Tuesday, September 4, 2012

~Long Weekend Loves~

What a great last long weekend of the summer! I am so in denial that summer is almost over. How is that possible? Oh right- have 4 weddings in one summer and suddenly it zooms by!

Before I talk about our long weekend, I have to mention our trip to the Calgary Zoo with the moms and babies from our prenatal group on Thursday. It is so much for to see the girls growing up. We thought that they might enjoy the zoo a little more this time (last time they were 3-4months old and slept through most of it!). It was crazy busy as it seemed all of Calgary was trying to get a last trip to the zoo in before school starts (today). The girls loved the animals but they are still babies- need to eat, sleep, be changed, or held and of course, never at the same time! It was great to visit with the moms too and share stories of feeding solids, travelling with babies, sleep or lack of, and lots of other joyful (or not) motherhood adventures!

This toy is yum!


Elephant playing with the ball

The 3 cuties!!
Audrey, Madalyn and Stella

Let's touch each other

This is so fun!!

Add caption

Grizzly bear keeping cool

So onto the long weekend...

On Saturday we just took it easy. Unfortunately hubby had to do some work in the morning so Audrey and I just hung out and cleaned, ate, napped... the usual stuff! In the afternoon I ran a couple errands and after a delicious rib dinner made by my talented hubby and Audrey was in bed we had a fire outside. We roasted s'mores, had a couple drinks and just enjoyed the blue moon! Great night!

Sunday morning we had our long run with our running group. I haven't done a long run since August 14th! Thankfully it was only 12K but that meant the dreaded Hanson Ranch route!! Uphill both ways!! Oddly enough I was ok running this route since I have kept up with hill training so I knew I could do the hills. It was a tough run but mentally I got through it no problem. I am so ready for my 10K race next weekend!

That evening was my best friend L's belated birthday party. It was so nice to hang out with some of our friends for a great dinner and relaxing evening. Audrey's boyfriend, Dane was there too. He has grown so much since the last time we saw him (a month ago) and was all smiles!! The two of them are able to interact a little more with one another now which is adorable! I hope they grow up to be best buds! We are already planning their wedding!! Haha!!

Birthday Girl, Dane, Audrey and hubby


Posing for the camera already!

Monday we decided to go for a hike in Kananaskis. I'm not a big hiker but the more I run the more I appreciate being outside and a hike isn't as physically challenging as say... an 18K run! We planned to leave around 10am. Well guess who was still napping at that time? Yup, Audrey decided to have one of her rare 2.5 hour naps so we didn't leave the house until 12:30pm!

We drove about an hour to just outside Canmore to Grotto Creek Trail. I looked up the hike online and it looked decent. We put Audrey into the baby Hawk carrier (on hubby's back) and she loved it! I carried the backpack with our snack, extra clothes and water. It was a bit chilly out but perfect for hiking.

I like this!

Trail head- you can barely see Audrey!

We stopped at the waterfall for a snack and to feed Audrey and then continued on a bit further to the Grotto Cave. We just went to the base of it, not up the side of the mountain! We aren't crazy!

Not far from the trail head

Canyon walls

Audrey and hubby


Audrey likes apples

Little squirrel

Base of the cave
See the tiny people up there? Not us!

Audrey and hubby at the base of the Cave

Audrey was such a trooper the entire hike. She babbled away and barely complained. She even fell asleep at one point! Love this kid!

Sleeping hiker

We should have brought a Garmin to actually track the distance but I think in total we hiked about 5.5K in about 2.5 hours (including our snack break). It was the perfect hiking distance for me!

It was a fantastic long weekend and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad it is over. Come back long weekend!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their last long weekend of the summer!!


  1. You guys are so lucky you have a great zoo in Calgary. Ours is okay, but nothing too exciting...

  2. Wow busy!!! Love all the babies together!! That hike looks awesome. Good work. I'm sad summer is coming to a close too. How can this be?!? :(

  3. Lots like a fun weekend! That's awesome that Audrey didn't fuss at all on the hike...she was meant for the outdoors! :)


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