Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Thumb

It was such a beautiful afternoon yesterday that I went home and weeded a bunch of the garden. It seemed a shame to spend more time inside after working inside all day. Gardening is definitely a workout. My legs were aching from all the squatting and my arms were constantly moving- either pulling up the weeds or tossing them to the side.

After all that hard work, I spent the evening watching some HGTV. I love Property Virgins and their totally unrealistic expectations!

After trying to convince myself that gardening for 1.5 hours was a workout (it was!), I decided I should get at least 20 minutes of a real workout in for my Challenge. Off to the basement to do 25 minutes of Ripped: Slim and Lean.

Update on my Garmin- she is back to her dying ways. I have to plug her in after every run. I tried downloading the updated Firmware but apparently I am technologically incompetent and it won’t work. I also deleted all the history on it. I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and send it away before the warranty is up.


  1. Oooh-is it a good video?

    Sorry to hear about CoCo :(

  2. Poor Garmin :( at least it is still under warranty though!


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