close by that you can hang out with.

Sunday morning came way too early- a whole hour early with day light savings time. It was even worse since we had to be up early for our run and we had stayed out late! Luckily the distances are getting too long to just do on the treadmill so I dragged myself out of bed.

The 16K run went pretty well. I ran with Krysten for the 1st 7K until she decided to turn around 1K early as she hasn't been running much and didn't want to increase her distance too quickly. I caught up to Lynn who isn't actually in our clinic but has been doing long runs with us on Sundays as she is training for her first half marathon. I ran with her for about 4K but she was struggling a bit as it was her longest run to date. She gave me the OK to go ahead and I continued on my own for the rest of the run.
It was a nice morning although still chilly enough that my sunglasses kept fogging up! Really need to stop breathing while running as this is getting annoying... I was very happy that my water bottles did not freeze this week and I could actually drink during this run!

Another CoCo fail. Since I was having problems the last couple of weeks with my 10 and 1s screen timing out before actually starting our run, I decided to hit start a minute before we actually started running- thinking that with my auto-pause on it wouldn't create an issue. Well- my walk break started 1.5 minutes sooner than everyone elses!! Grrr can't win! So I didn't actually follow my own watch for the breaks so my pace info is off. I was running when I was supposed to be walking and walking when I was supposed to be running. Once of these days I will learn...

CoCo Stats-
Total Distance- 16.09 K
Total Time- 1:52:24
Average Pace- 7:08 min/km

A little slower than I would have liked but I walked for an extra couple of minutes with Lynn at one point so probably partially accounts for the slower pace.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning the house and the in-laws came over for dinner.

Now a new work week begins... Is it Friday yet?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lazy A$$

Yup that's me!!

I can't even say I was too lazy to change INTO my workout clothes, because I did!! I sats IN my workout clothes all night on the couch. I was working out my.... fingers!! On the computer!! Type type type!! Lame!
Uggg won't be doing this laziness next week!

My Office Health and Wellness group is meeting today. We have a guest massage therapist coming in to talk to us about Stretching! She comes in regularly to our office to give us seated Shiatsu massages which are awesome! She has given me stretches in the past to do while at work to improve my posture. I sometimes do them, but usually I forget and go back to my old slumping self. Hopefully getting a big group of us to do it will ensure that we ACTUALLY do it on a regular basis!

No workout tonight as we have a Girls' Night planned!! Dinner and the theatre!! Should be a good one!

I am spinning tomorrow. I have to!! BlueBelle is feeling lonely be herself!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Surprises! I love them! Well obviously only the good surprises... the leaky roof type of surprises aren't so fun.

2. Reading- slowly getting through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am really enjoying it, I just don't have lots of time to read. I only have 300 more pages to go!! Can't wait until the summer when I can read and sun tan on the deck!

3. Hills! And it wasn't -27C this time! Loving these near + temps!! Wore the same thing as yesterday and I was almost too warm! I took my gloves off about 1K into the run and my hands didn't feel cold for a minute! More than 7 people showed up this week which goes to show that a lot of people are fair weather runners (do I blame them?)! 

CoCo Stats:
Warm-up- 1.56K 6:40 AP
Hill 1- 0.81K 6:28 AP
Hill 2- 0.81K 6:56 AP
Hill 3- 0.81K 6:44 AP
Hill 4- 0.80K 6:56 AP
Hill 5- 0.82K 6:51 AP
Hill 6- 0.82K 6:49 AP
Cool-down- 1.53K 6:26 AP

Total Distance- 7.95K
Total Time- 53:18 min
Average Pace- 6:42 min/km

Wow- what a difference clear pathways and good weather makes! All hills under 7:00 AP!! I am super surprised to see that my first hill was the fastest, by a lot! I also thought my last hill was going to be faster. I looked back at the last 2 training cycles where I ran 6 hills and the average pace for both was over 7:00. I am getting faster and stronger on those hills!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Pretties....


I broke down and bought new running shoes! I couldn't turn down such a great deal!! They were the last pair and they were my size! Fate!!
They were a bargain as they were 50% off and I received a $10 Running Room gift certificate in the mail (because we spend so much $$ there! Ekkk), plus my 10% off clinic coupon. So I got a $200 pair of shoes for $75!!! Yippee!!!

My PINK Asics Kayano 16s
I already have 2 pairs of shoes in rotation right now so I won't be pulling these girls out until another month or two. Don't want to dirty them yet!

Last night's run was a-mazing!! We had a goal setting talk beforehand which was entertaining. We had to write down our goals, any obstacles we may find along the way and any milestones we can accomplish while training.
I saw my running buddy Krysten for the first time since our race! We were wearing matching tights! Too funny!

