Monday, October 31, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday night I went out for dinner to The Keg with Leigh, Alison, Rachel (and baby Henry) and our hubbies to celebrate Leigh's 25th birthday! Even though I have emailed back and forth with Alison a lot over the past few months, it was our first in-person meeting! I am so happy that we finally met and I can't wait to hang out again with you soon! Thanks Leigh for introducing us!
It was also my first time meeting Rachel and I look forward to getting to know her, John and little Henry better! I am sure you will have lots of great advice for this soon-to-be mama! Henry is the cutest!

Going out for dinner meant I skipped my evening workout but it was worth it!

Saturday hubby and I went for a walk in the morning. I needed some fresh air to wake up! When we got back it was time for me to tackle my costume. I learned that being crafty is time consuming because I am way too much of a perfectionist! I seriously have a whole bunch of craft supplies but I am afraid to waste it because I need everything to be just-so.

I decided to make my own Halloween costume this year as I wanted to make something that incorporated the belly but didn't break the bank and that is comfortable! A couple people suggested that I make a jack-o-lantern shirt (thanks Deb!). Seemed easy enough- find orange shirt (on sale for $2 and it's a regular non-maternity small! Sweet!) and some black felt.

First I cut out pieces of felt and laid them on the shirt for placement. I had to cut some pieces a couple times...

Then I pinned them on the shirt, tried on the shirt and adjusted them. This took a couple tries but I finally got it. Well I decided that I wanted to make life difficult for myself and hand sewed each piece on rather than use the glue gun. It took a good 45 minutes to sew all the pieces and when it was done, I hated it!! Some of the pieces shifted during sewing and the ends just weren't crisp the way I hoped.

So I had to take all the pieces off, re-place the pieces on the shirt, try the shirt on again and then glued each piece. It looked 1000x better glued on!

You win glue gun!
So my quick and easy Halloween costume took 2.5 hours to put together. What a waste of time! In the end I was extremely happy with the result and got a lot of compliments on it!

Pumpkin Belly
We went to my BFF's annual Halloween party that night which was a lot of fun!

Rodeo Clown... not far from the truth!
BFF and I
Sunday was a relaxing day spent at home. I did a Ripped workout (needed to after all the candy and desserts I consumed at the Halloween party the night before!) and did a bunch of chores. I baked some Pumpkin Coconut muffins that hubby found a recipe for in the latest Runner's World. To be honest, they aren't the greatest but they are edible.

RW Muffin Recipe
Baked muffins
Not as fluffy as I like them to be

I also tried out Alison's recipe for Banana "Ice Cream." My blender apparently sucks because I couldn't get it to blend very well. Hubby said to use the food processor next time (I am scared of it though!). It turned out so delicious in spite of having to hand blend it! This will definitely be my go-to healthy sweet-fix dish! Yum!

Hubby also had a productive Sunday. He put up all the decals in the nursery (pictures coming later!) and they look soooo good! Now I want to go out and buy furniture for him to put together! Haha!!

Since I was feeling guilty about slacking in my workouts last week, I convinced hubby to go for a walk with me in the evening. I felt bad for always leaving CoCo at home so I brought her so she could record how slow I actually am! We did just over 3K in about 34 minutes. Need to pick up the pace!

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ready for the Weekend!

Am I ever glad Friday is here!

The late night hockey game on Wednesday really derailed me. I went to bed last night at 5pm!! I set an alarm to wake up for my prenatal aquasize class but when it went off I just rolled over. There was no way I was getting out of bed for anything short of my house being on fire!

I am looking forward to my best friend's annual Halloween party!! I have to put together my costume tonight still but it shouldn't take too long.

Not much else planned for the weekend which is nice. I am so boring!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Two Things Thursday~

1. Last night hubby and I had an impromptu date night. He scored some hockey tickets (Flames vs. Colorado) so we decided after our chiro appointment to go out for dinner. We went to a newer pizza place that everyone raves about- Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria. We shared a salad and pizza which were so delicious! It's probably one of the best pizza places I have ever been to! So worth the wait!

Afterwards we went to the game which the Flames won! Yay! Unfortunately it made for a super late night so I am a bit of a zombie today.

