Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Outta Here...

Packed and ready to hit the road!!

Vancouver Island, here we come! It will be my first visit to the Island ever. I am also going to visit a good friend (hi Jenn!!) while in Victoria which I am the most excited about!!! Can't wait to see her- it has been way too long!

We will spend a few days in Victoria, and the remainder driving around from Nanaimo to Bamfield and back down to Victoria. Are there any must-see places or things to do while we are there?

I am hoping to do lots of walking, light hikes and a couple runs while I am away. I will not gain lots of weight from eating excessive junk food on this trip!!!

Good luck to Deb on her 1st Oly tri tomorrow and all my other friends that are racing in the next two weeks!!


  1. Enjoy! I love Nanaimo! :) And Victoria. Beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. LOVE the Island! Whiffin Spit is awesome :) Super cute. Would love to live there.


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