Monday, February 27, 2012

~ She's Here!~

Our precious little girl, Audrey Lyn arrived on February 24th at 3:11am, weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 20.5 inches long. We are so in love and are busy enjoying & savouring these newborn days! She is so perfect and we are amazed and thankful that we get to be her parents!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

40 Weeks: Eviction Time!

How big is Baby Girl N?


Weight gain? No weight gain this week which is surprising considering all the goodies I have been making and consuming while on mat leave!

Maternity Clothing? Pjs are my new wardrobe, unless I venture out and then I put some nice sweat pants on. 

Cravings? No

Symptoms? Mentally this part is tough because it really is a waiting game. My belly button is half popped, and baby has dropped. I did opt for a stretch and sweep at my midwife appointment 2 days ago and I am 1 cm dilated, cervix is soft but long. Some cramping/contracting but nothing worth timing as there is no pattern or increase in intensity. 

Sleep? At night the Braxton Hicks contractions pick up and I have a rough time sleeping. I think something might be happening but when I get up they disappear. So much for resting before the baby comes!

Workouts? Prenatal aqua size class and lots of walking. I met up with the Running Room's Stroller Group for a walk yesterday. It was nice to get some fresh air, visit with my half marathon instructor and meet new people. I am definitely looking forward to when I can participate in these walks with my own baby and stroller!!

What I am excited for? My baby to be born!! 

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Shovelling snow while overdue and the neighbour scolding me! Unfortunately my attempts at inducing labour have not worked!

Baby Purchases? I'm done, for now! Closet is stocked and drawers are full! My Aden and Anais swaddling blankets arrived in the mail the other day which I think is the last of my online purchases. 

Baby Gifts? No more gifts until she is born!! Except hubby wants to buy her in hopes of bribing her out! Not sure what he could possibly get her that would make her want to leave my comfy uterus!!

Baby Projects? The nursery is finally done!! 

More nursery pictures can be found here.

The wall photo collage is now up! I just have to take pictures...

My to-do list is pretty much done. I have a few other projects that I could be working on while I wait...

Full-term Annoyances? The non-stop phone calls and texts asking where the baby is, as if I have some sort of control as to when she gets here!! Also people telling me when it's convenient for them for her to be born... Sorry to break it to you but she doesn't give a shit what works for you!! And yes, I know she will come when she is ready...

I actually compare my current predicament to the feeling you get at the start line of a half-marathon (or any race). You have done the training and feel prepared (well usually!), but the waiting for the gun to go off is excruciatingly painful as you just want to begin the race and do it!! I am not scared of labour, but I am annoyed with all the false starts!

Weekly Belly Pic

Hopefully this will be the last belly picture!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Awaited Nursery Reveal!!

I finally got around to taking pictures of the nursery! I shared some of the progress along the way but wanted to wait until everything was just perfect (well almost everything) before sharing the finished project!!

The majority of the labour was done by my hubby but most of the ideas are mine. See, we work well together! I tell him what to do and he does it!! :)

First, let's start with what the room looked like before- as my office!

In the middle of organizing and packing-
it was usually clean and tidy!

As soon as we found out we were having a GIRL, hubby said he didn't want to paint the walls pink or yellow because he did some research and found that those colours aren't very calming. Apparently blue is a good colour for a nursery but I really wanted something girly so purple was the compromise.

It took awhile to find the perfect purple as the room doesn't get much light and we didn't want it to be too dark.

Sample colours and inspiration pattern 

We ended up going with the colour on the far right- Behr Lavender Sachet. It's perfect!!

Hubby got to painting... Bye bye beige!

I really wanted to do a Woodsy/Bird/Owl theme and without buying a bedding set. I ordered these awesome decals on Etsy- white birch trees with violet birds and hubby put them up. It was a little time consuming since you had to match up the pieces but they look amazing!! I am so happy with how they turned out!

Taped up for placement

All done!!

Next it was time to purchase and set up all the nursery furniture!! I wanted white and clean lines. Thankfully Ikea had exactly what I wanted, and for the right price!! Sweet!!

Putting together the dresser/change table

Putting together the crib

For the longest time all the furniture was set up but we were still deciding on what glider/recliner to buy. I dislike the typical glider nursery sets and even though you can buy them relatively inexpensively (or even second hand) I just hate the look of them and the ones that I tried didn't seem that comfortable. Since I plan on spending hours in this chair rocking, nursing and reading to my baby(ies) I figured it was worth the investment to splurge on a good glider/recliner.

