Thursday, July 7, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Will and Kate are coming today!!! I hope to catch a glimpse of them at tomorrow's Stampede Parade! Along with 200,000+ other people. Oy!

Will and Kate in Canada

2. Yesterday was probably the hottest day of the year so far. It isn’t hot by many standards -which I am thankful for when I am out there running. It was about 28C. Surprisingly the heat makes people bail on their runs just as much as the cold- our group last night was considerably smaller than our usual clinic night. I know it’s hot, but we were only running 3ishK!!

The 3.38K felt like 15K. We were mostly in the sun, so when we finally turned onto a shady street we all sighed with relief! Glad my next run will be in the morning!

3. If I ever say that I want to buy some loose fitting running shorts again, slap me!! I tried on a number of shorts (thanks for all the suggestions!) and decided on a pair of Turbo Run Shorts from Lululemon. They looked good, felt good and when I tested them on the treadmill before fully committing to them they didn’t ride up! I Well wouldn’t you know, as soon as I ripped the tag off and stepped outside to run in them they started to ride up! Do I really run that differently on a treadmill versus outside? I was so mad! I will wear them for short runs, but they will drive me NUTS on a longer run. I did put Body Glide on so I wouldn’t chafe but it’s the nasty feeling of fabric riding up that gets me.

Turbo Run Short

So I have decided that I dislike summer running not because of the heat but because of shorts (which I guess is because of the heat)! I hate shorts!! HATE HATE HATE them!! I don’t even really like regular shorts- they are not flattering on me and I spend more time adjusting them than just enjoying life.

 I am so mad that I returned the running skirt that I bought- it probably would have been way more comfy than these shorts!!!

That is my rant for the day.


  1. I have those shorts too, not a real fan for long runs either. I can only run in tight shorts or capris. :(
    I thought it was cool W&K went to Slave Lake. Good luck seeing them! :)Loving this weather!

  2. So jealous you might catch a glimpse of them! She is so fabulous!

    I totally feel your pain on the shorts front, I hate them. I seriously try them on in stores and go for a "run" around the store a few times before I commit and even then I will do a short run outside my house before I take off tags.

  3. It is HARD to find a good pair of running shorts- something that doesn't ride up, that hits you in the right place...argh.

    I hope you manage to catch a glimpse of Will and Kate!

  4. I agree - heat is definitely a run killer. Ugh.

  5. Until this year - and ALL of last year while I trained for my marathon - I wore spandex shorts because I too hated shorts. This year I've been running in shorts more and more and I actually did my last two long races in shorts so I'm getting more into wearing them. But I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing spandex shorts!!

    Also I'm so jealous that Will and Kate are in Calgary! I heart them :)


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