Thursday, August 25, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Tomorrow is a special day!! Check back for more details!

2. I bit the bullet and bought a couple more maternity clothes. I tried to get away with wearing some skirts higher up (practically under my boobs!) but they just looked silly. I am seriously not impressed with this city’s selection of expanding-belly clothes! I might have to start wearing hubby’s clothes…

3. No hills for me last night. It was my best friend’s birthday so I went out for drinks (non-alcoholic for me) with her to celebrate. Later at home I did an hour Ripped workout as I have been noticing a lack of tone and increase in flabbiness. I am not talking about in the belly area (that’s expected) but my butt, thighs and arms are getting a tad soft. I wonder if it is possible to get “more” in shape while PG than before being PG? Now that I will have to take it easy with my running, I am going to increase my number of strength workouts.

I also found a pre-natal swim class to join in September! I am hoping this will be the push I need to get back into the pool as I haven’t been for about 6ish months now? Swimming is supposed to be one of the best pre-natal exercises you can do because it doesn’t put any strain on your joints. Now to find a new bathing suit...

*** Blogger is making my life difficult and not letting me comment on a lot of your blogs. Sorry for the lack of love but it says my current account (my email) doesn't have access to view the page and to change accounts? WTF??? Anyone know how to fix this? I haven't changed anything (that I am aware of). I can comment on some blogs and not on others.


  1. Special day? Exciting. Have you tried the maternity store at CrossIron? It's an outlet too. My girlfriend sounds a bunch of stuff at Joe that worked for maternity...and reasonable priced.

  2. Do tell what tomorrow is!! Where did you end up finding some clothes?

  3. Try Firefox or Chrome instead of IE. That's actually what is finally enabling me to comment here on yours!

  4. What is this Ripped you speak of?

    Can't wait to hear about your special day!

  5. I know nothing of maternity clothes. Most women wear too many clothes anyways. Oops, did I say that out loud?

    Some bloggers lock down their blog, and you'll get that message. If you know their email address ask them if they changed their settings.


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