Wednesday, November 16, 2011

26 Weeks: Nursery Progress

How big is Baby Girl N?

Her features and senses are growing. She is also taking breaths of amniotic fluid.

Weight Gain? I forgot to weight myself so I will have to update later.

Maternity Clothing? I found a dress for a Christmas party and wedding that we are attending! It wasn't as hard as I thought- however it will be interesting to see how the dress fits when I am 9 months versus 7 months at the Christmas party!

Cravings? Seem to be in check. Really trying to increase my vegetable intake, so it's good that HBBC is right around the corner!

Symptoms? Braxton Hicks seem to be easing up. My belly button is getting flatter. Bending over and stairs are getting harder because the belly is getting in the way.

Sleep? Good now that I purchased the most amazing pillow ever! It is a pregnancy pillow, nursing pillow and baby pillow (supervised) all in one!

Workouts? Four walks and one yoga session. Active, but not intense.

What I am excited for? Christmas time! Baking, decorating, festive music, spending time with friends and family and holidays!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Feeling all the crazy kicks! They never get old!

Baby Purchases? We bought (most) of our nursery furniture and hubby eagerly set it all up! The nursery is slowly coming together and my list of to-do/to-buy is shrinking which makes this planner happy! Also a local baby store was closing one of it's locations so I bought a car seat cover (much needed in our winters!), a bassinet sheet and a few other items. I love sales!

Baby Projects? Still working on putting together the nursery. I don't plan on having all the decorating 100% done before she is born as I think it would be nice to add things over time and I don't want to clutter up the room. I am on the hunt for nice picture frames as I want to do a photo and art collage on one wall.

Wish list? A vacation somewhere warm, preferably with a beach or pool! Guess I have to settle for my prenatal aquasize class!

Pregzilla Moments? When hubby put the crib together with the warning sticker on the outside. It looks bad doesn't it? The rail will have to be rotated around so the sticker is on the inside- early reading material for babe.

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. Love the picture collage idea! Have you checked Ikea or Wal-mart? Or even the dollarama?

  2. Love those wall collages! I actually found a lots of good frames at Walmart!
    I want to see your dress! :) Looking hot lady!

  3. You are so cute! Love your baby bump! Can't wait to see the dress! :)

    You asked about the collage I had on yesterday's post. I used Picnik. You can make all sorts of designs. I love it!

  4. Love the collages! haha I would have had a moment about the text too I think. Funny!

  5. I had a body pillow during pregnancy. I didn't give it up right after either. It was super comfy!

  6. I have a bunch of frames that I hope to make into a collage too! Just have to get around to doing it! Which store was closing out??


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