Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Audrey: 7 Months

6 Months
5 Months

Sleep- We started sleep training at 6months and while the first week was tough, she caught on and we had a couple weeks of either sleeping through the night or only one wake up. It was amazing to feel well rested again and Audrey was so much happier. Then she got a cold... and all hell broke loose. We are back to 3-4 wake ups a night. Things will go back to normal when she's better right? Just in time for more teeth probably.

Eating-  This girl loves food! She's happiest when either she or someone else is shovelling food into her mouth! Most recently she has tried: chicken, prunes, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, apple, and banana. She loves it all! She is usually having solids twice a day now- breakfast and dinner.

We had to move Milo's food and water since Audrey was constantly dropping either food or her sippy cup into his food or water dish! Poor guy would be eating food and suddenly he would be bombed with a sippy cup and food would go flying.

Milestones- Another big month for milestones! Audrey has learned to army crawl so we installed a baby gate to protect her from the stairs. She has been getting up on her knees so crawling is going to happen really soon. Time to start buying locks for the cabinets!

She has also learned to blow raspberries which is just about the cutest thing ever! Oh and she now sits up all the time with no problems.

Playing- Still obsessed with getting everything in her mouth. She loves my Blackberry and I keep secretly (or not so secretly!) hoping that she ruins it with her drool so I can get an iPhone sooner! Sophie is still the best thing ever and she loves all her stuffed animals.

Weight/Clothes- No weigh-in since last month so I'm not sure how much she weighs. She still fits into some 3-6m clothes, probably even better if she didn't have a big cloth diaper butt but she is mostly wearing 6-9m or 6-12m clothes. I hate packing up the clothes she grows out of but luckily she has bigger, cuter clothes to grow into!

Personality- She has one of my not-so-great traits- impatience! She's also a Drama Queen but I have no idea where she gets that from ;) She's pretty awesome!

Audrey's Current Favourite Things- food, water bottles, Mom's Blackberry and Sophie the Giraffe.

Now I'm serious- quit growing up!! 


  1. Oh sleep training! We never did it, but Henry still doesn't sleep through the night. He wakes up and needs water. He will not go back to sleep without it. But 1-2 wake ups don't bother me. I'm hoping once he gets his last molars, he will start sleeping through. Those darn teeth!!

  2. So cute! I hate packing up too small clothes too... :-(


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