Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly Stats: August 2011

Recap of August and my progress towards my GOALS for 2011

Total # runs- 8- up from last month!
Total # kms- 49.5K
Total # kms 2011- 623.2K

Best run- despite the rain, the 5.5K run where I didn't stop for walk breaks!
Worst run- Only bad because it was more of a walk, but the company was great!
Total # races- 0
Total # non-run workouts- 8- I thought there were more?
Total # books read this month- 3- Matter of the Heart, Sing You Home, Still Alice. Highly recommend them all- all chit lit.
Eating Habits- 3.25/5. Have had a few major carb cravings and probably had a couple more ice creams that needed but overall I can't complain. I am trying to not "eat for two" because really you only need a couple extra hundred calories, and not the kind found in chips, chocolate bars and sundaes.

August Reflections

Well, the news is officially out so I feel a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. I can finally be open about the changes in my training program and not hide the fact that I was slacking big time. I am glad that the first trimester and most of the sickness and fatigue that it brings is over (hope I didn't just jinx myself).

I am going to have to revise my goals for the year as I don't thing some of them are realistic due to my "condition" (seriously, I laugh everytime I type that out!) but I still think that goals are important. Stay tuned for a post on my changing goals.

** Side note- I am sad that August is over which means that cold, nasty weather is around the corner. Oh right, it's sorta arrived already.

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