Friday, September 7, 2012

What? It's Race Day Tomorrow???

Fingers and toes crosses that Audrey (and I) sleep well tonight so that I am not a zombie at tomorrow's 10K. It will take every ounce of willpower to get me to that finish line but I should be rewarded with a shiny new medal!! I don't really have any goals other than to finish and not get a PW. As long as I don't get a side stitch I think I should be good.


Today is my nephew's 17th birthday!! Crazy crazy!! He's growing up to be such a nice boy! And handsome too...



So I may have missed hill training on Wednesday, but I sure made up for it yesterday! Kim and I went running in Bowmont Park and the hills there are plentiful! The pathway was part of my last half marathon route (Big Run May 2011) and the rolling hills start at 16K. It was a character building course for sure!

We did walk a lot of the hills and pushing those chariots up is hard work! A few of the hills were pretty steep.

Dane and Audrey
(not that you can see them!) 

So 8K of rolling hills is pretty good makeup for the hills I missed this week. Now I'm good and ready for tomorrow's flat 10K.


  1. Good luck tomorrow!!! Love that last photo of A and your nephew! Cute.

  2. You are going to kick butt tomorrow! See you then :)


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