Wednesday, November 30, 2011

28 Weeks: Third Trimester

How big is Baby Girl N?

Eggplant...still. Her lungs are maturing and her skin is pretty wrinkly.

How did the 3rd trimester creep up on me? It seems like yesterday I found out... and they say time goes by even faster when the baby gets here!

Weight Gain? +1 pound this week, total 15 pounds. I am measuring perfectly which is great (and she is head down)!

Maternity Clothing? I have restrained myself this past week however it is time to seriously consider a new jacket...

Cravings? Christmas oranges!! My favourite fruit!! I could eat 10 of them a day.

Symptoms? A few more foot cramps. My latest blood work results show that my iron levels have "tanked" so I now have to take a liquid iron supplement. Guess that partially explains why my energy has been so low lately.

Sleep? Pretty good.

Workouts? Keepin' active- yoga, swimming and 3 walks

What I am excited for? The baby!

What I miss? After volunteering this weekend, I miss racing.

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? The little hiccups and daily acrobatics.

Baby Purchases? I took advantage of a Cyber Monday sale and bought a Moby Wrap

It will be perfect for the first few months when she is tiny and just wants to be held close. Hubby can also wear it too, which will come in handy on vacuuming day!

I finally broke down and bought a cute sleeper at Costco! I have been eyeing them for years!

Baby Projects? Bought some scrapbook paper to put in a couple frames for the wall collage. Hubby remembered that we had some old frames in the basement so he sanded and painted them white. Love when we can use stuff we already have!

I looked for some fabric to make the crib skirt and a pillow but I didn't find anything remotely close to what I had envisioned. Hopefully I will find something relatively soon as there isn't anything for sale in the stores that will work either.

Pregzilla Moments? One minute I think I have plenty of time left before the baby comes and the next I freak out because it's less than 3 months away!! Time is going by so slowly, yet so quickly at the same time!

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. Glad you found frames, can't wait to see it. I love the costco onesies, so cute.

  2. You will love the wrap! I used a wrap for both of mine, and it was great. Especially if you end up with a baby that likes to be held all the time. It's so easy to just wrap them up.

  3. You look so cute! I love my Moby but John won't wear it because it's too girly...even though it's black.

  4. Can't wait to see the wall collage! Looking adorable as always! :)

  5. I love following the updates. I loved my Moby Wrap... I know some who didn't like them as much but my guy loved being all snuggled up close in there. If you don;t have anyone to show you how to wrap it-- You Tube is a beautiful thing for this!

  6. You look very cute! Try to enjoy the last trimester (kinda hard since you'll get increasingly uncomfortable): Sleep lots, enjoy the "alone" time with your husband, and be sure you schedule plenty of girl time with your friends. So much of those 3 things change after the baby actually arrives!


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