Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yoga Monday

I went to another yoga class after work yesterday, with yet another new instructor. Kate was very different from the instructor on Friday- she was very soft spoken and did a great job of helping us think about nothing but yoga for the full hour.

I think it’s pretty interesting how a flow foundation class can be so completely different from instructor to instructor. Yesterday we did about 2 sun salutations in the entire class, whereas on Friday we did lots of them. I enjoy them, but mixing it up once and awhile is refreshing too. The class was so good I feel asleep twice!! I just hope that I didn’t snore!

When I left the studio, it was… raining. Surprise, surprise! It was a sun shower though so I will complain a little less than normal about it! Good thing we bought covers for our new patio furniture or else it would have been soaked before we even tried it out!

We did manage to sit outside for a bit, although our quiet evening was interrupted by the neighbors’ yappy dogs!!

I am half way done my 40 Day Challenge!!! It actually hasn’t been too hard trying to fit workouts in (minus the one night spent at Urgent Care). It helps that I try not to overbook myself too much on weeknights anyway.

I don’t miss my rest day(s) at all- it’s good that some of my workouts aren’t super intensive or else I would probably the break.


  1. Good work beign half way! :) You rock! Boo to yappy dogs! :(

  2. I love how different the same class can be. It definitely keeps things interesting :)


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