Monday, June 20, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday after work I headed to a yoga class. There was a new instructor, a guy and we did more of an Ashtanga practice which was a nice change. He reminded me of a surfer and occasionally joked around with us. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to more with him.

Since the sun finally decided to grace us with her presence for more than 2 seconds, I did some gardening (aka weeding) when I got home. Should have put some bug spray on though as the mosquitoes were having a hay day! Hubby and I spent the rest of the night relaxing together.

Saturday we did the usual household chores, which was a good plan since it Instead of a nice bike ride outside, I did a short 45 minute spin in the basement. Lame but what can you do!

We figured we would take advantage of the crap weather and do some patio furniture shopping (you know, in case it ever gets nice enough to enjoy the backyard?) After much deliberation, we decided on a sofa set rather than a patio table and chairs.

Waikiki Sofa Set
We have been browsing for awhile and hubby stumbled across this nice set at Rona. We checked it out and I fell in love! Being the indecisive person that I am, I had to look at a few more stores to make 100% that this was the best one, for the best price. So we wasted another hour…

We then braved Costco on a Saturday to do our once-every-three months stock up. Surprisingly we didn’t do too much damage. I did find a recipe book for Quinoa which I am excited to use!!

We spent the rest of the night catching up on So You Think You Can Dance! LOVE this show!! It makes me want to be a dancer every season!!

Sunday we woke up to sun which was a relief. Didn’t want to do even a short LSD in a torrential downpour! We met up with our running group and did 7K. We followed a different route which was a nice change, even if it was a tad hilly!!

We rushed home so we could get everything ready for hubby’s family to come over for Father’s Day Brunch. He made delicious eggs benedict, and fruit salad. My brother-in-law brought homemade cinnamon buns. We had a great time visiting with everyone!

After they left, we decided to go to Rona to purchase the patio sofa set. We also ordered a patio heater lamp so that we can enjoy the deck on cooler nights.
Ours will not have a pool behind it!
The box ended up being a little too big for hubby’s SUV so he had to make a couple trips to get all the pieces home. When he did the first drop off, I stayed back in the parking lot with the massive box with the other half of our furniture! Thankfully it didn’t take him too long to come back and pick me up!

My parents came over for Father’s Day Dinner. It was nice to see them. Hubby showed off all his hard work in the backyard and practiced his BBQ skills by making a Beer Can Chicken. So good!!

It was a great weekend!! I loved spending time with all the family and am happy the sun came out for a little bit (although still not warm enough to wear a dress!)!!!


  1. You had a busy weekend but I love the new outdoor set!!! So cute!!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fun weekend. Love that furniture and heater! I bet your backyard looks great! Love quinoa!

  3. I'm very jealous of everyone's decks and deck furniture. That is definitely the down side of downtown(ish) living.

    Looks like great stuff though- I hope you get some sun SOON so that you can enjoy it!


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