The weather has turned around and it was -3C!!! Single digit negative numbers! Who knew I would be so excited to see you! I only had to wear one pair of tights, a t shirt and one thin long sleeve shirt under my jacket! No Michelin Man last night!

We did the Slurpee Run route again which has a killer hill for the 1st K. Gets me every time!! Felt like I was pushing the pace for the 2K and just after the turn around we ran a comfortable pace with Lisa just ahead of us. I really wanted to pass her but I could tell Krysten was just easing back into running (she took a couple weeks off). In the last K I finally squeezed past Lisa and took off. Sprinted to the "finish line." Hubby was yelling to go faster so she wouldn't pass me! I knew she wasn't that close behind because I couldn't hear her but I kicked it up a notch anyway just in case. Great run!

CoCo Stats:
1K- 6:43 hate you hill
2K- 6:21
3K- 6:16
4K- 6:09

Total Distance- 4.16K
Total Time- 26:10 min
Average Pace- 6:17 min/km

Interesting how I felt like I was pushing the pace for the 1st half but my times were actually better on the 2nd half, when I felt like I was being held back and wanted to go faster! I know the hill explains some of that. I guess I was just warming up!

Love runs like this! Everything just comes together- good company, good fueling (had a Power bar about 45 minutes before we ran as I didn't have dinner), and finally some good weather!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~Tuesday Nothin'~

I don't have a workout to blog about as I decided to be lazy take a rest day yesterday. No good reason other than I didn't feel like changing into my workout clothes. Lame, I know!

I had a few cookies after work. So good! I think it is time to put them in the freezer before they end up on my thighs!! I gave my boss one of the muffins I made on Sunday and he didn't die of food poisoning so that's a good sign!!

The winter blues are in full force. I pumped up the Vitamin D intake and really hope this Chinook stays around for more than a day. Supposed to be -9C for my run tonight!! Soooo much better than -20C that's for sure! Tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to be on the + side!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Totally not running/workout related but I need help! Where is a good place to find contemporary chandelier-type light fixtures? It is for a stairwell. Don't want to spend more than $150ish...

Something like these from

In white though
I can't make design decisions.

Monday, March 7, 2011

~Weekend Recap~

Friday night was very low-key. It was supposed to be a nice night in with the hubby but it ended up just being the cat and I as hubby was working late.

Saturday I slept in late and then spent the day cleaning the house. Man does that cat ever shed!!! It is always such a great feeling when the house is all clean. Now if only it would stay that way after I let the cat out the the mud room!

Later that night we went to dinner with my oldest best friend and her boyfriend! I hadn't seen K in over a year so I was so excited to visit with her! We met her boyfriend P for the first time and I approve! So glad to see her so happy! I made her promise that we would NEVER go that long again without seeing one another!

Sunday morning came too quickly and it was time for the 14K long run. The weather hasn't improved much and it was still -20C. After last week's pitiful treadmill run I didn't want to skip another group run. Instead I bundled up and headed out.

Our group was small- only 10 of us. Even our instructor didn't show up (not because of the cold though)! We decided to do 2 loops of a 7K route. Even with the cold it was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and the snow glistened on the ground and there was no wind.

Unfortunately I really had to go to the bathroom for the first 7K (first loop) and there were no gas stations or store nearby to dash into. The route was mostly residential and I wasn't desperate enough to knock on a stranger's door!!

I made it back to the Running Room after the 1st loop and dashed into the bathroom. When I got out a couple other ladies from the group stopped in before taking off on the 2nd loop. Turns out they missed a turn and went almost a K longer than they should have so they didn't want to do the same loop again or else they would have been closer to 16K total. I wasn't going to go with them but then the rest of the group behind me decided they didn't want to do a 2nd loop so it was either go with the ladies for a slightly shorter 2nd loop or do the other loop by myself. I opted for the company!

Turns out to be a good thing because I stopped my Garmin when I went to the bathroom and when I re-started it for the 2nd half my 10 and 1s didn't start up again! How frustrating!

Also annoying is the fact that my water bottles froze up. The water wasn't completely frozen but I couldn't open the tops to get the water out. I was so thirsty! I was tempted a few times to eat snow...

Total Distance- 12.63K not quite 14K
Total Time- 1:29:03
Average Pace- 7:02 min/km

It was a tough run. My quads/hip flexors were really tight around 10K and I was honestly happen that I decided to take the shorter route.

Once we got back hubby made a yummy waffle brunch and then I took a long 4 hour nap! Good thing I didn't have too much planned for the day.

I felt the urge to bake after my nap. I made my usual yummy banana and chocolate chip cookies- only normal sized this week!
I also tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thanks Leigh!!

