Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Last night’s run- it was another warm one! I brought my water belt this time and definitely made use of it at a couple lights. We were scheduled for 4K but our instructor felt bad for over-running us on Tuesday so we did a loop that is just under 4K.

2. I am trying to find new running shorts that won’t break the bank. I usually wear tighter shorts (look like bike shorts) as I hate when they ride up/chafe but I am hoping to find a looser pair that doesn’t ride up and/chafe. I love my running capris but they are too warm for 20+C runs (not complaining!) I am leaning towards the Turbo Run short...  What are your favourite running shorts?

3. I love summer, I really do, but I have such a hard time going to bed when it is still light out. If I wait until it is dark, it is way too late (past 11pm) and then I am exhausted the next day (like now). It sucks because I want to take advantage of all the sunlight and the nice weather, but I can’t if I a dead tired. Wish I was a bear that hibernated all winter…

Oh and I mean I have a hard time making myself go to bed... I can sleep when it is still light out, which is why I am a great napper!! :)


  1. I really like Nike shorts, either in the loose style or tight spandex style. I like the spandex ones because I find that they don't move on me, which is great.

  2. I was definitely WAYYYY to hot on my run last night without water. I did 7K and had water at the halfway mark but that was not enough!!

    I LOVE my groovy run shorts from lulu and the turbo is a remake of those. I also really like my nike tempo shorts. I have major issues with chafing and I've found that no matter what kinds of shorts I wear I have to apply HEFTY amounts of body glide to my inner thighs. I go through a body glide stick every month or so, no joke!

    I've also heard really good things about the lulu willpower shorts since they are a little bit longer. I don't have a pair though (yet!)

  3. I'm a running skirt girl. You get the tights as shorts underneath, and the bounce of the skirt keeps you cool LOL!

  4. I really like my nike tempo shorts, but I know a lot of chicas complain about chaffing on the thighs with them. I experience it if it's raining or super humid. I do like their spandex shorts too, but they ride up like mad. Just a little cheekage, no biggie. ;)


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