Monday, July 4, 2011

~Monthly Stats: June 2011~

Recap of June and my progress towards my GOALS for 2011

Total # runs- 13 -same as the last couple of months!
Total # kms- 63.9K- a new low month for the year! To be expected at the beginning of a training cycle 2011
Total # kms- 547.1K

Best run- Run in Medicine Hat the day of my cousin's wedding. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a nice change of scenery.
Worst run- I had to dig to find a bad run and all I came up with is the 4K run that I didn't bring water on.
Total # races- 0
Total # non-run workouts- 15!! Finally some progress in this area! Thank you 40 Day Challenge!
Total # books read this month- 1.5- I finished The Hunger Games and the 2nd book in the series, Catching Fire. I am now on the 3rd book. The suspense continues!
Eating Habits- 4/5 I did the Sugar Free Challenge for 10 days. It was tough at the beginning but once I stopped craving sugar it was better. I became addicted to how good I felt after eating healthy foods without any added sugars. It's amazing what they sneak sugar into! Now that the Challenge is over I am still having sugar but mostly as treats instead of in things like my yogurt and salad dressings.

June Reflections

June was awesome! Finally summer has arrived and I had more runs in shorts than long sleeves! Yay!! It is also officially 1 year since I started my first half marathon training clinic! I am so happy that I have continued to run this distance and met such a great group of people to run with.

This month also brought the 40 Day Challenge and it has been going really well. My cross training has almost quadrupled. I have done lots of yoga, biking and strength training. Just need to get more swimming sessions in. My tri is creeping up on me!


  1. My km's for June were much much lower than yours! I honestly wanted nothing to do with running after my half, but the break has been nice. I am ready to get back into it :)

  2. What do you track your training on? Daily mile? I need to keep better count.

  3. Nice job on the month. Sounds like it was a great month for you!


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