Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 Weeks: Has Morning Sickness Returned?

How big is Baby N?

Navel Orange

Weight gain? +1 pounds

Maternity Clothing? I bought a couple more things last week so hopefully they will tide me over for a few months. All I can say is they are so much more comfortable than regular clothes and I think I might wear them forever...

Cravings? Nothing really...

Symptoms? The morning sickness seems to have returned this week. I spent last night feeling quite ill and dry heaving a bit. This morning I felt a bit better but suddenly started puking. I think Baby has forgotten that we are in the 2nd trimester now. This better not become a habit!

Sleep? Other than missing my bed on the weekend, no issues with sleep. I haven't been sleeping on my tummy as much but not because of the belly. My growing chest is making it uncomfortable!

Workouts? I was a little busier than I wanted to be last week so I only ended up getting in one prenatal yoga session, 4K run/walk, a Ripped workout, an hour walk with my good friend Kat who is back in town!! and another 30 minute walk in Camrose. Actually, wasn't as slacking as I thought but they were all super low intensity workouts.

What I am excited for? My prenatal appointment this afternoon where we will hopefully hear the baby's heart beat! So far we have seen it twice but never heard it. And of course, the end of September when we find out the baby's gender!!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Possibly feeling little baby flutters? I know it's still pretty early but I swear I feel it move every once and awhile.

Pregzilla Moments? Usually in the morning when I realize that what I thought I was going to wear to work no longer fits... hence the recent maternity additions to my closet.

Weekly Belly Pic

15 Weeks
Ignore the exhausted just-drove-3 hours-look!


  1. You don't want to hear this, but with my Spud, I had "morning sickness" for most of the pregnancy. Some babies don't get the memo about it ending after the first trimester...

  2. Looking good! Hope the sickies go away for you. y cuz had to get some baby friendly pills for that... :(


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