Friday, August 12, 2011

For once it listened to me!!

On our way home from the chiropractor yesterday afternoon, the sky was looking pretty bleak. Great... was our postponed run going to be postponed again?

Massive rain cloud looming over the NW

I told the weather it had one hour to smarten up!

It promptly started to down pour torrential rains. The wipers on the car could barely keep up!

Pouring rain on the highway

Thankfully the more east we went the sky became lighter but I knew it would only be a matter of time before the storm followed us home. Sure enough about 15 minutes later, it started pouring at our house. Great... the storm was moving in the direction of our running store.

About half an hour before we were supposed to meet up, I texted our instructor to make sure that the run was still on. She said it was so we headed out. It had stopped raining but some of the clouds were looking a little threatening.

Only a handful of people showed up so we headed to the hill to do our repeats. Since I have been slacking away, I did only 4 hills instead of the 7 that was on the schedule. They were exhausting as usual.

In the end, the rain stayed away and it was a great night for a run!! For once the weather cooperated!

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  1. Glad you got out! We had crazy rain here yesterday too. Lots of hail! Ouch! I turned around 250m into my run, and just in time. I'm not used to the prairie rains!


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