I found the Monte Grano at a local children's store and loved it!! I decided to order directly from the manufacturer since they would deliver right to my door (not sure what the store's policy was for delivery).

What I love about this rocker is that once we are done with it in the nursery it will fit easily into another room in our house. It's also made in Canada which is a huge plus.

I ordered it at the end of December and the expected delivery time was 4-6 weeks. It arrived at my door step 3 weeks later!! I was totally not expecting it so when the courier company called to say they had a delivery I couldn't figure out what it was!!

Trying out the new recliner after my baby shower!

With the arrival of the rocker, the nursery was finally ready- except for art work and pictures that will be added over time.

Now for the big reveal!!!

View from the door

Her crib 

We found this pattern for the crib sheet, change pad cover,
stroller blanket and storage caddy.

Pretty chandelier

Dresser/Change table

The photo collage will go above the dresser. It's ready- just needs hubby to put it up which is harder than it sounds so I have heard!

Book shelf full of
toys & books

My mom gave me that plaque.
I think it's perfect for the nursery!

Top right- Hubby's stuffed animals from when he was a baby
Bottom left- My stuffed animals from more recent years
Now they are Baby Girl's!

The owl bookends are the first thing
I bought for the nursery!
Rocking horse from Grandma!!
It whinnies, makes galloping sounds
rocks its head and swishes its tail!!

Awesome rocker/glider!

Every girl should be so lucky to have her own walk-in closet!! Good thing since we need lots of room to store all of the stuff for this spoiled little girl!!

Before- full of my stuff!

Dresses, craft supplies, shoes,
wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. 

Another view

After- full of baby stuff!!

Organized... for now

She has a few adorable outfits!!

She has quite the shoe collection!

Her dresser is also full of all the necessities and more cute outfits!

Diapers, cream, burp cloths, bibs, nursing supplies
Middle- sleepers, onesies, socks, hats
Bottom- sheets, receiving blankets,
wash cloths, towels
The drawer organizers from Ikea are amazing! Keeps everything neat and folded, especially because the clothes are so small.

So other than adding artwork and pictures, the nursery just needs its occupant to arrive!! Any day now?!?!

~What I did this Long Weekend~

Normally a long weekend is the best.thing.ever but this Family Day long weekend just felt like a big waiting game. Waiting to see if I would go into labour, waiting to see if we could follow through with our plans, waiting...

I figured the best thing to do was to continue making plans and carry on with life!

Saturday was a relatively productive day for me. I took pictures of the finished nursery and worked on the nursery photo collage (it's still not up yet!). Hubby still had to paint another coat on a few of the frames which is what I have been waiting all this time for! He's been busy though and it is a low priority project.

I also applied for Employment Insurance for my maternity leave now that I am officially on maternity leave (I used one week of vacation first). Let's hope the processing time isn't too long! I also did a bunch of filing in the office, washed and put away the 2nd hand baby stuff we got from some friends (thank you!), and cleaned a bit more (it never does end). When hubby got home from work we went for an hour long walk, I made chili (first time ever!), and since I was on a roll in the kitchen, I made brownies!!

On Sunday, hubby met up with his marathon running group -I sure miss our half marathon group :( while I slept in. Apparently when I texted him for a Tim's coffee he thought I was in labour. Um no- that would warrant a phone call honey!!

Sunday also marked my due date! For fun, hubby and I went to a nearby park (actually our usually half marathon training pathway!) to take some last belly shots (please!).

Hubby also decided to make a spicy dinner (since that's one of the myths to induce labour). When we were travelling through Vancouver in September on the way to the West Coast Trail, we stopped at my future-sister-in-law's aunt's house for the night. She made us a delicious Thai Green Curry of which she made the paste from scratch. Hubby, being the chef he is decided to take down the two page 8.5 x 11 recipe!!

We ventured over to the Asian market in hopes of finding all the ingredients (lesser ginger? galangal? shrimp paste?). It was quite the adventure- took about an hour to find most of the items on the list. We also had to stop at the regular grocery store to pick up more ingredients.

So while he slaved in the kitchen, I relaxed as I was right pooped from walking, posing, and shopping!! Haha!! It is quite the process to make curry from scratch but it is worth it!! Unfortunately it didn't do anything to induce labour!! I even tried some spicy chai tea with cayenne and peppercorns but it only caused the baby to be ridiculously active! So I drowned my sorrows by eating a brownie with strawberries and whip cream. Maybe if I ate gross food she will come out??

