Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 3: Audrey

Audrey had her 4 week check up today (she's not quite 4 weeks yet!) and she has gained almost 2 pounds since birth!! Little pork chop! Guess that explains the endless feeding sessions (hers not mine)!

We are taking things pretty easy around here. We have gone on a few walks when the weather is nice. Audrey is usually pretty happy as long as she is moving! I keep joking that I was too active during pregnancy so she always needs to be moving! The swing has been a lifesaver!

We've tried the Moby wrap a few more times. She seems content in it for a little while and then is ready for a change. I love how snuggled up against me she is in it!

We still have lots of visitors wanting to meet and spend time with the little one. It's funny to see people fight over her!! "No, it's my turn to hold her now!" It's sweet!! I don't blame them!

We seem to have a few good nights here and there where she sleeps for a 4 hour stretch between feedings. It's often followed by a night of hourly wake-ups so I am trying to not get too used to it! And it's funny that I used to complain about a couple middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks in pregnancy!! Oh how times have changed!

In non-baby related news, our new sectional was delivered today-- I haven't decided if I like it or not! I feel like it's too big... I think I need to do some furniture re-arranging. You know, when I get some free time!! Haha!!

Hoping to make it to the stroller group walk tomorrow- all depends on when Audrey eats since walking with a screaming baby isn't fun!! I could really use some fresh air and adult interaction right now!!

I just can't believe that Audrey is almost a month old! Time is going by way too quickly and it makes me sad! She's changing every day!


  1. Cute yes. But I will not be on that list of people fighting to hold the baby.

  2. Such cute photos!! I hope the weather cooperates so you can out more. Can't wait to meet her and see you!!

  3. She is so cute! Love her outfit! I know what you mean about needing fresh air and adult conversation. Been there :)

  4. She is so adorable :) Alison and I still need to stop by to meet her and of course see you :)

  5. Can't believe she's almost a month old!

  6. Glad to hear things are still going well! Those stroller classes are actually really great, hope you can make it!

  7. She is so sweet! And you look fantastic! Keep up the good work :) I hope you can get to the stroller class, but if not no worries! There will be more. :)

  8. I remember thinking the same thing about Zoey and how active she wanted to be. I thought that maybe I should have sat on the couch my whole pregnancy! I'm glad she's liking the wrap. It's a real lifesaver! I still throw Zoey in it those days where she just wants to cuddle and that way I can do things! (Like make coffee!)


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