Thursday, June 16, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. We are planning our road trip to B.C. next month!! Looking forward to some sun, lying on the beach, running in new places, wine tours and just relaxing!! Only 19 more work days!!

2. Should have worn yoga pants to work today. It is raining like crazy here and I don’t know why I even bothered getting ready this morning. My curled hair is now straight in the front, and my grey pants are wet all around the hem. From now on when it is raining/snowing/extremely windy I am just going to wear my yoga pants to the office and do my hair when I get here.

3. Last night’s run was on the treadmill. We were stuck in traffic after work so we wouldn’t have made the group run. I wasn’t going to run by myself in the rain so instead I did 3K on the treadmill while catching up on One Tree Hill. I guess it is too much to ask for 2 nice days in a row around here.

Rain, rain, go away, come back another...year!


  1. Yoga pants sound like a fantastic idea right about now! That and being back in bed with a good movie or book. Go away rain!

  2. This rain sucks! :(
    We are going to BC wine touring, beaching and biking too! :) When are you going? And where?


    Where in BC will you be? I'm assuming Kelowna/Okanagan area by the wine touring, but if you're in the Kamloops vicinity and want a run partner let me know :)


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