2. Congratulations to my running instructor who had her baby girl yesterday!! I can't wait to meet her!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

23 Weeks: Rate of Growth is Slowing

How big is Baby Girl N?
Papaya (still...)
Apparently her length hasn't changed much from last week. She is growing nipples and her face is full formed now. She can hear my voice, my heart beat and other loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.

Weight Gain? Up 1 pound, so 9 pounds total. I really need to eat more vegetables and less sugar though. If only there wasn't temptation around every corner. (I said the same thing last week... this time I mean it!)

Maternity Clothing? I had a coupon for a maternity store so I bought a few sweaters and some leggings. The hunt is now on for a nice dress to wear to a Christmas party and wedding in February (yes, mere weeks before I am due!)

Cravings? Sugar. It has to stop. I don't want my teeth rotting out or my butt busting out of my pants! Enough!

Symptoms? So far nothing long term, although I have been warned that I haven't reached the "fun" part yet- said sarcastically by another pregnant woman.

Sleep? All good.

Workouts? I am happy to say that last week was extremely successful for workouts- six out of seven days I did something! Three walks, one swim, one yoga session and one strength training session. Let's keep it up!

What I am excited for? Finishing the nursery.

What I miss? A hard workout- the kind that makes you sweat buckets and gets your heart rate up there.

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? How about the day I put my underwear on backwards and didn't realize it for a few hours until I went to the bathroom?

Baby Purchases? Painting supplies for the nursery and a cute hat with interchangeable flowers on Etsy. Can't wait to get it in the mail! Also my maternity and newborn photo shoots are booked! Slowly checking things off the list.

Baby Projects? The nursery is painted! We bought a few samples to try before committing to paint the entire room. We ended up having to go back to the store because the two colours we tried still didn't seem right so our third choice is what we ended up going with. It is so hard to photograph wall colours! We tried getting people's advice on Facebook but the colours just weren't turning out right on camera and therefore we weren't getting the answers we were looking for!
Before: My office in the process of being cleaned out
Before: Furniture cleared out and ready to paint!
Trying to decide on a colour...
Top three choices
We went with the colour on the right: Lavender Sachet

Painted nursery!
The wall decals have arrived and they have been taped up on the wall for placement. Hopefully this weekend they will officially be up! 

Wish list? A Monte glider/recliner for the nursery. I ordered the sample fabric swatches to look at before making my final decision.

Pregzilla Moments? I had a few moments of panic when hubby started painting my office purple. It's a lot of change!!

Weekly Belly Pic

Monday, October 24, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday  I took it easy and did a short yoga workout after work. Hubby started working on painting the nursery. He picked up 2 of the agreed upon colours and he went to work prepping the nursery.

First 2 choices (don't show up well in pictures!)
The colour on the left is a little too pink and light. We are going for more of a blue undertone as hubby's research shows that blue is a calming colour, whereas pink is an agitating colour and not the best background for a nursery. Anything to help this child sleep!!

The purple on the right was our original favourite but everyone kept telling us it was too dark. After it dried, we agreed. We really liked how the colour looked when it was still wet so we went thorough our bag of discarded samples and found a colour that looked like Purple Surf when it was still wet.

On Saturday, hubby returned to Home Depot to pick up a third sample, Lavender Sachet. He put it on the wall and we contemplated for a little while longer. I did a Ripped workout while he painted...

Three colour choices- with the bedding pattern

In the afternoon, we went down to Fish Creek Park to have some pictures taken. We haven't had any professional pictures of us since our engagement/wedding 5 years ago so figured it was high time before it is no longer "just us". It was a gorgeous afternoon- clouds were perfect and the temperature was nice so we were warm in our sweaters. I can't wait to see the pictures!!! Have to wait a few weeks though...

We searched a bit more for a glider/rocker/recliner for the nursery. I swear this has been the hardest thing to find so far. All the nice, small ones (since the room isn't huge) are really expensive ($1000+) and I just can't swallow that price. I am so torn- do I buy a glider I hate, and then not use it, or buck up and spend the extra money to get one that I know I will live in?

We also stopped at Value Village so hubby could pick up part of his Halloween costume. I have decided on mine but have yet to pick up the supplies.

Once we got home in the evening, we decided that the 3rd choice- Lavender Sachet was the colour (far right). Hubby got started right away on painting the 1st coat. My job was to document the process...

