Friday, July 8, 2011

I caught a glimpse....

... just barely!!

After much anticipation, and many people getting up ridiculously early (I am normally up ridiculously early for work anyway) to get front row seats along the parade route to see Will and Kate, we were treated to a fast drive by in a covered town car with half-rolled down tinted windows. Wahhhhhhh!! (I have pictures but can't download them until later).

It was a tease and a huge disappointment!! I am so glad I didn't pay for parade seats!

Update- Will and Kate at a rodeo demonstration
Thursday night
Pressing the button to launch the Calgary Stampede
after their disappointing drive by.
(Will wore the same outfit 2 days in a row!)

At least my new cowboy hat fascinator was a hit!!
Cowboy Hat Fascinator!

 The Calgary Stampede has official begun!!!


  1. Where did you get it from?? Two ladies from my work bought really similar ones from a place off 17th. Super cute!

  2. Lamesauce!!! My friend lives in Slave Lake and she drug her 3 kids out in the hot sun while they were there only to see them drive by in a bus with tinted windows rolled up. She said she caught a glimpse of Will through the front of the bus and that was it lol! Love those prof pics of them though. Such a gorgeous couple!!!

    Also your cowboy hat fascinator is adorable and hilarious! Lol

  3. Love it, saw those in the paper!!

  4. LOVE the fascinator! Sorry you didn't get to see more of them.


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