Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prenatal Yoga DVD Review

I was starting to get pretty bored with the same old (but good) prenatal yoga workout so I ordered another DVD off Amazon that was recommended to me- Element Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

This yoga workout is shorter- only 30 minutes long and is more intense than the other prenatal DVD I have been using. It is closer to what a "regular" yoga class would be like- lots of downward dog, warrior poses, triangle pose, etc.

While it is nice to have a change, I kind of wish I had this DVD at the beginning of my pregnancy as I would have appreciated the more intense workout when my belly wasn't in the way as much!

The nice thing about this DVD is that there is a workout for postnatal as well. I haven't checked it out yet but based on the prenatal workout I think I will like it.

HBBC Update

Monday's Points: 1.5 yoga, 1 mile walk, 1 f&v= 3.5
Total Points Nov 26-Dec 2: 4.5
Total Points: 25.5


  1. Yay Glad you like it! :) I love new dvds.

  2. I find adding something new is a great way to keep motivated. It's too bad you didn't have it earlier, but like you said, there's also the postnatal (or next time.)

  3. I tried the P90X yoga the other day and it was too slow for me at the starting so I had to quit. Or maybe it was just the guy who bugged me. Either way, great job on the points! :)


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