Cutting in


First coat done!
Sunday was a pretty lazy day for me- let's just say I didn't get out of bed until after noon. Guess that's what happens when you don't have much planned for the day! While I slept, hubby went for a run, came home and painted the second coat of the nursery.
Painting all done!

The decals should be arriving in a couple days so those will go up next. Hubby wants to know when we can buy all the furniture- he is anxious to build stuff!!

The rest of the evening was spent cooking (hubby), baking (me), long walk and fixing the dishwasher. Thankfully it was just a couple of loose wires and hubby was able to fix it relatively quickly.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Week (Almost) Over...

As much as I look forward to the weekends, time is going by way too quickly!! How is it the end of October? How is it the last quarter of 2011? Seriously slow down time! February is going to be here before we know it! Eeeekkkk!!

This weekend we don't have too many things planned which means we are going to work on the nursery! It is definitely going to be a workout! We are about 90% sure on the colour- just need to test it on the wall to confirm. Behr's site won't let me copy or link to the swatch (or at least I can't figure out how to) but it is called Purple Surf.

I also plan on getting a couple non-painting workouts in too. Have to make up for the sweets I have been eating and the cookies that I am going to bake. Hey, I had to support the Beavers!!

Let's hope the weather stays nice for our little photo shoot tomorrow. My fall jacket no longer fits as I popped a button on it yesterday!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. They run, we walk. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I have been walking with my half marathon clinic instructor, Penny, while the rest of the group ran. I still have to help get hubby out the door even if I can't keep up with the group myself! Penny is ready to have her baby any day now so it's nice for us to have company walking around the lake, doing what we can.

2. I was inspired by Leigh and decorated a bit for Halloween last night. I will probably add to it this weekend after I find/create a few more things but for now it's a start!

I think I need some contrast fabric under the cobwebs

Creepy spider
I just hope my cat doesn't destroy my house as he has taken quite a liking to the cobwebs!

I also need to find a Halloween costume this weekend. I don't want to do paint my belly, but it would be fun to incorporate it into a costume somehow. Why am I so un-creative (and cheap)?

3. This weekend hubby and I are having some pictures taken of us. We haven't had any professional pictures done since our wedding 5 years ago so I thought it would be nice to have some taken before it's not just the two of us anymore.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

22 Weeks: Slow Progress

How big is Baby Girl N?


Weight Gain? Up 3 pounds from last week, so total 8 pounds gained. Need to eat more veggies and less candy!

Maternity Clothing? I bought a couple long sweaters from Wal-mart in the regular women's section that are stretchy. Maternity clothes are so expensive that it is nice to find good deals on regular clothes that fit the belly.

Cravings? Sour cream and onion chips, and candy corn. I mean vegetables...

Symptoms? Occasional legs cramps (only bad during swimming), heart burn once and the odd pregnancy brain moment!

Sleep? Just can't seem to get enough! I feel like I am back to the T1 exhaustion even though I am sleeping lots.

Workouts? With a bit of cheating, I managed to get 4 workouts in last week: 1 yoga, 1 prenatal aquasize, 1 strength training session and 1 walk.

What I am excited for? Painting the nursery soon!

What I miss? Being able to bend over without grunting!!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? We went to the Baby and Tot Show on the weekend and hubby volunteered to try on the "sympathy belly!" It was hilarious! The ladies told him to bend over and tie his shoe laces which he obviously had difficulty doing with the belly in the way.

Sympathy belly & boobs!

Front profile
Trying to bend over to tie his shoes!

Baby Purchases? We picked up our stroller and put it together. It looks a little space-y!
Hubby putting the stroller together

All ready for a walk!

I should have adjusted the handle!

With the toddler seat

We also found a couple items for the nursery- a storage bin and matching crib sheet.

Storage bin 

I also ordered the wall decals for the nursery!!

Baby Projects? Nursery is all cleared out (minus a couple bins), wall holes patched and ready for painting. Hopefully in the next couple of weekends we will get it painted.

Wish list? Energy!! It's only going to get worse from here which scares me.

Pregzilla Moments? I took some pants to get altered and realized that I had washed and brought the wrong pair! Also hubby commented that my belly button looks funny. It is getting really big. Wonder how long until it pops out (gross!).

Weekly Belly Pic

Monday, October 17, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday was a relaxing night. We just hung out and watched some TV. I did a short prenatal yoga DVD.

