Thursday, September 20, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Treadmill- We decided to give Audrey a rest day (tough life!) so I did my 6K run on the treadmill after she went to bed. Thanks to "How I Met Your Mother" I got through it.

2. Baby colds suck!! Poor thing has a runny nose, dry cough and obviously in discomfort. The first thing affected is sleep. We were making so much progress and now it's gone to sh!t. Used to be able to put her down sleepy but awake- nope, now need rocking and nursing. Used to wake once or twice in the night (ok for the last 2 weeks!) but now it's once every 2 hours. Babies should be exempt from sickness! Hopefully it won't last long and everything will go back to normal.

Poor little sickie!
It isn't affecting her appetite despite her serious face!

Happy in spite of her cold

3. Santa Shuffle- So far I have convinced Cori to sign up for the 5K I mentioned yesterday. Still working on Leigh but I'm sure she'll cave and sign up! I'm all signed up and ready to train for a fast 5K! Very excited!


  1. Haha you are funny! I am going to sign up tonight I think. Tough sell I am! I also sent it to my co-workers because we did it last year, so some of them might sign up :)

    Hope Audrey feels better soon!

  2. Feel Better Audrey!! I agree. No colds for babies. ;)


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