Friday, August 19, 2011

Outta Control Heart Rate?

After work yesterday, I headed down to the local tri shop to pick up my package for the race I will NOT be doing this weekend. I figure I paid the entry fee, I should at least get the swag!

Since I was busy socializing with some friends on Wednesday night, I missed my group hill training run. I decided to make up the run (not the hill repeats) on Thursday. I ate the goodies in my race package (Vanilla Honey Stinger Waffle- loves these, and Pink Lemonade Honey Stingers) and I was all energized for my run!

I think I'm allowed to wear the race shirt even though I am not doing the race this year because 1) I have done it for the last 3 years in a row and 2) it doesn't have a date on it!! It's the same logo they always use and for once the shirt actually fits me!! For now...

Awkward self-portrait

Close up of shirt and handheld
It was a cooler evening and overcast so perfect for running. I felt pretty good right from the start, but one thing I have been noticing is that my breathing is quite hard at first (and sometimes longer...).

After about 2 minutes I checked my Garmin to see my HR (I try to keep it below 150-155)  and my Garmin said 223. Ummm, am I reading that right? I am pretty sure that I would have been dead or close to it if that was right! I was breathing hard but I didn't feel light headed or that I needed to stop so WTF?? I tried to adjust my HR strap and it still stayed in the 220 range. So I even walked for a minute or two to see if it would go back to normal and it only went down a few beats.

If you View Details of my run, you can see my crazy heart rate chart. Max 235bpm?? I think not.

I think I have figured out what went wrong. CoCo was confused and was adding my HR AND the baby's HR together!! That's the only reasonable explanation... After a few minutes she realized her mistake and went back to just displaying mine. Silly Garmin!!

Has your heart rate monitor ever given you a bizarre reading?

It's a good thing I decided to go for my run when I did as there were some nasty clouds looming in the not so far distance.

Hello hail clouds!
About 5 minutes after I got back, I could hear the thunder rumbling and started closing the open windows in the house as I knew we were in for another summer evening storm.

No sooner did I do that, then the hail started coming down! It was like someone was throwing snowballs at the windows! They were big, but they were smashing apart on impact.

Hope the garden and flowers are okay!
Funny enough, there was a big but faint rainbow spanning the sky while the hail was pelting down.

Rainbow during a hail storm
Seriously this city has the craziest weather...

I bet you this time thunder/hail storm!!!


  1. We had thunder snow in Montreal this was weird!

  2. Last night's storm was crazy! It destroyed my flowers out back but luckily no car damage!

  3. My heart rate has periodically gone through the roof according to the monitor, usually during runs. I am deeply suspicious of anything much over 155. When that happens I suspect a couple things. The battery could be dying and producing erratic results. The sweaty connection between your bod and the sensors could be poor. The communication between the sensor and the watch could be on the fritz for some reason. I have never had to worry about a fetal heartbeat.

  4. I've had this happen before too. At one time I thought a doc had said I had a slight heart murmur, so it made me wonder if the HRM was counting the murmur as an extra beat. It seems to happen when the HRM is really sweaty and not staying in place. SO WEIRD!


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