Saturday I slept in really late so I didn't get a workout in as planned. We went to the Baby and Tot Show (like an expo) which wasn't nearly as chaotic as I expected. I thought for sure I was going to wonder what the heck we got ourselves into but there weren't that many screaming kids and we weren't run over by any strollers.

We ran into a few friends who recently had babies so it was nice to see them. Funny how times have changed and people you used to party with are now responsible adults with children! We also ran into our running instructor who is ready to have her baby any time now! In total we walked around for 2 hours so I am counting that as a workout!! My feet were sore!

Afterwards we went to pick up our stroller! I was slightly excited about this and we found a couple more small items for the nursery. I could really go nuts in that store but I held back.
Baby's space-looking stroller
We went out for dinner and indulged way too much. I think I let myself get a little too hungry so I definitely ordered more than I needed. Good thing I don't do that every day.

Sunday I was a lazy bum and slept all morning. I did a bunch of cleaning and went for a 3K walk to attempt to wake up! We had our friends and god-daughter over for dinner. Karina is so cute!! She is already 5.5 months old. She smiles lots and loves to bounce up and down. I couldn't upload any pictures as the internet is down at home. 

And a new week begins!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Award!! Versatile Blogger!!

Thanks to Gabriella from Two Peeps and a Pooch for the Versatile Blogger Award! I am so honoured!

The rules:

~ Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
~ Share 7 things about yourself
~ Pass the award on to 15 blogs that you recently discovered

Seven things about me:

1.  I can't smell. We think I "lost" my sense of smell when I was about 7.  I fell off a swing, smashed my face in the frozen ground, put my teeth through my lip (5 stitches) and almost lost my 2 front teeth. It's not that big of a deal because I was pretty young when it happened and things taste normal to me. 

2. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB. but lived in Toronto, Ontario for a few years when I was a pre-teen/teenager. I much prefer Calgary!

3. I want to be a house cat in my next life... Is it bad that I am jealous of my cat who gets to lay around and do nothing all day while I slave at work?

4. I have problems making decisions because I over-research and analyze everything. It took me almost a year to start my blog because I couldn't decide on a name!! Lame!

5. I find these things so hard because I don't want to give too much personal info but I want them to be interesting facts that people wouldn't know. Such a fine line!

6. I am a very visual person. I need to see what something will look like before I can decide that's what I want to do. I have inspiration pictures for everything!! 

7.  I love to make lists!! I like being able to check off what I have done and see what still needs to be done! I make packing lists, race lists, race packing lists, daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists, shopping lists, and now lists of lists!! Haha!! People make fun of me (like my hubby!) but you can't deny that a list doesn't keep you organized and on track. I also like pretty paper to make lists on...

This blog award has been making it's rounds in the blogosphere so if you haven't been awarded yet, you  have been now! Make sure you drop me a note so I can check out your blog and follow you!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

~Friday Free-for-all~

Well for once I actually have a few things to say but it's all random stuff!!

~ Had another great prenatal aquasize class yesterday. Towards the end I got a nasty calf/foot cramp. I definitely wasn't pointing my toes and I have been eating bananas so I don't know what it is. My toes were going all deformed- it was lovely. Maybe it's just a pregnancy thing? I did some googling and found some info from Baby Center. Basically they don't know why pregnancy women get leg cramps... but they did have some ideas on how to prevent them.

How can I prevent leg cramps?

Try these tips for keeping leg cramps at bay:
  • Avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time.
  • Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed.
  • Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes when you sit, eat dinner, or watch TV.
  • Take a walk every day, unless your midwife or doctor has advised you not to exercise.
  • Avoid getting too tired. Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs.
  • Stay hydrated during the day by drinking water regularly.
  • Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles.

I asked my mom and she said it means lack of calcium and to eat more ice cream!! Baby Center mentioned lack of calcium but that they aren't any studies to prove this, but just in case... I ate some ice cream!

~ Got the call that our stroller is in!! Going to pick it up this weekend. Maybe Milo (the cat) would like to be my test baby while I take it for a spin around the block... you know, to make sure it works and all. (You can actually buy strollers for cats!! Seriously that is ridiculous!) 