We woke up Monday morning to a nice dump of snow! I eagerly volunteered to shovel it in hopes of starting labour. My sweet neighbour across the street gave me heck but I told her I was only doing it to induce labour!

I did have a lot of braxton hicks contractions all morning and afternoon but then they stopped. Shucks!!

I had more spicy tea, went for another walk and had dinner at the in-laws. Hopefully this little one will arrive before the weekend so her aunt and uncle can meet her before they go back home. My prediction is that she will come the day after they leave.

Monday was also my niece's 10th birthday! I guess my baby girl didn't want to share her birthday with her cousin!


And here it is Tuesday morning and I have been up almost all night... I should be resting and getting as much sleep as possible since who knows when the next time I will get a full night's uninterrupted sleep again (probably never). Instead I am wide awake surfing the net and writing blog posts... at least I don't have to go to work today!!

Nursery reveal coming very soon!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Due Date!!

Today officially marks my due date!! Which really doesn't mean too much other than she will be coming sometime in the next 2 weeks for sure!

I always figured I would be late but now that my due date is here I am so ready for her to come. Physically I feel fine and am not too uncomfortable but I don't want to wait any longer and just want to meet this sweet little girl ASAP!

So Baby Girl, please get out! :)

Hopefully these will be the last belly pictures!! Hubby has some fun playing with the new camera today.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Productive Week

My first week of maternity leave is over! My goal of having one week to myself before the baby comes has been achieved. I do realize this means she will be 2 weeks late!!

Monday I did a bit of shopping, and made a run to Costco. Doesn't sound like a lot but I was pretty tired afterwards!

Tuesday was Valentine's Day! Hubby and I went for pedicures and also to the chiro for adjustments.  Checked a couple things off the before baby to-do list!We had a romantic evening in with delicious fondue for dinner- turkey meat for main course and chocolate for dessert!! I may have overindulged just a bit!

Wednesday I had a midwife appointment where they slightly scared me by thinking that the baby was breech now!! Ahhh that wouldn't be cool! Thankfully she was just awkwardly positioned, but still in the right position- head down. Good girl! I was also told to hold off on going into labour for a few days (a week) because one midwife was sick and there was a line up to have babies! Ok no problem!!

I spent the night baking muffins. I might have to make some more though...

Thursday I had my rescheduled massage appointment (remember my regular massage therapist broke her foot) which was very nice. Unfortunately this therapist wouldn't massage any of the pressure points that are thought to induce labour :( She said she would have to work them for awhile and since I am not overdue there isn't any point. My other therapist definitely would have done it... Oh well- it was relaxing nonetheless and will probably be my last massage for awhile.

Friday my sister attempted to help induce labour by going to a sad movie with me. We went to see The Vow, which actually isn't that sad.

I didn't shed a tear and normally I cry quite easily. It was a good movie however I was slightly disappointed in the end. I love Rachel McAdams- such a great actress!

Afterwards we walked around the mall for a couple hours. We looked at all the adorable baby clothes at various stores but I restrained myself. Her Auntie bought her a couple new sleepers though!!

I was feeling quite tired and sore after shopping but still no baby!! Just spent the night relaxing with my hubby, enjoying our last few evenings as a family of 2. It's hard to believe that in a few short days-ish our whole lives will change!! Exciting yet scary!

So yah, still pregnant!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Everyone please be careful!! Apparently everyone around me is breaking bones! Yesterday my massage clinic called to reschedule me as my massage therapist broke her foot! This is the 3rd person close to me to have broken a bone in the last month! First my maternity leave replacement broke her wrist, then my mother-in-law broke her ankle while travelling and now my massage therapist!

2. My energy level is quite low but I did get a burst of energy last night and baked a couple batches of bran muffins. I found this recipe (I had buttermilk to use) and they turned out delicious! I am always hesitant to try a new recipe because I had such bad luck last year! I plan on making more of the yummy No-bake Energy Balls that Leigh recommended.

3. There is a long weekend coming up and it's my niece's 10th birthday on Monday! Wow, I can't believe it!! She is growing up so fast!! I remember when I turned 10 and it definitely doesn't seem that long ago!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

39 Weeks: Maternity Leave Begins

How big is Baby Girl N?


I've never even heard of a winter melon before! She keeps growing even though there isn't much room in there! I think I am most excited to see how much she weighs at birth! Odd I know!

