Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We have a problem...

The last three runs, Audrey has not been a happy camper. Shit!! This is not good! Hubby kept having to pull over and re-insert her soother, adjust her blanket, anything to make her stop crying last night. Ugh!!

I think the runs in the evening are just getting to be too long, therefore too close to her bed time. The Sunday runs are tough because they are long but also starting so early they throw the schedule off a bit. If things don't improve soon we are going to have to take turns running with the group so one of us can stay home with Audrey. Makes me sad since I love running with the group but it's not a great run when Audrey is crying through it. Let's hope she cooperates for tonight's run!

Sorry- I don't have any pictures of Audrey crying in the Chariot but I got the pictures off Hubby's phone from our walk on the weekend.

Super baby!!

Big smiles!

Daddy and Audrey
Love the fall colours


So we got rid of cable last year since we weren't watching much TV. We do have Netflix but haven't watched much of that either! I do LOVE Mad Men though.

Also, I always loved Glee and when I heard something on the radio (to do with Britney Spears) I decided to look up the episode online. I'm addicted again! Not sure when I am going to find time to watch it but I have to now! Hooked! I have to catch up on last season though.


I got my race package yesterday (a friend picked it up for me) and I'm actually getting excited for the race! Sure, I'm not as prepared as I would have liked but I love the route. I used to live right by Fish Creek and ran there a lot when I was first running so I'm looking forward to running in my old stomping grounds again! I haven't done this exact route before but I've either biked or ran quite a bit of it.

I just hope that both my and Audrey's colds are gone before then so we can start sleeping properly and I am well rested. I sorta have some goals for myself but really I just want to finish this race without beating myself up too much and possibly enjoy it!


  1. All the best for Harvest Half, I`m running it too.

  2. Oh no, hope A starts cooperating on the runs! :) Even if you don't PR this weekend, you will have run a half marathon and that is awesome!

  3. Oh no! Maybe it's just related to her cold?


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