Uppababy Vista

~ It's time again... for Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC)!! Amanda at Run to Finish puts on this amazing challenge every year and it definitely helped me not gain weight during the holiday season last year! Yay for accountability and point tallying!! This year I signed up as a Builder because it's not a normal year for me with the bun in the oven. I am not training for any races (other than labour/delivery!) and my intensity is pretty low. So go sign up and help prevent the holiday bulge that tends to creep up on us every year. It runs from November 19th to January 6th.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Dear RIM,

You suck!! Yesterday, I couldn't communicate with anyone without being chained to my computer because of your inability to work properly! I actually had to phone people to say two words instead of BBMing them. The iPhone is looking more and more

2. Dear Heart burn,

We are not friends!! Stay away from me! All I had was a healthy Jugo Juice smoothie to fuel myself before a run/walk and you screwed me over with your pain! I have back up now- Tums, Maalox, Gaviscon... they are all my new friends.

3. Dear Muscles,

Sorry I haven't worked out in a couple days... between entertaining and heart burn there hasn't been much time. I promise to get back at it ASAP. Don't completely disappear on me!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

21 Weeks: Turkey Belly

How big is Baby Girl N? 


Weight Gain? After 2 turkey dinners I was afraid to weigh myself... but somehow I lost weight! I am down 2 pounds from last week, so up 5 in total. This seems odd since I had my fair share of turkey and pie on the weekend. It's probably just all my muscle turning to mush...

Maternity Clothing? I returned the jeans that I was debating about. I need more dress pants than jeans at this point. Now if only I could find a nice dress that doesn't cling to all the unflattering parts of my body... and that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I have heard a few women rave about a maternity boutique downtown but I am afraid to go there in cash my credit card explodes.

Cravings? Sugar :( Damn you!!

Symptoms? I am feeling some of that round ligament pain in my belly when I lie down. Guess things are stretching to make room for baby. Please no stretch marks!! Please! Also I have been getting leg cramps at night- nothing too painful but I will be stretching lots and eating bananas!

Sleep? I stocked up this weekend... unfortunately on Monday night I didn't have the greatest sleep as babe was kicking where no woman wants to be kicked. It's only going to get worse as it gets tighter in there.

Workouts? So happy because I managed to get 5 workouts in last week!! Two walks, one run, one prenatal aquasize and one strength training session. I can do it!

What I am excited for? Decorating the nursery

What I miss? My running legs :( They are quickly losing their nice tone. I am hoping squats will keep them in shape.

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? My sister feeling the baby kick on the weekend! She was over the moon!

Baby Purchases? Nothing this week but it isn't from lack of trying! Some of the nursery bedding items are on back order so my fingers are crossed that they will become available sooner rather than later. I am having a heck of a time deciding on a rocker/glider/recliner for the nursery. Why are all the nice ones so bloody expensive?

Baby Projects? Office/nursery is now cleared out. My friend picked up my desk *tear last night so once we decide on the paint colour we can begin decorating!

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~What I did this Thanksgiving Long Weekend~

How can a long weekend feel short and long at the same time? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend (or weekend if you are American!). We accomplished a lot, plus relaxed and saw family so it was fantastic!

On Friday, my good friend Jenn (from Victoria) was in town visiting her family for Thanksgiving so we met up for coffee after work. How lucky am I to see her twice in less than a month!! I sure hope she moves back to Calgary soon! That night I did some more organizing of hubby's office as he had to work late.

Saturday we did some cleaning and hubby cooked up a storm- pies, salsa, soup... We also went for a run!! It was my first run in a couple weeks and hubby's first run since Melissa's 2 weeks prior. It was about 11 degrees outside so perfect weather. We did about 3K! I walked a couple of the steep hills but for the most part I kept a steady running pace. My Garmin was dead (even though she was plugged in) so I don't even know exactly how far we went or how long it took us. It didn't matter though because it felt great!

Sunday my family came over for Thanksgiving dinner. My wonderful brother-in-law helped move the sofa bed from my office/nursery to hubby's/our office. I also got some opinions on the paint colours we were thinking of and the consensus is that it is too dark! Back to the drawing board...

Hubby and our nieces making whip cream

My aunt, sister, mom and I
Monday we cleaned up (theme of the weekend?), and I did a Ripped workout. After all that turkey I needed to do something! I also exchanged my jeans for dress pants at Thyme.  We had Thanksgiving dinner #2 at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house. I am stuffed!! I definitely ate way too much this weekend!!

The chefs/hosts and turkey carver

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vancouver Island Vacation Recap #2

To continue from Recap #1...

