Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monthly Stats: September 2011

Recap of September and my progress towards my GOALS for 2011

Total # runs-3- embarrassing!
Total # kms- 11.9K
Total # kms 2011- 635.1K

Best run-At this point, they are all the best!
Worst run- N/A
Total # races- 0
Total # non-run workouts- 7- only??

Total # books read this month- 0 finished. I am part way through a couple.
Eating Habits- 2.5/5. One word- vacation!! It's so hard to make healthy choices when eating out. I think I did pretty well, but I did have fish and chips a couple times, and my fair share of desserts.

September Reflections

Vacation got the better of me- again. Both my workouts and eating habits suffered greatly. I can't believe I ran only three times in the entire month! That has to be wrong! I miss it so much yet find it so hard to get out there when I run as slowly as I do. I think I need to set my watch for 5:1s so that I don't feel as pressured to run as long or as far as I am used to. I am not ready to give it up completely.

Last recap I said I was going to revise my goals to be more realistic- well, I never did come up with new goals and it is showing! Now that I have started my prenatal aquatic fitness class I have something structured to attend, but that's only once a week. I promise I will come up with some new goals this week.

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