Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On My Mind...

...while running, not driving!

I really want to get faster and I think this is the winter to do it. I love training for halfs because I can't fake those races (although I sure am trying to this training round- missing all my long runs! Tsk tsk!) and I have a great group of people to run with. But I want to get faster in my 5K and 10K distances too. I want to break 30 minutes in the 5K and 1 hour in the 10K. I know I can do it but I need to put in the speed training. I think I will do most of it on the treadmill this winter, unless we get some good weather so I'm not falling on the ice and hurting myself. When do you introduce speed training into your training?

So now I have to start looking at races and recruiting fellow racers!

Oh I found a 5K on December 1st that gives a freakin awesome medal!! I'm going to sign up now!! Can't beat the price! This is going to be my sub 30 min 5K (barring no crazy icy blizzard conditions which is quite possible). Leigh- wanna sign up too?? Anyone else??

Santa Shuffle 5K Medal


Chariot Running

Speaking of speed, I had a 4K Chariot PR yesterday since Audrey decided to share with the whole world how she felt about the run! As we get towards the end of the clinic, the week days runs get longer. We were supposed to do 6K after our guest speaker which ran over so we didn't start running till after 7pm. I think it's just starting to get a little too late for her to be out there when she has a bedtime of around 8pm.

So I cut the run short and booted it back to my car so we could go home. During the night I could hear her coughing and her breathing sounded congested. Poor baby has a full on cold now. Perhaps that's why she was so grumpy last night? Either way, we cancelled swimming today and shall see if she's feeling a bit better to go for a run tonight.



I really want an iPhone. I'm so sick of my crapberry and I want to be able to use all those cool apps. It's just such a versatile phone which the crapberry is not. So do I wait for the iPhone 5 or get the 4S? Sure the 5 has a bigger screen, slightly better camera, etc etc etc. but are those things really worth the extra $$?

Unfortunately, I'm not eligible for a phone upgrade for awhile so I have to pay the early upgrade fee which is currently $182. Barf!! I can get an iPhone 4 for free (after the early upgrade fee), the 4S for $79 or the 5 for $179 (16GB). I think the decision is to wait until Christmas when the early upgrade fee will be closer to $100 but even then $300 for the 5 seems $$$! Maybe the 5 will turn out to be a dud and then the decision will be easy and cheaper to get the 4S!

Anyone have any thoughts to help me in my decision making?



Finally started reading some books that aren't parenting related. I just finished the Fifty Shades trilogy (entertaining read) and the Sister Wives book- it's okay. I'm now going to read Bloom and Then Came You. Loving Goodreads! Great way to keep track of the books I want to read, the books I have read and the books to stay away from!! Haha!

Feel free to recommend a book or two for me to read! Not Star Wars though... :)


  1. LOVED Bloom! I love all Jodi Picoult, I have lots if you want to borrow. And I also love my iphone so YES to iphone. Can't comment if the 5 is better, I have the 4S and it's awesome!

  2. Getting faster means doing speedwork, which sucks and is challenging... but it makes you faster! Are you ready to embrace the suck? LOL!

    As for the iPhone debate, I'm actually thinking about just upgrading to the 4s, I currently have the 4. The bigger screen of the 5 doesn't appeal to me because I like to put my phone in my back pocket and right now it fits perfect. (That may seem like a silly reason but I have small hands and don't need or want anything bigger than what I already have)

  3. Ohh. I wish you hadn't posted that medal. I had decided not to run Santa Shuffle this year...but now I think I'm going to have to...there's just something about that santa hat that calls to me!

    1. ok - I signed up. Race #14 this year for me... :S

    2. You guys are a terrible influence on me...about to push "send" on the Vancouver race!

  4. Speed training sucks while doing it, but so worth it in the end. Gah, I am running a half marathon on November 11, but a medal always gets me. Plus it's only $25 right now! I'll think about it.


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