Cookie batter!

Cookies and (soy) milk
 I enjoyed my cookies and milk while watching Desperate Housewives!

Not ready for a new week! I really need a vacation!

Friday, March 4, 2011

ABC's of Nicole!!

This is a bit of a change from the regular ramblings!!!

(A) Age: 28
(B) Bed Size: Queen
(C) Chore You Really Dislike: Vacuuming stairs
(D) Dogs? No- much to my hubby's dismay.
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Alarm clock- I will sleep in without it!
(F) Favorite Color: Pink (and blue!)

(G) Gold or Silver? White gold
(H) Height: 5'7
(I) Instruments You Play: I used to play Flute, Piano, Piccolo. I probably couldn't now!
(J) Job Title: Associate Investment Advisor
(K) Kids: Milo 4 years (feline)

(L) Live: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(M) Mom's Name: Wendy.
(N) Nicknames: My mom sometimes calls me Nicola
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Nope
(P) Pet Peeve: Selfish people and people who don't turn their lights on when driving in the dark!!
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "It's so Fluffy!!!" Despicable Me

(R) Right or Left Handed? Right
(S) Siblings: 4 -- sister, brother, step sister, step brother
(T) Time You Wake Up? Weekdays- 5:30am, Weekend- as late as I can!
(U) Underwear: Yes please
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Beets
(W) What Makes You Run Late: My hubby :P
(X) X-Rays: Ankle, spine (Chiro), teeth (dentist)
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Chocolate chip banana muffins
Giant homemade muffins!
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Panda!!!

It's so fluffy!
So now it's your turn to tell me about YOU!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Dear Spring- Please come visit us ASAP!! We will throw a huge party for you!! This year is flyin' by, but the winter is definitely overstaying its welcome (not that it really ever is welcome...) I would like to see some leaves, green grass, flowers, birds and temperatures on the + side!! That's not too much to ask for right??

2. Running shoes- how many pairs do you have in circulation at one time? My favourite shoe is on sale right now plus I have amy 10% discount to use. I only have 2 pairs in circulation- should I get another pair? They are pink.... :) Help me convince my hubby!!

3. Hills! I tried to convince my running group to ditch the workout in the cold and instead go to Tim Horton's. Nope, they are a hardcore bunch and wanted to do the hills. This week called for 5 of them.
Crap I forgot to turn off the auto lap so my splits don't make sense because I was also pushing the lap button at the top of every hill!

Total Distance- 7.22K
Total Time- 51:49 min
Average Pace- 7:10 min/km

They were tough! I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest at the top of each repeat. I didn't feel too cold, so I dressed properly but I think the cold was still really hard on my body. A couple other runners said the same thing so it wasn't just me!
I know I said I wouldn't run outside below -22C, but somehow I was convinced otherwise. PLEASE warm up for this weekend!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~Time for... Indoor Workouts!~

Okay winter, time to move on!! Like every other Calgarian right now I am complaining about the frigid cold. We just want a break!! And more than a day please...

With yesterday being -33C we bailed on our clinic group run. Instructor called us wimps, but only 7 crazy people showed up so we aren't the only wimps! Yes, I could go run in the cold- I have the clothes but I just decided that it wasn't worth it. I have a treadmill in the basement for a reason so I should use it! I was actually started to feel bad for having my treadmill collecting dust but even if I only use it a dozen times in the winter it is SO WORTH IT!!!!

On Monday I did a spin session, which was tough. I am glad to hear that it isn't just my legs, it's the new trainer that is causing me so much pain (good pain!). It will only make me stronger. That's what I repeat to myself over and over when my legs are screaming in protest.

BlueBelle in the new evil spin trainer

I think it is warming up out there (only -15C!!) so I will probably run hill repeats with the group tonight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

According to my car...

It was this cold this morning-

-33C??? Effffffff!!!!!!

It better warm up or else I am NOT running outside tonight! Unless the Michelin Man is willing to share his suit!

Monthly Stats: February 2011

Here is a recap of my mileage for February 2011:

Week 1- 16.59K taper week
Week 2- 38.28K race week
Week 3- 13.86K missed one run
Week 4- 17.97K slacked on my long run

Total KM= 86.70K
Total KM 2011= 193.17K

Ready to hit the pathways!

February Thoughts
- 20K shorter than last month! Can't be too hard on myself since that is what my training program called for.
- skipped only 1 short run, and shortened 1 long run
- I think I might have a temperature limit of -22C. It's just not worth it when it is that cold and I can always go on the treadmill
- I can reach and beat my goals!!
- I need to get back into the pool!! Doesn't help that it is my least favourite sport to train for.