Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Huge Relief!!

Well I am glad to have that news out in the open now!

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! Hubby and I are super excited about this journey! I appreciate everyone sharing other pregnancy fitness blogs and advice as there will be plenty of changes that I will need info on!!

We already received our first piece of baby equipment- a jogging/cycling stroller! It will be awhile before we can use it but we will be able to include the baby in our training when s/he is big enough to sit in it.
Not exactly as shown

Now I can be honest about my workouts again!!

I had to miss quite a few group runs the last 6 weeks or so as the fatigue and morning sickness made it nearly impossible to stay awake, never mind run! When we started hill training I knew it was going to be interesting keeping the pregnancy a secret without looking like a total slacker! I missed most of the hill workouts until I told my running group about my new running “partner.” Good thing as that hill kills me on a regular day!

I wasn’t able to keep up with my long runs so the half marathon group is up to 16K now and I have been doing 10K. I am still joining them, just turning around sooner. I have added close to a minute per kilometer to my pace so I am slow as molasses now!

I am not going to sign up for a fall half marathon as I can’t imagine running 21K at my current pace. I know I “could” do it if I really wanted to but I don’t want to! I am going to look for some 5K and 10K races to do for fun before the flurries (sorry, the F word!) fly.

Question for those of you who use a handheld water bottle for your runs- what brand do you have? Now that my water belt is getting uncomfortable I need to find an alternative ASAP! Here’s my problem- I HATE the bottles where you bite the top to get the water out so Camelbaks are out. They all require you to bite them. So now I am looking at handheld water bottles with a strap and small pocket but the ones I have come across also require you to bite them! So please share with me what you use!!!

I have thought about hiring someone to run/walk beside me with water but so far no takers.


  1. I just have a simple Nathan 10oz handheld and it's never done me wrong.

  2. I have a Nathan one as well and I like it, but don't use it often. Only because I prefer not to have something in my hands while running :)


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