Thursday, October 6, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Made some headway last night on the nursery and hubby's office soon to be shared office/guest room. I spent most of the time sifting through hubby's junk stuff to make room for my junk stuff. Hopefully we can recruit some family members to help move some big furniture around on the weekend. We will bribe them with turkey dinner!!

2. So far my workouts are on schedule this week- I haven't missed one yet!! Let's hope this streak continues- for the next 20 weeks! I even went for a walk in the rain and dark last night. Hardcore!

3. Looking forward to a long weekend- yay for Canadian Thanksgiving! Good luck to all my friends who are racing!


  1. Yay to moving junk! :) Good work on the workouts and YES to a 3 day weekend!!!

  2. Awesome job on the workouts! :)

  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Growing babies love turkey and pumpkin pie!


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