Monday, September 24, 2012

~If my Hubby asks, I'm Sleeping!~

Last night was another sleepless night- mostly due to my own insomnia. Add a few Audrey wake ups in there and I'm lucky if I got 3 hours total. Hubby told me to sleep when Audrey naps today. So I'm writing this in my sleep ;)

I caught the Mom Cold on Thursday so I spend the weekend trying to recover from that! Holy heck did it ever knock me on my butt! I am generally a pretty healthy person, which I always attribute to lots of sleep. Well lack of sleep= reduced immune system= sick Nicole :( Trying to take care of a little one who is also sick is tough.

Luckily, Audrey has a kick ass Dad who loves to hang out with her so I was able to get some extra rest. I'm still feeling pretty crappy but apparently life still goes on.

Friday we ordered in Sushi which was a nice treat! I love sushi! I also started reading Bloom which is a bad book to read when you are already feeling emotional! Good book so far but I think I've gone through a Kleenex box already!

A short interruption for pictures...

I just love this two teeth grin!

Sophie has great legs!

Hi Milo!
(He was checking out what she was eating)

Yummy pumpkin

I want some coffee too, Mom!

Saturday we had zero plans. Do you know how great that feels, especially when you are sick? Amazing! We went to the garden store to pick up a few things and then got some ice cream and went for a 1.5hr walk around Bowness Park. Such a gorgeous day and being outside made me feel a bit better.

Crap, I took pictures with hubby's iPhone of our walk but I obviously can't ask him to send them to me since I'm sleeping!! Haha! I'll update later...

Sunday I hoped to meet up with our Running group to do 10-16K but after another sleepless night and this butt kicking cold I just couldn't do it. We also had my Step Dad's memorial in the afternoon. It was an emotional day.

With my half marathon in less than a week, I knew I needed to get out for a longest run so at 8pm I set out. I sure wasn't expecting the sun to set so quickly- how did fall creep up on me so soon? After my first 4K I had to stop at home to pick up my headlamp since running in the dark, with no street or house lights in some areas is not fun (or safe). I managed to squeeze out just under 9K before I decided that it was time to quit. My body felt fine but running in the dark at 9pm by myself was a little uncomfortable. Heck- 9K is better than none!

Ok- I'm really going to to sleep now!


PS- how's this font? Hubby said the last font was too hard to read.


  1. I like the font!!! Hope you to get a nap today! And feel better soon. Sounds like a great weekend. I love no plans!! That hardly ever happens! But when it does - awesome! Amazing weather this weekend hey! LOVEd it.

  2. I'm running harvest half this weekend too! You did well to get your long run in, despite being sick. I'm trying to get my mommunity to kick in this week so I can kill the start of a cold that is trying to attack me as well...

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. I had the mom cold a few weeks ago. Terrible but luckily I had the worst of it over a weekend so I got to chill in bed while John solo parented. Henry just started getting a running nose again and I'm worried it'll be back! I tend to catch whatever he has.

  5. Yes - the mommy/baby colds suck! We have had 2 rounds since Skye was born. And I hardly ever got sick before. It's days like that I wish she would catch onto napping longer!!


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