Wednesday, September 21, 2011

18 Weeks: Much Anticipated!!

How big is Baby N?

Sweet Potato

Baby is yawning, hiccuping, twisting, rolling and kicking now!

Weight gain? 7 pounds total

Maternity Clothing? I found a cute maternity bathing suit to wear at my gentle prenatal aquatic fitness class that starts next week!! Looking forward to it!

Cravings? N/A

Symptoms? Need to pee every hour! So annoying- especially when driving. Also my skin isn't too happy right now but I am not sure if that is from the road trip/change of air or pregnancy...

Sleep? Had a few nights of interrupted sleep while on vacation but now that I am back in my own bed it's all good!

Workouts? Walking, walking and more walking while sightseeing all over Vancouver Island last week. I did do a 5K walk yesterday with my also preggo running instructor. After taking 2 weeks off running I need to ease back into it.

What I am excited for? Ultrasound this week when we find out the baby's sex!!! Fingers crossed baby isn't shy!! Can't wait to see the baby moving around on the screen again!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? The first time hubby felt the baby kick! The baby is moving around lots now but a lot of the movements can't be felt from the outside yet so it was a good kick for him to feel it!

Wish list? Another few days off work so I can relax after our long road trip!

Pregzilla Moments? I think I have been pretty good...

Weekly Belly Pic

This was after a day of travel so
 ignore the exhausted look!


  1. You look great! YAY this week is finally here!!! :) So excited to find out!

  2. YAY for gender reveal week! Any predictions?

  3. I can't wait to hear what you are having! Where did you find the bathing suit?


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