Weight gain? Up 1 pound, for a total of 23 pounds.

Maternity Clothing? Now that I am on maternity leave I have been rocking the lululemon pants, leggings and tunics. It's all about comfort now! 

Cravings? Not really. I have been relatively craving free this entire pregnancy. 

Symptoms? Just overall tiredness. 

Sleep? It has been getting more difficult each night. Thankfully I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock anymore but the pee wake ups are becoming more frequent and it's harder to fall asleep after each one. Of course I have no problems napping...

Workouts? Prenatal aquasize class. 

What I am excited for? Meeting my baby!! Now that I am on maternity leave and I had my pedicure yesterday, I am ready!! Unfortunately my midwife told me to hold off for a week because lots of babies seem to be coming right now! That's fine too. 

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Every moment that I am pregnant is memorable. It is such a miracle to be able to experience this and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't believe I am so close to the end. I am so excited, yet a little sad for the experience to be over. 

Baby Purchases? Must stay away from the cute baby clothes!! No more shopping for me!! 

Baby Gifts? Alison and Leigh totally spoiled Baby Girl last weekend. She is going to be a little fashionista for sure! Thanks so much!!

Baby Projects? Well we got the most important thing on the to-do list done- car seat is now officially installed! 

Now to get some motivation/energy to work on that wall collage. I pulled the frames out of the closet so that's a start... 

I also want to do some more baking but again I am lacking some major motivation. When exactly does that nesting thing kick in because my house could really use a good cleaning? Maybe tomorrow...

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~Happy Valentine's Day!!~

This marks our 8th Valentine's Day spent together!

I remember our first Valentine's like it was yesterday. We were in University and Hubby made this elaborate meal for me! He lived in a house with a bunch of other guys so it wasn't super intimate but it was perfect! It was a roast chicken stuff with prosciutto and herbs. He served it with vegetables, of which I only remember the squash because we forgot about it in the oven and almost burned it!! For dessert we had chocolate fondue which is one of my favourites!!

This Valentine's Day we will be having fondue again- meat fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert! I can't wait!! We are also getting pedicures this afternoon. Perfect timing with the big dump of snow we got last night!

I am so lucky and can't wait for thousands of more days to spend with my love! We don't need Valentine's Day to celebrate our love but any excuse for chocolate fondue...

Love you!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

~What I did this Weekend~

The weekend is over and for once that doesn't mean much for me! Yay for being on maternity leave!!

Friday was a happy yet sad day since it was my last day at work. As tired of working and feeling exhausted all the time, it was still sad to say goodbye (for now) to everyone. It was so weird to clear out my desk and pass off all my work to my replacement. It is nice to know that I will be missed though.

We spent Friday night just vegging at home. We watched Morning Glory which was actually pretty good!!

I love Rachel McAdams! Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton are also excellent in this movie.

Saturday we slept in. It was hubby's first day off this year so we tried to relax as much as possible. We went to visit the in-laws as they were back from their vacation- a bit early. My mother-in-law broke her ankle while in New Zealand so they had to cut their trip short so she could come back to Canada for surgery. She seems to be doing quite well in spite of it all and at least this way we know they will be back for when the baby is born!

That afternoon I went to my friend's baby shower, while hubby went to the male version of a baby shower- Pamper Party- where the guys get together and drink! Their admission to the party is a package of diapers. Genius idea!

Delicious cake! Chocolate and Vanilla!

Happy Mommy-to-be!

Two mommies-to-be
& Aquasize partners in crime!

We had lots of fun playing games, chatting with people and eating yummy food!! They also served the most delicious non-alcoholic punch with sorbet! Yum!!

Sunday I had lunch plans with a couple lovely ladies- Leigh and Alison. It was nice to catch up with them!  They totally spoiled Baby Girl- she is going to be the most fashionable little girl around!

Adorable outfits from Alison

Cute hat, homemade bib and shirts from Leigh

Alison also shared with us these delicious treats. So good and as predicted, they didn't last very long!!

Thanks again ladies for a great visit and for the gifts! Can't wait for her to meet you both when she arrives!

The rest of the day I did a few things around the house. Hubby installed the car seat in my car so we are ready!! The rest of the things on my to-do list are mostly optional which is nice to know that I can do them if I feel like it.

Car seat installed!

It was nice to have a more relaxing weekend after a couple pretty busy ones. Time to relax now!!