Monday, August 1, 2011

B.C. Road Trip Recap

Here is a bullet point recap of our fun, relaxing, yet adventurous vacation:
(idea stolen from The Studly Runner's recap of her recent vacation)

2: relaxing nights at Fairmont Hot Springs

19: hours of driving (not including all the random driving around while in each place)
4: amazing breakfasts at our B&B in Kelowna. I would stay here again just for the food!!
1: gorgeous orchard-turned-garden in Kelowna. Most beautiful flowers ever!

2: number of spiders I saw in the hotel bathroom. One was huge and I had to get hubby to kill it for me!
1: trip to a lavender farm. Love those purple flowers!

24: dollars spent on picking cherries. Best road trip food ever!

1: vibrant rainbow after a huge rainstorm in Kelowna.

4: number of hotels we stayed in (Fairmont, Kelowna, Penticton, Revelstoke)

1: deer laying under a tree beside the fairway while we golfed. He wasn't scared at all.

2: games of golf- one 18 holes (my first!) and one 19 putting greens (like mini golf but better!)

3: number of bears we saw while driving. Two black bears and one grizzly! No, we didn't stop to get our picture taken with any of them.
1: run- 9K in Kelowna, along the water. Lots of fun!

7: days it rained (very wet summer indeed)
1: beach day

3: bikinis I brought to wear to the beach, plus I bought another one
1: attempt at blinding myself by poking my eye with the corner of a cardboard box (yes, this takes talent!)
~ 1,000,000+: cyclists we saw on the road either riding leisurely, travelling across the country or training for Ironman
5: seconds I wished I was training for Ironman (I am sure my day will come but it isn't now!)

3: vineyards we stopped at for wine tastings, tours and stocking up our wine rack

1: amazing lunch at the Mission Hill Winery

30+: marmots scurrying around the putting green course while we golfed. They crap everywhere.

1: boat ride on Skaha Lake
10: times we kicked ourselves for NOT bringing our bikes
1: short hike along Myra Canyon which would have been better on bikes but I was too cheap to rent them for $80!!

1: accidental hike along the water in Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna. It was 4K and I wore flip flops. No blisters!

2: books I read- Mockingjay and Half-Dead Horses. Both great reads!
1: time I set off the hotel room smoke detector for having too hot of a shower. Embarrassing!
1: picture of a street sign in Penticton with my hometown's name!! (Hubby made so much fun of me as I took this picture!)

1: lady driving a scooter that looked like it had training wheels! We busted ourselves laughing until we realized that they are probably footrests for the passenger. I still think they look like training wheels!

3: days spent hanging out with family who live in Penticton. Lucky ducks!!
1: drunk hubby paddle surfing for the first time. He didn't fall in!!

6: goats hanging out on a goat walk. I kid you not...

1: stop at the Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke. I felt like a kid again!!

1: hike around Emerald Lake. I wore running shoes this time...

And that about sums up our road trip!!

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  1. That trip looks awesome. I need to head out that way someday.


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