Monday, June 13, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday, after work, hubby and I hit the road to go to my cousin’s out-of-town wedding. made it to the hotel  by 7:00pm. We settled in and decided to go to the hotel pool with my sis and her family. My workout for the day was an hour of splashing around in the pool, with some breaststroke before it got too busy with kids flying down the slide. We had lots of fun!!

Swimming at the hotel pool

This was also the last official day of my Sugar Free Challenge. Since we ate at a restaurant there is the possibility that there was some sugar in my Quesadilla or the salad dressing. Hubby asked for sugar free dressing when he ordered for me (I was in the bathroom- he doesn't always order for me!) but it was a vinaigrette so there was probably a gram or two of sugar. Nothing major though.

Saturday we went down to the lobby for a light continental breakfast before embarking on an adventure run around our hotel. It was warm out and it was only 9:00am! We asked the concierge for directions to a pathway and found there was one close by. Our plan was to run around 4K or 30 minutes. Once we got on the pathway there were lots of trees and grassy areas. I enjoy running in new places- it keeps things fresh  and exciting.

Map in hand- ready for an adventurous run


Running in a field

After our run we got ready for the Groom's Lunch at a nearby golf course. Being the over-prepared person that I am, we arrived an hour before it started. Opps- I thought the invitation said 11:30am, not 12:30pm!! We decided to kill time and practice our putting.

Not quite dressed for golfing...

Tiger Woods?? Minus the cheating part

It was really nice to visit in a more casual setting before the wedding, but you could tell there were some nerves in the air (not the Groom's!) Our food took longer than expected so we were rushed to return to our hotel and get ready.

We made it to the church in the nick of time... just as the bride was pulling up!

Beautiful bride and her father

Happy Couple

It was an amazing ceremony with a few tears, lots of organ music and plenty of laughter. This may be one of the best wedding ceremonies I have been to.

Hubby and I

The reception was a blast!! Every little detail was thought of and everyone had an awesome time! The food was delicious, the candy buffet was adorable and the live swing band was fabulous!!! We had lots of fun tearing up the dance floor.

Best Red Velvet Cake ever!!! So worth the wait!

Finally Sunday rolled around. We went back to the golf course for brunch before meeting up with hubby's cousin who lives in the same city for coffee. It was nice to catch up with L however briefly before we made the trek back home.

Once we got home we had to do all the usual weekend stuff, as well as fit in our 7K LSD. After dinner we went for a run and the weather was ideal. The sun was still out and there was a slight breeze. I love runs like this!!

It was the perfect weekend!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad that it is over!

** as per usual, Blogger is misbehaving. I can't get the fonts and format to work properly. I give up...

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