On Wednesday we did a bunch of sightseeing in Victoria. Our hotel was close to the harbour and downtown as we walked all around. We went into the Empress which is gorgeous!
Empress Hotel
We also walked past the Parliament buildings a bunch of times.

We went to Chinatown, the oldest one in Canada, for lunch and walked through Fan Tan Alley which is the narrowest street in Canada.
Fan Tan Alley
We also went to Miniature World which has over 80 miniature dioramas ranging from war scenes to doll houses, to saw mills. It was pretty neat!

That evening I met up with my good friend Jenn who moved to Victoria about a year ago. I hadn't seen her since she moved so this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip!! She took me to this amazing restaurant called Il Terrazzo and between the food and the atmosphere it is probably one of my favourite restaurants ever! We sat in the covered courtyard beside a wood fireplace and talked for hours. The service was amazing and the place was packed! If you are ever in Victoria you must go to the restaurant, but you need a reservation as they are busy!
Jenn and I- miss you!!

On Thursday, my mother-in-law, grandma-in-law and I went to Craigdarroch Castle which is a historic house museum built by a wealthy family in the 19th Century. It was gorgeous and huge but pretty disturbing to read about the family and their feud around their wealth.
Craigdarroch Castle- one side

Afterwards we went to Butchart Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous!! So many pretty flowers! We wandered around for about 3 hours. I got lots of great ideas for our garden next year! I just hope they can survive our climate.

I saw a snake on a hedge and I didn't scream!

 That night we did a bunch of grocery shopping and stocked up at the liquor store as the hikers gave us strict orders to have scotch and beer for them at the end of the trail!

On Friday, we checked out of our hotel, bid farewell to my grandma-in-law and drove to Port Renfrew to pick up our hikers. This road was much better than the road to Bamfield as it was paved. It was still very windy and had a few single-lane blind corners but at least we didn't have to worry about logging trucks! We didn't know exactly when the hikers would be done so we ended up waiting about an hour for them. They had to take a short 5 minute ferry from the trail end to the main land.
Ferry pick up spot
On the ferry!
Our muddy, stinky hikers!!
I have never been so happy to see them all! I may have had tears in my eyes when I saw them on the boat. Everyone was happy to be back to civilization and no major injuries!

After everyone had a beer, some snacks and changed their clothes, we loaded all the stinky packs and boots into the trucks and headed back to Victoria. The hikers told us all about their 5 day adventure and we stopped part way back at a roadside beach so they could stretch their legs.
Stinky hubby and I
Finally we made it back to Victoria and checked into our new hotel (which was right beside the hotel that we had just stayed in!). After the hikers showered and everyone got settled, we went for dinner in the hotel restaurant. Everyone crashed pretty early that night!
View of downtown Victoria and the harbour from our room

Harbour view from our room
Saturday ended up being a gorgeous sunny day so we did more sightseeing in Victoria. There were lots of vendors along the harbour so it was fun to just check them out. We went on a  harbour boat ride which was a great way to see Victoria. We saw a few float planes land which is awesome!
Statue along the harbour

Hubby & I in front of a boat for sale

Hubby & I on the boat ride

Blurry picture of seaplane about to land

Floating house!
Later that night (after a nap!) we went for dinner at Nautical Nellie's. Being pregnant in Victoria sure is tough because you are surrounded by all this delicious seafood that you can't eat! The oysters sure looked good... So did the many bottles of wine... It was quite entertaining as the sole sober person in the group!

We walked past the Parliament buildings all lit up on our way back to the hotel. So pretty!

Sunday we packed up and headed to the harbour for one last stop for fish and chips. This time we went to Red Fish Blue Fish which came highly recommended. We were there before they even opened up and there was a line up already! I had the halibut and it was so good! It's a good thing I don't live in Victoria or else I would weigh 300 pounds from all the amazing fish and chips!
Red Fish Blue Fish shack!
Afterwards we headed to ferry to take us back to Vancouver. We stopped at hubby's uncle-in-law's house in White Rock and had dinner. We then hit the road for a few more hours and stayed in Merritt for the night.

Monday we drove We left Merritt at 7am and didn't get to our house until 7pm (includes an hour time change forward and 2 stops for meals).

It was a great family trip and a wonderful visit to Vancouver Island!