Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 6 of Sugar Free and 40 Day Workout Challenge

Yesterday was a good day for not eating sugar but I didn’t eat nearly enough food and I felt like crap for a good part of the day because I was low on calories.

Breakfast- plain yogurt with cinnamon- only ate half as it was so gross. Didn’t have any fruit to mask the taste of the sour Astro yogurt.
Lunch- steak, raw veggies and cheese stick- filling, delicious and sugar free!
Snack- 2 small oranges, piece of gum

I had my pedicure with Leigh after work (which was lots of fun!) so I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner until 8:00pm.

Dinner- two small slices of toast with organic natural peanut butter. So good and surprisingly filling!
Snack- 5 crackers- neither good nor bad.

This just goes to show how important meal planning really is- I was so tempted to buy some fast food dinner last night as I was starving but I resisted. The sugar cravings are pretty much gone and I can’t believe how much better I feel overall.

Since I was pressed for time and unable to make it to yoga class yesterday, I picked up Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown DVD to do at home. I asked Alison if she had done it before as she has recommended Jillian Michaels' workouts before. She said that it is more like power yoga and she is definitely right!!

There are 2 levels that are about 30 minutes each. I was able to squeeze it in between my late-night dinner and The Bachelorette! It is different from the hot yoga that I have been doing lately- a lot faster, but it is a great workout and I can feel my upper body this morning. I actually quite enjoyed it. Thanks Alison!

I still think I will buy another yoga DVD that is slower and more meditative but I am pretty happy with this one.  Any recommendations? I would like the workouts to be around 20-40 minutes long.

Tonight I have to fit in a 4K run before another spa appointment after work. There is 100% chance of rain this afternoon so it’s going to be a wet one I am sure.


  1. I *love love love* Eoin Finn's Power Yoga for Happiness dvd's. You get 2 dvds, and there are different durations with different focuses. I don't find them too "powerful" but OH MAN the "magically hips" video is awesome. He's Canadian, a surfer, and totally chilled and hilarious commentating.

    He has some free ones online if you want to get a feel for him. (http://www.blissology.com/online-studio/)

    You can get his videos at Chapters and Lulu Lemon. Chapters is cheaper I think (that's where I got mine). I love it so much I got copies for both my mom and sister.

  2. way to go on the challenge! i agree meal planning is soooo key for me.

    i have been looking for more meditative yoga lately too. I think by the time I get to my yoga it's because I need to chill out

  3. You're doing so great sugar free! I too had the problem of not eating enough. It takes the body awhile to adjust but you will. Glad the cravings are gone!


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