Monday, September 10, 2012

~What I did this Weekend~

Saturday was Race Day. Hubby ended up signing up when he went to pick up my race package on Friday. We were all up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed downtown for the 10K. It was a gorgeous day. Leigh found us pretty quickly so we hung out before and after the race. I'll write a full report later. Overall it was a good race that I would do again in the future.

Yay a medal!!

Pre-race family photo
Thanks Leigh!!

After a long family nap, I may or may not have run to Shopper's Drug Mart to purchase 32 chocolate bars in order to get all the bonus Optimum points in order to get $220 worth of free stuff!! I had to go to 2 different locations since my friend cleared out the first store of their chocolate bars!! The cashier thought I was nuts but I shrugged it off for Halloween candy!!

32 Big Cadbury chocolate bars!
Don't worry- they are all in the freezer now!

That evening we had a hot dog roast in the backyard. The fire pit was the best birthday present ever! Love being able to enjoy our backyard on nice summer nights. Later our neighbors and their little girl came over and we made s'mores and visited. Perfect evening!

Sunday morning we were supposed to run 18K but Audrey had a bad night so I was in no condition to go running at 8:30am. Instead we stayed in bed late and headed over to my mom's in the early afternoon. She sold her house so we are busy packing up. It's amazing how much stuff is accumulated over the years and it doesn't help that she has a big house either. I also left a lot of stuff there when I moved out- high school and university papers, tons of clothes, some collectibles and a bunch of books. I had 4 garbage bags and a box of stuff for Goodwill! It's so hard deciding what to keep and what to chuck. I decided to keep a bunch of stuff so that I can scan it and then get rid of the hard copy. I have 2 boxes of pictures to go through as well! Just another reminder to purge often and buy only the things that I really want and/or need.

After Miss Audrey went to bed, I ran out to Shoppers to redeem my 95,000 points for $220 worth of useful stuff! I snagged some makeup, diapers, baby wipes, 2 cases of water, some baby food, soothers, diaper cream, nail polish, face cleansing products, Tylenol, toys, baby bowls, and cleaning products. Not a bad deal!! Love spending free money!

$220 worth of free stuff! Thanks Shoppers!

It was an exhausting weekend but lots of fun too!


  1. Wow look at all that free stuff!!! wow. How awesome!! It was such a great night for a fire!! Sounds like the best weekend!! Can't wait to hear more about your race.

  2. Okay so what is up with the Shoppers stuff? Did they have a special deal when you bought ridiculous numbers of chocolate bars?

  3. Holy chocolate bars batman! You are stocked for a natural disaster ;) Haha. That is a some serious points too...I'm barely at 8,000!


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