Thursday, September 6, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. After yesterday's post, I decided that I needed to take an updated picture of hubby's garden since the sunflowers and sweet peas are now blooming. It looks so pretty and it smells so nice (says hubby).

Sweet peas and Sunflowers blooming

Lots of sunflowers in bloom

2. Yesterday, Audrey and I had a "play date" with one of the ladies from my prenatal aqua size class, Della and her gorgeous baby girl, Skye! It was the first time the little girls met and they loved each other! They kept squealing at one another, touching each other and smiling like crazy!! It was the sweetest thing!

It was nice to catch up with Della and share stories. I sure hope our girls learn to sleep better ASAP! Maybe next time we should take the girls swimming!

"Audrey, don't scratch Skye!"

"Audrey! Look!"
And now Skye isn't looking...

"Nice head!" 

"Oh a soother!!" 

"How you doin?"

3. Guess who bailed on 9 Hills last night? Yup, that would be me! Hubby was golfing so I would have had to push Audrey myself and that just wasn't too appealing! I was exhausted from little sleep the night before and Audrey and I were napping when we were supposed to leave the house. I'm really not that sad about it!

Good thing I have a run date with Kim and Dane (Audrey's betrothed!) today. Plus I have a 10K race on Saturday so I should be tapering right?? Haha!


  1. Aw cute pictures of the girls! See you on Saturday :)

  2. Jealous of your awesome garden! We had plans for one but a funeral and then some unexpected travel made us kinda miss spring all together! There is always next year!


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