Wednesday, September 28, 2011

19 Weeks: I think I've popped!

How big is Baby N?

Weight gain? I am down 2 pounds from last week, so 5 pounds total gain. I am sure it has to do with overindulging while on vacation.

Maternity Clothing? I bought another pair of jeans and am debating returning them... I thought I needed one longer pair to wear with heels and one shorter pair to wear with flats but do I really need a longer pair? I only wear jeans to work on Fridays and on the weekends. I think it would be better to invest in another pair of dress pants since I will wear those more often. I have a few weeks to decide...

Cravings? Candy Corn!!!!  I will be packing on the pounds now that Alison informed me that candy corn is now available by the bucket!!! Thankssomuch!

Symptoms? Slightly emotional.Wahhhhh!!

Sleep? So far, so good! No need for extra pillows or anything yet.

Workouts? Last few weeks have been ca-razy so workouts have suffered. Last week, I walked 5K, ran/walked 4.5K, and walked 4K at Melissa's.

What I am excited for? Getting ready for our Baby Girl!! Nursery prep is in the beginning stages and hopefully in the next 2 weeks the room will be empty and ready for painting- once I decide on a colour that is!

Baby Purchases? I have restrained myself but hubby apparently can't!! He bought a pink chandelier to hang in the nursery for his princess!!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Finding out we are having a GIRL!! After years of thinking we would only ever have boys, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. I am feeling the kicks stronger and more frequently now which is the best feeling ever! I love they we can refer to the baby as her, instead of it! I feel more bonded to the baby now knowing the gender.

Wish list? Endless budget to decorate the nursery, and outfit myself.. Lottery ticket??

Pregzilla Moments? Yelling at my computer because it won't work properly. I may have shed a few tears over this too.

Weekly Belly Pic
Belly has popped!!


  1. ha ha sorry! It's so delicious though. I LOVE the chandralier! I have always said if we eer have a gir she will have one in her room. So jealuos. Where did you get it? You look great! And I am so glad you are feeling kicks! So fun.

  2. You are too cute and I love that chandelier!!!!

  3. You continue to look fabulous. That chandelier is great and I love that your hubby was the one to buy it!

  4. I LOVE that chandelier! Serious? Your Hubs picked it out himself? Props to him-well done!

    You look amazing! Way to grow a kid looking great! :)

    Happy day to you!


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