Thursday, September 15, 2011

17 Weeks: On Vacation!

How big is Baby N?
Baby is starting to pack on the weight now! Almost half way there!! How is that possible???

Weight gain? Dunno- don't have access to a scale but I am probably up a pound or two.

Maternity Clothing? Since I am on holidays, I have been living in Lululemon pants, capris and hoodies. Finally the investment has paid off!! Haha!!

Cravings? N/A This baby, like it's father, isn't picky and as long as it is fed on a regular basis it is happy.

Symptoms? Even with all the driving, the nausea seems to have subsided so hopefully it continues this way.

Sleep? Good, other than the middle of the night wake-ups for the bathroom.

Workouts? It was a busy week last week preparing for our trip so I only managed to get in 1 yoga session and 1 run. Other than tons of walking, this week isn't looking any better.

What I am excited for? One guess??? Yup, finding out the gender next week!! Yippee!!!

Highlights This Week? Being on vacation, visiting new places, wearing comfy clothes, sleeping in, catching up with good friends and some other great news that I have to wait a bit to share!!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Feeling the little nudges more frequently (like right now as I type this post!)

Baby Projects? Still working on cleaning out my office. Once we get back from vacation (and find out the sex), the room renovation will be in full force.

Baby Purchases? None, but I stopped in a little baby shop while in Victoria that sold cloth diapers. The owner was very helpful and they seem a lot less daunting so I am actually considering cloth diapering now! Good thing laundry is one of my favourite chores!

Wish list? My hubby as he is hiking the West Coast Trail right now and I miss him!

Pregzilla Moments? I think I temporarily lost my mind when I agreed to camp for one night at the beginning of our trip! For all those that know me, camping is not my thing!

Weekly Belly Pic

18 Weeks- White Rock, BC 


  1. You look awesome! And DUDE, your nugget is getting big. An onion already?! Excited to hear about the gender. Have fun! :)

  2. YAY for comfy clothes! You look great! So much to look forward too! Almost gender reveal!!!

  3. I think it's a boy...don't know why though! Can't wait to find out :)

    Hope you are having a great vacation :)


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