Monday, September 26, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Before I talk about my crazy busy weekend, we have lots of great news in our family that I wasn't able to share until today! Both my brothers-in-law got engaged in the last two weeks!!! Woohoo!! Finally some official sisters-in-law!! After 30 years of my mother-in-law being the only girl in the family, in a span 2 weeks the boys became officially outnumbered (when you include our news of Baby Girl N!)

On Friday, after some drinks (virgin for me)  with some co-workers, we had a mini bachelorette party for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. It was low-key get together at my in-laws.

Saturday came way too quickly, and we were off to Banff for Melissa's Road Race with Leigh and Mr. D. Both Leigh and my hubby were doing the half marathon and Mr. D was doing the 10K.

Hubby and I- he was the 2:00hr pace bunny!

Leigh and I pre-race
This was one of the goal races for our half marathon group so there were lots of people we knew racing both distances. It was crazy busy and super hot that day. Usually in the mountains it is cool and breezy this time of the year but it was 26C!! Very unusual and tough for the racers.

Warm-up Crew
After sending all my friends off for a great race, another non-racing friend and I went to grab some breakfast.  It is about 1K to walk to main street from the start/finish area so in all that day I walked about 4+K. Not bad for an unintentional workout!

On my way back to the finish line to cheer in my friends, I heard someone shout my name. It was Runner Leana! I have been following her blog forever- I think it was one of the first ones I started following when I started running/triathlons a few years ago. We chatted briefly before I had to rush off to cheer. Very nice to meet you Leana!

Watching people finish a race, regardless of distance always brings tears to my eyes. I am such a sap but I am so inspired every time. There was one lady who got a massive calf cramp with only 100m or so to the finish line. She could barely stand and someone helped try to massage the cramp so she could just get to the finish line. The crowd went crazy cheering her on, encouraging her through her immense pain and she was finally able to drag her cramped leg to the finish line.

Luckily with hubby being the 2 hour pacer, I knew when to watch out for him. He was very easy to spot with his big sign and pink bunny ears!! Even though I was ringing the massive cowbell like crazy, and shouting his name, he was so focused on his "job" that he didn't hear or see me at all!

Hubby top right edge of road
Best 2 hour pace bunny ever!!
Soon after, Leigh came sprinting down. I was shouting her name and ringing that bell but she was pretty focused on finishing too. I was so proud to see her finish and with a kick-butt time! I only hope that one day I can run as fast as she does!

Leigh in the blue right by the flag

Too fast for me to get a close up shot!
It was amazing to watch so many of my friends and fellow runners race. I told hubby that next year I am racing and he can spectate with the baby!

We had to race back to Calgary to get ready for... my brother-in-law's wedding! Yes, it was a quick engagement (no, they don't have a bun in the oven). It was a beautiful, simple and intimate ceremony. I cried, as usual. It was a perfect evening and I am so very happy for them!!

Happy couple!
Hubby and I
Wedding cake made by the beautiful bride!

Thankfully on Sunday we didn't have a long run and instead we went for brunch for our clinic wind-up. So delicious!! I am so sad the clinic is almost over! I love running with this group. I won't be joining the next clinic but I will still run with them on practice days until the weather turns and it is too icy/snowy to run outside with a big ole belly.

Afterwards, hubby and I headed out to Ikea to look at some furniture for the nursery. Must get working on cleaning out my office to make room!!

I later met up with my mom, sis and aunt to watch "The Help." Amazing movie- I cried...again!! I can't wait to read the book. My sis said the movie may have been better than the book, which rarely happens.

It was a super fun, exciting, emotional and jam-packed weekend! I love every minute of it and made me realize how  lucky I am to have so many great people in my life. Love!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and so much to cry about! I am a sap like you!!!
    I want to see the Help still, loved the book. YAY for nursery shopping!!! So fun.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Melissa's looks like such a beautiful race. I am hoping to be there next year for it!

  3. Thanks again for taking the pictures on Saturday! And thanks for saying I am fast....I sure didn't feel like it on Saturday!

    You looked fabulous at the wedding :)

  4. Wow, such sunny weather for Melissa's - I'm used to seeing all you Albertans out there in winter gear at that race! Maybe one of these years I'll make the trek out for it.


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